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LOVE the pics of the donkeys!!!! How cute! Your blog is the first thing I go to everyday, I can't wait to see what's happening on the farm. Thanks for sharing your life with us!!

Anna: These are so adorable...I could not have resisted either....I have things that have followed me home....the last was an oversized Coach bag from the outlet that I would need a dolly to move around. :O imagine that!

It seems that those with the genetic issue of things following them home also have the additional problem of things falling into shopping carts too....There is no cure yet, but maybe we could start a telethon...hee hee. The little guys are way too cute.

OMG I just read your Dad's post, hee! I think my husband read it, too, or something because he is always bringing home boats and Mercury motors (or parts) and saying that he got them for 20 bucks but can make 200 bucks more....hmmm, then why is there a boat motor graveyard in the back or our garage...and why is every shed we have filled with a boat...he even has some where he works at the Fish Hatchery, eek! And he thinks I have too many stamps, THE NERVE!

Animals followed you home because they have legs and can walk...but how are ya supposed to explain to the hubby when rubber follows you home from Canada! LOL

You are too funny, Anna. And these babies are just too irresistible.

I just love reading your posts about the chicks and chickens. I,too, am a TOTAL sucker for a baby anything. It's a toss up whether I'm worse about baby chicks or new foals. Either way, I act like a fool and would ruin every animal we have .

I'm sure you've heard this before but..... you really need to write a book for children about your chicks...teaching the different kinds and illustrating the book yourself. I've learned loads just through your blog and there are loads of city dwelling children that would gobble up a book with cute chickens and learn while they enjoy.

how cute are they?!

My husband will not allow me back in the store!!! They had 14 metal horse water troughs FULL of chicks(I only bought 50) I feel I showed REMARKABLE restraint!! And I didn't bring home any ducks(only because I could figure out where to keep 'em) We moved the older chicks out to our new coop last night....the younger ones are still in their "condo" so Mom....uh, I ...can keep an eye on them! How the heck do you get 'em to hold still so you can take the pics? I have taken a million pics of them, but they run when they see the camera!!!! Love the silkies....too cute! Have you seen the red sex links??? And tell your Dad that my husband just had a boat follow him home too......sure would have loved to have seen the look on people's faces as they were driving home from work and saw that boat on his heels!!!! TFS!

Hi Anna,

How's the new chick crib coming along?

Love that you have no restraint and that your Dad has the same flaw! Ha!


Hi Anna! You are so weak! I can't blame you, they are super cute. My nephew got this little coop called a chicken tractor, you can move it all over the yard and let them eat from the grass and bugs and such. He has five chickens and they love him to death, he goes out and lets them out and they follow him everywhere. I am so jealous.

Love those chick photos, Anna! If I had a bigger house, I would let some more cats follow me home, but then I also realize my first 2 cats didn't NEED any more friends besides me...they get jealous of and annoyed by the second pair! So, I let many paper punches follow me home, and it used to be packs of designer paper until my studio was filled to capacity. Oh, for a bigger studio :)

you are toooo funny! I wonder why the store has had so many chick days, hmmmmmmm

I am cracking up over the "walking REEAAAALLLL slow home" comment...BWAHAHAA!

OMG! How cute are they?!? :0)

The are so cute, i have 8 new chicks....but today i went to the feed store and they had ducks....oh no it took everything i had to step away from the quackers.

Well no wonder you couldn't resist! THey're so stinkin cute!!!

OMG ...I am looking forward to watching these sweeties grow. Have they got names yet
? (Read all the posts & I love your Dad;'s humor)

They are so cute. And they know a good owner when they see one... no wonder they followed you home!

I can see why you couldn't resist -- they are so cute! I remember when I was little we would get a "biddy" (baby chick) at Easter. And they do grow up!
Thanks for sharing!

These are the cutest ever! I can see how they are hard to resist ... and I believe that they followed you home ... wink, wink ...

Bahahahaaa....you are too funny!! Yes....genetic...but who could resist those cute lil faces?!?!?

Oh my goodness!! Are these guys just the cutest!!??!!?? There is no way I'd be able to make them go back if they followed me home either. Just look at those precious faces!!! The third photo, with his little head just slightly tilted, would seal the deal!!

I understand the temptation! DH will not let me go to the farm supply store until all the chicks are gone! How can anyone resist a cute baby chick?

Love your new babies-so cute. tfs

They are so adorable and cute. Of course you had to get one of every color.

How could you POSSIBLY shew them outta the yard, I mean Come one, they are SOOO cute and prolly heard you had a great house.... LOL

Too stinkin cute...I miss mine so I NEVER go into the farm store this time of year!!!!!

They sure do look sweet Anna...but you must resist, you must resist, you must resist (there no you've had a subliminal suggestion) but I doubt it will hold. LOL!

Aww, how could you resist? I mean really! Too bad I couldn't use that excuse...I mean, what in the world would I be doing in a feed store? Wait, they sell cat food, right? Maybe...

They are darling....My daughter takes photographs & did a shoot for Easter for friends using some chicks. Now that she is all done, guess where they ended up? Our horse trailer has now become a chick trailer until we can get a coop built. At least you had the chick hotel already in place. Love your pictures.

Too funny Anna!!!! I see how you can't resist these cuties!!!

Good grief! They are exquisite! No mere mortal could resist them!!

