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Oh, my goodness! I love coming here to see your animals. My spirits get lifted every single time! I do have to say that Boxcar Betty has the CRAZIEST eyes! She just looks so mischievous!!

Thank you for sharing.......your love for animals is so inspiring!

Karen in RI

Wonderful Trueman! Love all the photos. Thanks.

ohhh, BoxCar Betty just kills me,,,what a sweet face, along w/the rest of the clan, but b.c. Betty is a fave!!!

If Truman somehow disappears, I'll give you a hint............Pasadena, Texas :)

Truman is so sweet! But I did laugh out loud when I saw Betty's pic...she is too funny! Goats...what can I say.

Boxcar Betty does look a little crazy, doesn't she. Enjoyed your post.


How adorable...he is a handsome fella!

I just love Truman's puff of hair on the top of his head.....cute cute cute....i just want to squeeze him and hug him!! I really look forward to your critter pictures :)

WOW! I think that this batch of "family" photos has hit a sweet spot. I can see it all now. Anna's Crafty, Stampin, Farm life Retreat and Photo Workshop and Spa! Oh and for all you Box Car Betty fans, She really is a hoot. But she lives to close to "Charlot's" web for Dad, I like to play with the torpedos in the pool. That is fun!Love, Dad

OMG Truman is absolutely ADORABLE!!! What a sweet baby. - Your critters are just wonderful and that photo of Boxcar Betty, "Priceless!"

Truman is a cutie! I love all your animals and it's getting me to "think country" even though I live in the city. Here's a card inspired by your blog, Anna -


Awwwww!! What a cutie!! I love the picture of Betty....hehehe!! Totally a "WHAT is that?!" look!!

I love when you share pics of your babies with us!! Truman is so adorable!!!! And can I just say Boxcar Betty is hilarious!!! LOVE that pic!!!! I always love coming here to live life on the farm through your pics :) Thanks!!!

Truman is adorable....thanks for sharing the other animals as well. I LOVE seeing your pictures as much as I do your cards. I LOVE my visits to your farm and this city girl is learning much from your blog! THANKS!!!

What a handsome little man. Your photo's are so amazing, I feel like I could reach out and touch him.

Great pix, Anna! Truman is sooo cute. I love his coloring.


Oh isn't he just the cutest thing. So many babies on the way! May all your new ones be girls! Boxcar Betty is completely a hoot!

Truman is ADORABLE! They are all just too cute for words but my favorite photo (other than the Truman ones) is the one of Boxcar Betty.

I so love ALL your photos! I enjoy your animals and the things you tell us about them. Bless you for sharing with us! Oh, yeah, love your cards, too. I started checking your blog for those and got sucked right in with all your farm goodies.!! I secretly covet, (not so secretly, now!!!) your rooster egg platter. That was the coolest ever. I'd love to know if that was an antique. Take care & Thanks.

That last picture of Truman is so stinking cute!!! His mouth looks so little.

I'm afraid of goats so I didn't look at her picture very closely. No offense to Crazy Boxcar Betty. :)

Seeing photos of your farm animals is such a treat!

What great pictures, I don't know of a blog that I enjoy more than yours.

Truman is absolutely PRECIOUS!!! How cute...Thanks for sharing the new farm yard pics with us! I loved them ALL... :D

Truman is a very handsome fella!

Truman is still as cute as can be! You have a way of making all your critters look good :) They sure look happy and healthy, too. With all those (PETS) will you ever run out of names?

Ohgosh! I just love Truman....he is so ....something special. And I love the dogs and the bluebonnets too.

I always enjoy the photos of your animals. Miss Daisy and Mister Farley in the pics below were so sweet. And Truman....too darn cute for words. That last picture is absolutely precious.

oops, I mean 'him', he's too pretty to be a boy Ü

I love your posts about all of your barn yard babies! It is so wonderful to see the new life that spring brings!

ACKKKKK! I want her, she's precious!!!

Oh boy are those ever some great pics. Truman is just adorable. Can't wait for all those other babies to arrive. Loved the shots of Miss Daisy and Mr. Farley in the blue bonnets.

I want to put Truman in MY backyard!!!

I haven't been following you that long, so this is the most I've seen of your animals. You have lots! I like seeing them!

he is so pretty.. Is he as soft to pet as he appears to?

Welcome Truman. He's so cute. I love seeing all your animals.


Truman is so adorable. He even looks like a Truman. Thanks for sharing great pictures.

Great photos! What a cute baby-love the last pic-adorable!

It's like watching Babe but with a donkey IRL! I loved seeing how all the other animals were interested in seeing him. You can almost read their minds. So much fun, Anna. Thank you again for the delight!

Great post! I felt like I was reading a children's story! Love the photos and Truman is adorable! He looks so soft and fuzzy.

Wonderful photos Anna! Can I adopt Truman? You know, like one of those Adopt-A-Highway ventures?

What a sweet boy!!! I love their little mouths...so tiny and cute!

Your photos always bring a smile to my face!!! I want to adopt Truman...he's is absolutely adorable!

what gorgeous eyes. such a handsome young one. Are you really going to geld that beautiful creature?? Bet you just want to hug him all the time.... thanks so much for sharing your creatures with us.....MaryAnn

Awesome pictures! Thanks for posting them!

Truman is so darn cute. I loved seeing all the pictures of your barn family. You are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

How absolutely adorable! A gorgeous baby! And CRAZY Boxcar Betty looks like a cartoon character. Hilarious!

I LOVE Boxcar Betty and Truman...with your beautiful photos, I feel like I "know" them!

he is sooo cute and I just love seeing all the other animals!!

What a sweetie!

OMG! He is adorable. Love his fuzzy ears! My son loves him too. He likes to check out all of your animals with me. have a great day.-Molly B

haha HOW CUTE IS HE!!! awww

I am so in love...with all of them. Your photos really capture the spirit of these beautiful creatures!

Anna ....Truman is Just Adorable!! What fun to watch them all grow. He is such good coloring...and I love all the soft coat.

aww donkey are so darn cute! Welcome Trueman ;)

Caz, Caiden & Harvey the boys who love to see the farm.

What a sweet fuzzy face! He's really adorable and it's nice that you'll be able to watch him grow and change now that he and Mum are snug in the barn yard. Great photos.

OMGoodness!! Hillary and Truman are GORGEOUS!! (they are horses, right?) Their eye makeup is perfect and the distress ink on them is amazing! :) I laughed so hard at the picture of CRAZY Boxcar Betty, what a hoot!

It's a very good thing you live far far away...I'd be at the fence just watching them for entertainment!

He is adorable!!!!! And your commentary is hilarious!

Good heavens - Truman is adorable! Good thing you live thousands of miles away. I would be so tempted to bring him home with me! LOL

OMG, he's so cute! I love his coloring! You're going to have a lot of new littl calves! How fun!!!

Truman is just divine

wow! these photos are so unreal! Anna, I so so so so wish that you did scrapbooking. Oh my goodness, all the gorgeous photos to scrap.

He sure is a good looking little fella. Your photography is just phenomenal, I so enjoy seeing all your pictures no matter the subject!

my husband just asked yesterday if you'd named that new baby yet....I'll have to show him the new pictures in the morning. he's such a cute lil guy!

O.M.G.!!!! Does if get any cuter than that last photo??? Ohhhhhh

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