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Hahaha... I'd call her Socket.. looks like she pecked a wall outlet and got zapped! :)

She's adorable, but I think I detect a manic, world-dominatory gleam in those eyes - so how about 'Nancy Pelosi'...?

my little girl just lost her beloved chicken, she was a very weak chick who never grew but lived for 11 months she was a cross and was tiny with a little tuft of random feathers , your chick is the nearest iv ever seen to her , and her name was Gizmo..

longhorn ha ha i love that name

I just stumbled upon your blog, and showed my 8 year old son this pic and he said "look it's a pinecone" so, I am sure she's been named but pinecone would be great!

She does look like a feather duster.
But also reminds me of a pinecone, call her Piney.

i think Hawk-a-doodle like mohawk and cockadoodle doo.....

She is quite stunning with all her character

Jenn D

Hairyette is my name for this fashionable lady. I have NEVER seen so many unusual and different chickens, in my life. I can't wait to see what you will get next. Please consider writing a children's book and either draw or use your photos of the chickens to tell the story. These chickens have such fantastic personalities.

Eliza Doolittle, quite divine!

Your pictures are great. I so enjoy your farm stories.
How about Moe -as in Mohawk.

how about FEATHER DUSTER -- since she looks like the feather duster I used to faux paint my bathroom! she's a beauty -- thanks for sharing life on the farm!

my hubby who is a cop and has worked undercover in drug enforcement...said...you should call her..'crack head" haha

You could call her Frizzle.

wow you have a lot to go through but one more we came up with..

Miz Pinn AFred

How about 'Curlie Girlie'? That's what popped into my head right away. What a fun game and I just love your blog. Seeing what the 'creatures' are up to is a fav pastime of mine. Your photos are stunning!
Please keep blogging.
S in AZ :o)

Ms. Frizzle (of the Magic School Bus fame)

I love looking at all your sweet critters. Truman is a doll!

When I saw this cute chicken I thought of Olive Oil. The picture of her neck stretched out and that cute little group of feathers standing on end! Olive Oil!!!!

ok, for some reason, and again I don't know why, yes she looks like a pinecone with legs, but then I thought, she reminds me of Aunty Entity, Tina Turners charactor on Mad Max.

Well how about "Tipsy Frizzywinkle". I say this because of the tips of her feathers being orange. BTW I have shown everyone the photos of Miss Daisy in the bluebonnets. Can I ship my black lab pup down for a portrait? Hee Hee!

The name Nellie popped into my head - don't know why . . .

The first thing I thought was a pinecone with legs. Very funny, er uhm, I mean what a beauty. :-)

Pinecone what the first thing I thought of as well! Or maybe Woodstock because of the tuft at the top!

ha. . .as soon as i saw her, i thought of my cat, scruffy. she has the same colorings of my crazy cat! Yeah, so i'm definately going to go with "Scruffy!"


To me she looks just exactly like "Scruffy"

Oh, Alfalfa for sure. Remember Alfalfa of the old series Our Gang (I think that's what they were called, Spanky and our Gang maybe) Alphie or Alph for short but that's the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture. Alfalfa with his lick of hair sticking straight up.

Bitzie, Tillie, Miss Sizzle. Since she was born on the farm ~ Little Miss Lauhoff, Lilly Lauhoff, Liza Lauhoff. Good luck naming this little cutie!

Before I saw that she was a girl, the feathers going everywhere reminded me of Albert Einstein & his crazy hair. Since she's a girl, you could go with Alberta. :)

Kind of a "crazy" looking bird! She's thinking something behind those eyes . . .How about Sybil :0)

Or in the last picture she looks like Mr.T so how about "Mrs. P" (pullet) a couple gold chains around heer neck and she'd be ready to RUMBLE! :0p

Well, I think "Punk"would be cool, and probably "Punkie" since the baby is a little girl.......I mean look at the tiny mohawk on her head, too cute!

