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YAY! I will have to look for the mag. You need to be featured a LOT more than you are. IMO

I'm so very proud of you Anna! Great going! Best, Curt

Congratulations!!! That is so awesome! I love this layout and page!! Of course, we can see your style in it...faux stiching, distressed/inked edges, the "flag" sentiment, the layered stars with the button and twine!! Gorgeous!! And the little fella is so handsome!!

Just got our copy of this magazine and found you in it! Congratulations! I love your blog! Being a country girl your farm and friends are always fun to see and hear about. You are so creative it fun to see all of you projects.

I need to find that mag! I think I could pick out your style and work anywhere. Love it :0) Congrats on the featured article. How fun is that?!

This is so CUTE!! (ok, it helps to have such a CUTIE Patootie cowboy in there too! hehe)
Congrats on the publication!!

Congratulations on a well-deserved honor! That is just fan*tas*tic!!! I did see the article in my magazine, and was so excited to see you featured! You have amazing talents, and it's awesome that you are getting the recognition you deserve! :D

Congratulations on the publication!!!! How exciting is that?!? Nice page you've put together and I definitely see some AnnaWight touches - the cowboy two-point label being one that I've borrowed from you for a couple of my own projects. :D

Congratulations, Anna! You are so deserving of something so fun and exciting! I can hardly wait to see the article now! Gotta get on over to the bookstore!

Woo hoo! Can't think of anyone whose work I'd rather see published! What an awesome page for this handsome young cowboy. Love all the special extras you used . . . just the right amount and type to complement the main attraction. Fabulous!

Woohoo! Congratulations Anna! I'd recognize this as yours anyday! I'll be on the lookout for the magazine when I'm out and about!

Congratulations Anna! I am going out tomorrow and see if I can find a copy. It is an awesome layout and does have your own special style. Love it.

Fantastic Anna! Great page! Hey, did your find your dad his peacocks yet? How sweet that he comments here. :)

I enjoyed it A LOT! I was thrilled for you when I saw it, and read every word! I was even happier to find TWO of my cards in your issue!!

Yaahhooo! I'm tickled pink and after you get down off the table find us a pair of blue peacock chicks to raise. Love, as always Dad

Fabulous news Anna! Congratulations!!!!

Congratulations & what a nice layout. Thanks for sharing & giving us the heads up on the magazine.

Congrats, Anna! I get that mag in the mail, but I haven't received the May issue yet. I just read the April and I know it's not in that one. I hope I get it soon. How exciting!

Congratulations on the terrific layout in the magazine.

Very cute layout. Congrats on the feature article! Btw, I don't comment enough but I love your chickie pix!

Wow, Anna...congrats!!!! I'll have to round up a copy so I can see all your wonderful projects!!! I love the page layout with the sweet little cowboy....awesome work!!!

Huge CONGRATS, Anna! I'll for sure have to get a copy!

Congrats! Well deserved! I will definitely be looking for that mag!

Cool Beans, Anna!!!! I've never heard of that magazine, but I'll call around and see if anyone here has it for sale. You rock, girl!

Ooooh, congratulations!!! I'll have to pick up a copy (if there's any left) :)

Congratulations, Anna! You are a true artist and you deserve this recognition.

I would've recognized this as your work a mile away! :)

Among so many other reasons, I enjoy your blog because I NEVER feel like I'm reading a self endorsement of you by you and all you've accomplished. Reading that gets old really fast.

You're a class act, all the way. I can tell.

Way to go Anna! See?! I told you. You are Anna-mazing artiste! heh-heh. Not surprised at all. Of COURSE they want your art work in their magazine! You are gonna make them sell like hotcakes!

Congratulations, Anna! I can't wait to see the whole article.

Congrats Anna! That is a beautiful layout...you need to show us your scrappin' more often!!

How Cool! Congratulations Anna!!! That is awesome. I'm glad that your wonderful work is being recognized in this way!

Congrats Anna! That is a great Layout and I will have to pick up the mag to see the rest. You hope that we will recognize your style????
This screams Anna Wight! The only thing missing is a chicken!
Well done!

What? Anna scraping? It's beautiful, girl -- congrats on the spread, I'll have to check it out!

Congrats, girlfriend! That's awesome!! And that's only my favorite paper EVER...

Well Congratulations Miss Anna,
I'm not surprised at all!!! It's a fabulous layout and such a cute little cowboy. I'll be on the lookout for the magazine. Whoop it up...this is reason to celebrate. You're awesome!

Congratulations! You're such a great artist that this is not a surprise.

Hi Anna... Congratulations... Your work is amazing and shouldn't go unnoticed.!!

Congratulations!! Great page and what a cute little cowboy! How exciting for you!

Congratulations! Must say that it is about time you were featured. Such a talen can't go unrecognized, for long. Love your work!Treat yourself - you so deserve it!

YEA!!! Congratulations!!! What a fabulous page and the photograph as well!!!
:) Sandra and Christina

What a fantastic layout! Congratulations!! I will have to pick myself up a copy too! That's really great!

Wonderful! Your work is amazing!

It is a fabulous article Anna. I love reading all about you. This little guy is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Congrats!!! So well deserved! This LO is absolutely adorable!!!

Congrats! How cool....can't wait to puchase my issue. =)

I always said "Scrap & Stamp Arts magazine" sure knew their stuff. They have superb taste in featured artists, BTW. Congratulations, Anna. You make me proud.

Congratulations Anna ~ Your news is wonderful and I'm so happy for you. Guess I know where your ~mojo~ has been hiding .... right there in pages of the magazine :)

congratulations, Anna, I wish I have a copy to enjoy the write up and projects.hugs,ying

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