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Ooo! How about Hyacinth Bucket(pronounced bouquet - hehehe)? She's a farm/commoner girl at heart! :)

I think Lucky Penny for her color and that she is living with you and Alan

I think you should name her Piney. She looks like a pinecone.

I would name her Ester because she is beautiful and holds herself like a queen.

I really enjoy the pictures of the chicks and your farm. Thank you for sharing.

I think Hairyetta(Harrietta) would be an suitable name for this little girl. I love your blogs on your pets. Love your art work and photos but the stories about your life on the farm warms my heart. Rose

She's adorable! She reminds me of a giant pinecone so I'm going to suggest Piney!

When I see her feathers it reminds me of Tina Turner! So I would have to say "Tina"!

Oh my goodness, she is SO cute!!!

She looks like a Franny to me.

From the way she looks on the last picture, I think that Starburst would be a good name. Another thing she made me think of are those white fluffy things(sometimes they have a seed attached) that fly around, but I don't know what they are called... in Guatemala we call them mishitos (me-she-tos).

Oh this is fun. The first thing to come to mind was June Bug. But then when you look at all the spikes . . . . Aretha (for Aretha Franklin's hats), Miss Marmalade (for Patti LaBelle's hair), Tina T (Tina Turners hair), well you get the drift I'm stuck on hair styles.

She looks like a Spike to me!

I am horrible at these games but this young lady is clearly a Phyllis -- after Phyllis Diller! mwahahaha! Gorgeous AND hilarious!

How about a play on pullet and frizzled and just call her Sizzle. She looks so rock starish and Sizzle would just fit the newest star in the coop. As well she does look a little like she has had a hair(feather) raising experience. You go Sizzle strut ur stuff.

Love the shots of your chickens -- they are the CUTEST!!

I'm not sure why, but Polly the Pullet jumped into my head. Although, I cracked up when I read the comment that suggested Mullet. Mullet the Pullet has a nice ring too!

Reading some of the comments, I think it's interesting that for some reason a lot of people think of 'older' names: Hazel, Millie, etc. Isn't that interesting?! I think she's a classic :)

The first thought in my head was to do something with "pine" as she reminds me of a pinecone. Well, that just is not classy enough for her - so maybe Connie, from the 'cone' part. And of course, the more photos I saw ~ Phyllis (as in Diller) came to mind. Whatever you name her, she sure has a lot of personality :) . She's a sweetie!

She looked immediately like a "GERTRUDE" to me. How about "Gertie" for short. Seems like alot of readers think "Pinecone" so maybe "Penny" would work too.

I don't about a name but I have to say she looks like a 80's punk rocker with that mohawk and feather stole! :D

So maybe, Bili Idol....

The first thing that came to mind when I saw her was *The King (of Siam) and I* - yes, I do know Yul Brenner was bald - don't ask, lol. Well anyway, since this is a little lady who looks very regal and she likes high roosts, how about the Queen of Siam, Queen Lauhoff or just call her Queenie! BTW, I think she is gorgeous!!!

I thought of June Bug & I see that another reader thought the same thing!

My husband adn I were looking at this darling, he said Fluffy, but i like Bluffy

I think she should be called Whoopi.

It's got to be Pullitzer!! Cause she's a real prize pully!!

She looks so confident with lots of attitude, and reminds me of rocker so I would call her Atty Annie inspired by Annie Lenox!

Since she's a cross between a Red something or other and a Buff Silkie something I think Ruffles would be good. She sort of look likes she could get her 'feathers ruffled' pretty easily! Also, not only do I get great inspiration from your blog, I get quite an education!!! I had no idea what a pullet was. Now I do! Thanks!

how about Miss Priss or Prissy, cause she looks as if she would just strut around the hen house say look at me.....

How about a play on pullet and frizzled and the sparkling wine Pouilly Fuisse -- call her Pullet (pronounced pull - ley) Frizzie. But, whatever she ends up being called she's just about the cutest darn chicken I've ever seen. I so admire your life!

I go for "Rhubarb". She apparently just ate some particularly sour rhubarb and those feathers are just standing on end now!

I haven't read any other posts. But the first thing that came to mind when I saw this little gals photo was "She looks like a Pine Cone!" hehe....

I think it looks like a pinecone. So that is my name choice PineCone!!!

The first thing I thought when looking at her is she looks glamorous, sexy, confident with a little spunk and attitude. The name Margarita or MS Rita comes to mind. I also like Miss Sassy Pants. She is so cute. Good thing I do not live close to you as I would have to come visit her and your other cute animals every day.