She is gorgeous! How about Xena, as in the warrior princess? I mean, just look at the stare...she looks like she can hold her own around the chicken yard if ya know what I mean. LOL!

Wild Thing

She looks like a pinecone with a head. Too funny!

OMG....I have never seen such an interesting looking chicken........she is so funny. She does resemble a pinecone but that is too easy.......LOL. She is shaped like a gourd as well.......if she were a he........could call him Gourdie........nah.
How about "Eepa" which means supernatural. She does look a bit supernatural.........LOL

So cute!!! my first thought was Elvis so I am trying to think of feminine spins on Elvis' name... Elvisa?

Based on her looks, I think she looks like a feather duster, how about Heather's Feathers?

I like "Brizzle".... a cross between a Buff & a frizzle!!

She looks like a pine cone to me too.... I think you should call her treena....get it 'tree'na lol
Shes adorable!!!

she looks like a Matilda to me.

I don't have a name, but she is adorable! She looks like a pine cone!

How about June Bug?

Curly Sue

How cute is she!? I think she looks like a Rosie. No reason, it's the name that popped into my head. Cute little girl!

She looks a little punk rock to me and I thought I had a perfect name but she's a girl but I think I'll put it out there anyways: Sid for Sid Vicious.

My second choice is Dusty - for feather duster or is that a chicken naming faux pas?

Love the pictures!


I think she is adorable--and when I saw her
pinecone struck me--I think pinecone fits
her perfectly!!

"Abby Pine" sounds cute for this adorable chicken...never had tried my hand at naming chickens, so I hoped it helped!

LOL! I'm sorry but that's a face ONLY a mother could love!! I'd name her WILD BETTY!

Miss Frizz is what I would name her. I just love your beautiful close-ups! My daughter LOVES all your baby chick pics, too! Every time, "Awe."

how about 'chicken fricasse'...
although she does look like a pinecone

Spunky cafe !!! HAHAHA love the looks, like if she just had 3 shots of espresso!...GINA F

Oh I just {{{{{{{LUVAH}}}}}}}}}} her! Hmm, now for a name....

Ok, let's see:

Buffy the Bug Slayer
A Little Frizzy

She's adorable...best of luck in your name search!

NELL CARTER! She looks like she should be sayin' "Whatchu lookin' at baby?" I love her!

plain and simple..this is definietly a chicken that should be named SPIKE

Oh my goodness she is cute! Such a bit of attitude with that little tuft of hair and the frizzled feathers! I would name her Sophia, she reminds me of Sophia from the Golden Girls! She's going to be a beauty!


Since she likes june bugs, how about 'Junie B. Jones' after the children's books character? Or since her feathers are black, 'Betty Boop'?

She looks like a featherduster - how about Duster? I didn't take the time to read all the other names.

My boys think "Alfalfa"

I didn't read through all of the comments so I hope nobody suggested this: Geraldine Frizzle-Snitch.

Don't know why or where...just popped into my head

I thought MILDRED right away. Totally looks like a Mildred... don't you think?

She is the cutest little Rockstar Chick!

How about Buffy S. Frizzle.

HAD to clarify...I mean she doesn't LOOK like Heather, but she looks like she HAS Pinefeathers...and feather and Heather rhyme, heeee!

I don't know if you are "friends" with another stamping legend....Pine is Here...Heather Nichols...but I think this looks like Pinefeather Heather to me....no offense to the real one!!!

I see the color of a fox in her and she is strutting her stuff so I think her name should be Miss Foxxy!

Thanks for the fun game. Mary

I think this little frizzle should be named "Frazzled" because she looks like she is. She is too cute!

My first thought was "June Bug" from your description. But hte more I look at her, I think she's more of a "Priscilla". She has a 'prissy' look to her, a little arrogance. She's as cute as could be!!!

Don't know if someone beat me to it, but how about:
~*Buffy the June Bug Slayer*~

She is something worth looking at. Thanks for sharing!

Wazzie, Conita, Brownie (reminds me of a brownie sprite) - I'm not good with names. She's a beauty!