Oh, they are so beautiful! What an array of color. I'll bet they see you and put on their sweetest faces. When will your chickens be moving into their little new home, be it ever so humble, with the picket fence?? Hey, all God's creatures need love!!! xoxoxo Jeanne

Oh, one more thing, the guy at the farm store had a "homing device" placed on Anna's car so that he knows when she is getting close and he can get the chicks out before she walks in. Good thinkin

Hahaha, you are too cute! I'm so glad you have some new babies. They are just precious! And I can't wait to see your new chicken coop all set up! Very fun. Have a good weekend with your new chicks! :D

No boat problem here folks they helped my daughters get through college, I only have 6 they kept me out of the bars on weekends. Stress relief for an old Ironworker, every day of fishing adds 1 week to your life. with Love,Peace and Tranquility, Dad, fish on!

Too funny!! You are such a chick softie. I love the little grey one - but they're all really cute!

You must have the happiest, well loved farm ever.

They all had a secret yearning to be models, Anna, so when they saw you, naturally, they had to fly the coop and chase after!

Don't you wish they would stay that little? You must have walked reeeeal slow home. :)

I absolutely LOVE your posts. My son and family (sad face) moved to Arizona and bought 5 acres of land. He is quickly filling it with pets. He keeps bringing home chickens, a turkey and had a short time with goose. My daughter-in-law wants a 'wanted' picture hung in the feed store with the caption "Do not sell anything to this man. He thinks he is a farmer." I am so jealous of both him and you but, I get to experience a little with your posts and pictures. Thanks for sharing.

LOL - some how I think the chicks (aren't they cute!!) were cheaper than the fishing boat. :D :D

I just want to love on those sweet babies! And maybe one of these days, whenever we get the time to build a proper home for them, some cuties like that will follow me home as well. In the meantime, tomorrow a horse will be following me home...really! In a horse trailer! I'm super excited!

Awwwww, they are so cute. I wish I could hold them. I can see why they needed to follow you home. Thanks for sharing pictures of them. Happy early Mother's Day to you :)

Well, I can see why! They are soooo soft and fluffy and adorable, and what better home could they go to? :) (Crafting supplies follow me home!)

Had I seen that little gray one, it would have "followed" me home too.

I love coming to your blog Anna. every time I set foot in your door, i leave with a huge smile. Thank you for ALWAYS brightening my day

Are we gonna need an intervention here? Please, oh please, just don't get my mom hooked on chickens...ROFLMAO

Beautiful little chicks!

When you go to the scrapbook store..do things follow you home from there too?!?!? ;)

Well, that is what I tell my hubby. (that is my story and I am sticking to it) :)

Oh, they're adorable!! I love the light smokey gray one!!! If he ever needs a new home.... ;)

What beautiful babies, as irresistable as puppies or kittens!! Good thing we don't have a place that carries chicks or our neighbors would be complaining about being awakened by crowing at dawn. Thanks for sharing your babies. Ann Lind

I have a nasty cold and haven't been feeling so good since Wednesday. But, today I'm visiting your blog and all I can do is laugh. Thank you for that! Oh, my goodness, you are such a sketch and these chicks are soooo cute!! I'm not sure I would have been able to resist either...and I live in the burbs where would I put them?! Blame it on your dad, you seem to have gotten his sense of humor, maybe you got the *follow me home* gene, too :) Sorry, Anna's Dad!

What beautiful babies. I can hardly wait to see them. I'll be there this afternoon to see them. So very cute. Why didn't you bring all of them home with you so they can live in your new chicken house . Just teasing!

You are such a sweatheart Anna! Those chicks know a good thing when one walks into the door of the store. Heck, I would follow you home too. Of couse I know you have a craft room to play in at home......the chicks don't. Good thing you have plenty of land!

they are so pretty... especially fond of the gray-ish colored ones. I can't wait to see how beautiful it will be when fully grown.

They are so cute! I love your chicken stories so much. I showed my DH Tiny Tim's video and now he refers to you as the Chicken Lady! Thanks for sharing with us.

OMGosh!! I don't blame you - if I was set up for chickens I let all of these follow me home too - they are so stinkin sweet and cute and fluffy and cuddley - well, of all people I'm sure you know exactly what I mean - lol! Have a great day and enjoy playing with them.

I love baby chicks!

Cute, cute, cute! I think I like the grey one the best. Showed this to my son, he said "Nice, hey what kind of camera does she use?" he'll come around in a few weeks when he's holding one of our new chickies.
I've been avoiding the feed store, so I'm not tempted to pick up a few extras, lol
My brother has the boat problem, lol, his wife told him if another boat follows him home, he should plan on living on it....
Have a great weeekend with your flock!

Its no wonder they followed you home, they hear how their cousins are doing back at the farm and want to join them. I am hoping we get our hen house built this spring so we can get chickens. Keeping my fingers crossed.

They are soooooo sweet. I wish they had followed me home. Hmmph Just not practical. I live in city limits.

Oh Anna - you big softie! Your newest cackle is irresistable.

oh my god, they are SO sweet!

awwww....love them!!!

Bwahaha! I say the same thing about rubber stamps! Where there's an addiction, there's a way.... =D

Awww!! These new babies are adorable!! The only thing keeping me from allowing cuties like these to follow me home is that they'd soon tire of my city-style digs. (I do always lean over the big troughs of chicks and say hello.)

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