How about Mullett? You know...business in the front/party in the back. This lil' chick has a whole lotta party in the back with just a sensible mohawk in the front. LOL!

She looks very punk rocker to me. So, how about Rocker, or Alice Coop,

Bea- after Bea Arthur. She used to where a fuzzy/feathery hat that looked like that pullet, all the rage back in the day. Bea was also very shy offstage, so probably didn't like alot of photo shoots either.
:)Blessings- Michelle W.

I like Josephine!

well you could always be super hip and call her "Lady Ga Ga"!! ;) tee hee hee! 'cause she is ALWAYS struttin' her stuff about!


I didn't want to read the other posts before I gave you my suggestion. the very first thing I thought of when I saw the first picture was Pine Cone. My other name is Sizzle.

YIKES, I came into this late enough most of my thoughts and suggestuions have been given already. She really is adorable. When I thought the chick might be a boy I was thinking "Mr-T" HA... maybe "Miss-T" !!!!
Good Lucky chosing a name from all the great suggestions. Have a Fun day on the farm and thanks for sharing it with use :) HUGS

The first thought that came to me was Ethel, in the last photo her personality looks like Little Miss Sunshine! So, I guess I would have to settle on Little Ms. Ethel Sunshine!

She is adorable. When I first saw the photos of her I thought that she looked like a pinecone. LOL therefore my suggestion is lil Miss Penny Cone (pinecone). Can't wait to see what you name her.

The first name that popped in my head when I saw her on your post the other day was Liza Minnelli!! HA! So I'm going to go with Liza.

i refuse to go with the list of obvious names that might pop to mind when seeing this cute chickie! instead, i'm gonna go with what first popped into MY mind: gertrude. it's sassy, confident, self-assured. don't you think she exudes that in her photo shoot? =~)

my husband said Miz,Windy (Wendy) Friz

This is so much fun. Love the pictures. Even though her feathers are wild, I think deep down in her soul she is a proper chicken. So, I pick Millicent. Of course she would be called Millie by her closest friends.

Before I read any other comments I thought she looked like a pinecone...and that turns out to be a pretty common observation :) and feather duster is right behind so how about "Connie Duster". What fun; she is adorable (and that is saying a lot from this city girl)!

She looks like a Pinecone Princess. I just saw Susan G and I have the same eye....LOL
Cute. You have the wildest chickens I swear.

Cute Chicken - "Endora" from Bewitched.

The first thought that popped into my head was a pinecone when I saw the picture. She just looks like one. Then when I went to comment, I noticed that the very first comment was just that. Great minds think alike. lol. Because I have to be original, I guess I'll go with Cedara, as a Cedar is a Conifir, and has cones. Cona would be cute too.

Miss Bizzle. But she does look like a Pine Cone, lol!

This is really strange but I immediately thought Dorthy. I have no reason why! Kind of made me laugh.

What a chicken! For a name, how about Miss Frizzle - like the character in the Magic School Bus series of children's books?

She looks like a "rocker chick" to me. She is adorable.

Berandette is the name I would choose,
because she is a beautiful burnette!
Sure do enjoy your Sweet & Sassy Notes!!

She looks so cute. First name that came to mind for me was Hazel. I have no idea why, but to me she looks like a Hazel.

Pinecone was my first thought, and I see I am not alone in that one. The second name that came to mind is Perky. Your photos are amazing and I forward them to my daughter so she can share them with my grandchildren. We ALL love them and you !! Thank you for sharing your life and talent with us.

The way her dark feathers seperate and sort-of half curl... reminds me of a pinecone... so I would name her exactly that. She may not always look like that, but she sure is pretty this way.

Suggested Name: Pinecone

She's a real cutie! But strangely enough the first name I thought of was Myrtle. Don't know why, I just did.

I would call her Mae as in Mae West. It's the feathers sticking up on her head that made me think that. lol She's very cute.

Dusty, definitely Dusty or Miss Dusty 'cause she looks just like a feather duster. For some reason Elma just popped into my head because she looks sort of like Elmo, I guess

I think she should be called Sonic or to give her her full title Super Sonic - she looks like she has just gone through the sound barrier! What a sweetie!

For some reason, Liza came to mind! (as in Minelli). Perhaps the spiky dark hair and the attitude???
She is adorable whatever youname her!

I guess I am not very original because she looks just like pine cone to me also. she could be "henny pinney" instead of henny penny.