I like the little feathers on top of her head - how about Spike? Or is that not feminine enough for this little lady? Your pictures are beautiful.


While I do agree that her feathers look a lot like a pine cone, I'm going to suggest Orange Marmalade.

OK so "pinecone" has been suggested. Rod Stewart was the next name (the hair, but it's a she, so, "Rad Pullet" ? OK, I have to stop now my mind is going into overload

She made me smile looking at her spiky feathers. "Spikerella" seems fitting. She's beautiful.

First thing I thought was that her body looks like a pinecone. I'm not sure if that's an appropriate name for a chicken, but I would go with "Pinecone". Awesome pictures!

Madonna came to mind, but Mona Lisa could work for her everlasting beauty!

I think she looks like a pinecone as well, and my first instinct was "piney" and I seen someone else already said that. My suggestion would be "lil Lizzie"

I think she looks like a pine cone and is gnarly so I'd name her after the oldest tree Bristlecone.

She is just so fun. How about June Bug since she likes to eat 'em? Thanks!

How about Barb? I love the spiky look she has...lol


I think she looks like 'Myrtle' but that could just be me!

She looks like a feather duster to me .. a cute one of course! So how about Dusty Rose ?

Minnie, as in Minnie Pearl!

Daisy - she reminds me of a flower.
Good Luck!

How DO you get such wonderful photos? I think she looks like a very young Phyllis Diller wannabe, so how about Phyllis Dillet?

How do you get such wonderful portraits? To me she looks like a young Phyllis Diller, so my suggestion is Phyllis Dillet. :-)

OMG then I read some of the comments. She really does look like a pinecone

I meant that in a funny nice way. winkwink

The first name that came to mind Freakshow. Sorry but that is what I thought.

I can't quit thinking Esmerelda. She has a certain dignity that makes her beautiful. I think she could carry Esmerelda off, and not very many chicks could!

Ack! What a looker, LOL, she's so funny!

OK - I'll say Buffy! The name is from a show a L O N G time ago...there was a dad and his 2 kids, the little girls name was Buffy and there was a little boy, can't remember his name. They had a male housekeeper? Mr. French? The little girl had a doll named Mrs. Beasley, or was that another show? Am I showing my age?? LOL

I didn't read the other suggested names, so sorry if someone else has already mentioned it!

I need to post again that I love your farm blog. I have wallpapered my computer with so many of your animals. My husband asks "is this one from that farm in Texas?" It always is!! Thank you for sharing your great photos!

Wow! I'm amazed how many people said her feathers look like a pinecone.... that's what I was thinking, too! She quite a mess, a cute mess! She looks like she's now quite sure what happened!

WHat a cutie!! I have to say the second I opened this blog and saw her face I immediately thought "Mildred" so that is my guess! Thanks for all the animal photo's I love peeking in here!

I'm thinkin Marilyn, cause shes gonna be a beauty when she grows up!!! Oh so cute!

I think that Tizzy would be a good name for her. She looks like she's in a tizzy, all ruffled up.... ;o)

Holly molly, everyone has come out of hiding to post names for your new chicki!

She certainly has a unique look about her ~ I guess you're fortunate to have gotten these great photos of her :)

My name suggestion --- PRICKLES --- :0)

Sassy...She looks like she is Very Sassy:)
Myself, I think she is so Adorable!

I'm in a really silly mood today. Her last picture (not liking the photo shoot)reminded me of a real diva, so I think she needs regal name. So...how about Paulina Pulletkova.

This is a chicken only a mother could love. She's all frizzled out. She definitely looks like a 'Jozie'. Love your chicken stories.

I think she looks like a feather boa that Liberace might have worn, so how about "Libby"?

Fluffers is cute... :)))))

LOL! Love this chicken!! I too thought she looked exactly like a pinecone. But instead, I'm going with Dahlia as she also looks like one of those beautiful, fluffy-type dahlias... if a dahlia were brown!


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