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You are so creative! The coop is going to be a breeze to clean.

Otherwise you could go with rainbow colors like they did in the Hannah Montana movie- it was very colorful. What fun. Thanks for sharing your country fun with us city fold

Well, if you decide not to go with the polka dot trim all around, you at least need to incorporate it somewhere...I think it's a great idea!

Ok! I dont know why you didnt go with the polka dots, I was thinking the whole chicken coop should be painted with different colors...and the polka dots should stay!!!!!!!! I love your wooden rooster, im going to draw him up and cut one out for me and a friend. I think your coop should be like that rooster..fun and lots of character...dont listen to the ones who say NO TO POLKA DOTS...they have no sence of fun! live a little... dot it UP!
Be sure to check out my blog too....i have blog candy...!

That is too funny! Fancy Smancy for the little chickies!

Too funny! Love the polka dots. That's a great way to see how to paint something.

Anna, I love all your artistic endeavors - welllll except for the white trim with polka dots - not so much, lol.

Youza! Bag the Polka Dots, but I like the red doors It looks like a ginger bread house. Mom likes ginger bread. AC yet? Love,Dad

We did that with our roost too! And it works reallllllly well! We have moved the bigger chicks out and the little ones will likely be ready this weekend! How long do you feed starter feed?

Too much. Maybe red door w/out polka dots...
Oh! I did make the Anna Banana bread last week. It was wonderful. So smooth & soft & very tasty... Gramma_Dar

I think you should reconsider the polka dot trim, just saying...lol

Love the wooden chicken redo, will be perfect for the coop door.

Itching to get started on ours, so many ideas, so few free hours in the evenings, and Dh's drat bum shoulder, hope it heals quickly.
I really love the moveable roosting ladder, wil have to show DH that, and this weekend I'm off to find bargain flooring.
Have a great Tuesday!

Ok- I think thats the first time I've ever said *BLECK* to anything on your blog, but glad to see the polka dots are just a "trial". :) Also, it made more sense once I read the chicken redo post that I missed. :)) -big grins-

My hubby wants chickens, may just hafta show him the coop idea, its pretty cool. Course we don't live on a farm,just a couple acres, and I would be the one stuck cleaning it & taking care of them, so maybe on the other hand I'll just keep this to myself. :)))))))))))

You guys are incredible carpenters. They are sure to love they're new digs. They's going to think they've been relocated to the Taj Mahal.

LOVE the dotted trim!!!

I twill be fun to see pictures of your new coop when finished. Especially the outside. Love to dots.

Hahaha, love the polka dots! That would be TOO CUTE! :D
The coop is really coming along! You and Alan are a great working team! I think you had GREAT ideas for the floor and the cleaning...SMART! It's all going to work so well for you...
Keep the pictures coming! I love it! :D

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