Since she likes june bug treats, I say name her June Bug.

How cute! I vote for Zap cos she looks like she just stuck a toe in an electrical outlet!! How the heck do you get your chicks to hold still long enough for a photo????

How about the name Little Mohawk or just Mohawk.

I haven't read through all the entries but how about "Ruffles"? This little one reminds me of the stamp from Crafty Secrets "Don't let life ruffle your feathers" Thanks for sharing about life on the farm - it's fun for us city slickers to see! I think I am a country girl at heart : )
Have A Great Day!

I think June Bug would be a great name. It's the first thing I thought when I saw that she likes them. I thought it waould be a great name. She's adorable!

Phyllis as is Diller

I think she looks like coffee beans so Beans would be my pick!

I think her name should be "shoofly" beause it's a type of rocker. I agree that she first reminded me of a pinecone or a duster. Who thought I'd ever think of naming a chicken!

She reminds me of Godiva chocolate, so how about "Lady Godiva"? She looks like she's got enough personality and attitude to handle a name like that. LOL

Well....she is adorable...and my first thought was..."feather duster". I know, I know, but I couldn't help it. She looks like a feather duster. LOL

I just love following your blog, I'm a city girl.
My choice would be Home Girl.

Hattie Mae . . . doesn't she just look like a little old Hattie Mae? :o)

She looks like a pinecone. I guess Pinecone is not a good name. snort

Hi Anna & Alan, That's one CUTE chicken you've got there. That chick has ATTITUDE! I like "Apricot", named after the dish "Apricot Chicken".

She reminds me of Cher wearing some of her more outrageous outfits. Especially the one from the Oscars that was black and her headdress looked like the pullet's spikes. So my choice is

I think she looks like "Miss Sassypants"
She looks like she could cause a little mischief...the way she is strutten her feathers.

I've never had the opportunity to name a chicken before! How 'bout Paulette??


Now this is going to show my age. I saw the picture and thought Sid Vicious, because of the spiky feathers. But Sid would not be good because she is a girl. So then the other famous half of Sid Vicious was Nancy. So there we are it has to be Nancy.

I enjoy your pictures so much - thank you.


She is Adorable. The first thing I thought of when I saw her is "Sparky". Lol. She looks like a little spark plug - full of LIFE!!

I love these pictures and name suggestions. I don't know why, but the last photo made me think of Maude....I like Gertie too!! That last view makes me think of her wearing a feather boa.....is that un-PC for a chicken?? lol

How About "Sir Frizzle"

She is the cutiest... I would give her the name Miss Frizziness she is just adorable

She's a cutie-pie and I love her zig zagged feathers. Therefore, my suggestions are Ziggy or Rickrack.

I think she looks like a punk rocker. Since I don't know any punk rocker names, maybe just Punky would suffice? I never thought I'd ever think a chicken was sorta cute BTW!

I like alot of the names everyone came up with, penelope pinecone..spike, dusty,

My kids came up with Pwaula Pinecone with an accent from boston..(were from kansas.) ha
here are mine...


ugly betty...

I was thinking June, but I love the suggestions of either Lucille (Ball) or Calamity Jane better!! What a wild chicky she is!!! Thanks for showing us.

she also looks like a fan..so Fannie Mae..

A feather duster comes to mind when I look at her. My suggestion is "Feather Duster".

So, the name has to be pine cone or some variation. That's what I thought immediately and of course thinking I was just genius I popped in here only to find that everyone thought pine cone!

there have been some great names suggested..
my suggestion is Calamity Jane.. she seems
a ** lil wild ** lol

Good heavens! That little chickie cracks me up! The first thing that popped in my head was "Spike"! Not a very girlie name, but she IS so spikey! =D

right off the bat I thought of Sizzle. kind of a take on the two breeds. love your pics of all the animals. thanks for considering!


Being an East Texas girl, I think she looks like a pinecone so that would be my choice--Penelope Pinecone.

Anna, the first thing I thought when I saw this little sweetie is Phyllis (for Phyllis Diller ~ she always had a very messy hair-do!) But I hafta say, I do like the Feather Duster idea. Does she know how much attention she's getting?? Poor little thing...here we are all talking about her and laughing at her...really, she's a cutie. Phyllis. Love Ya, Jeanne in Idaho

What an interesting chicken. Very unique. I like the above name of Sizzle but am thinking Sassy Sizzles because she looks "sassy" to me.

Alphalfa! From the little rascals. His hair stood up just like that. Toooo funny.

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