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Wow, you are really making progress - lookin' good :) Your dad is a real card! I always get a chuckle out of his postings:)

wanna come work on my burned-out house next?

No that is a coop! They're not just hens! They're Royal Hens!

man those chickens are going to be living high on the hog! I think there is more insulation there than in my house!

Your chickens are going to be living the high life - the progress is looking good!

Looks like one heck of a project!!!

I hope you put artwork inside the coop or at least their lovely pictures!!

My goodness!! Thats not a coop ~ it's a CONDO!! They'll be very happy...so much for "be it ever so humble!" Jeanne in Idaho (It's SPRING finally!!)

I have seen LOTS of chicken coops in my day... but never one with vinyl flooring !! They will be living in style :)

Sounds like you had a productive weekend. It rained here so we did not get much done.
I really should have been working on cards, my stock is very low. :(

I will be dropping in again soon. HUGS

Lucky chickens but I'm with the gal who mentioned the craft room. I can see it aaaallll nowwwwwwww...

Wow movin along!!! Love the foil ceiling, a few colored lights, the appropriate music and the girls will think they are "rockin" at the "Poulette" Disco Palace. Ann Lind

I'm all for progress, but did you get any stamping done?

Do you contract Alan out? I've got a job for him out here in VA.

Those chickens don't know how lucky they are!! Can't wait to see them in their new home :0)

Are you sure you want it to be a chicken coop? Sounds like it has the makings of a great craft room!!!

It's looking great! It reminds me though of how my DH used to "catch chickens" when we were teenagers. What a job! And his clothes would smell so bad...LOL. But it paid good for a teen needing money!

Just wanted to let you know I sent ya an award:

Awesome job, you two! It is progressing nicely! I'm sure the chickens are going to be SO happy when their new home is finished!!! :D And you all will have the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourselves!
Have a great week! Hope it's not too hot down there yet...we finally have Spring here! The trees are about to get some leaves~~WOOHOO!!!

Great! I'll have my own insulated room when we come down again, wow even tho it may be called the feed storage room. AC ? I'd like that too, please. Love, Dad

Wow, you two have been busy! It looks great, I am excited to see it complete. These chicks are going be living in style!!

Looks really great, Anna, and you are so lucky you and your husband are a good team on projects like that (if it were my husband and me, one of us would probably have to live in the coop afterwards lol!!).

I have to tell you this as you won't likely see it yourself - but yesterday I took my daughter and a friend of hers to the Hannah Montana movie (my daughter is not an HM fan but it was cute). At the very end, there is a painted/decorated chicken coop that is so cool ~ it would not surprise me if other moms saw it and when they see yours will wonder if you have any artistic touches planned for it!! Highly impractical, yet fun ;)

And congrats on all those sweet little baby chicks - you get banned from the farm store like some probably get banned from a stamp store :)

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