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I get all excited just hearing that you've been illustrating! I love seeing what you've come up with! Can't wait!

how do you make a card in such a tiny work space? ok, it's bigger than mine!
speaking of stamps, have your western-themed stamps based on your photography been released yet?

So not fair - you shouldn't tease us with what's to come! I can't wait to see.....

I am fairly new here. I have enjoyed looking back at some older posts, etc... YOU ARE SO TALENTED !!!

Your Whipper Snapper images are SO ADORABLE. (Well so are you)

Your farm life sounds like too much fun...coats on chickens, adorable calves, cats and scary spiders included :)

I can't wait to see what is next, I will be back :)

WOW! for all you folks out there that have never been in the trenches with Anna at "Ground Zero" I can only say this, DONT GO THERE !!! I've Never been the same since. Yuk Yuk Love, Dad Oh Happy Tax Day!

OOOOHHH...I can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Your crafting area looks so organized. I am having a really hard time convincing my hubby that an actual tornado passed through the house and only hit that area ;)

ahhh, so this is where you create, Anna...:o) I'm inspired just looking at your space. You work it and we'll visit. Gotta have your priorities. :o) I received my Chicken in the Kitchen and What's Cookin' sets yesterday (Whipper Snapper is quick about mailing - I appreciate that about them!)!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

So that explains it! You've got the market cornered on buttons! I see how it is. I am waiting with baited breath to see your illustrations and lastest stamp sets when you are ready. I can be very patient that way. Not stalking you or anything. :)

Can't wait to see whats coming next Anna. I'd also like to see how your whole crafting area looks, as I desperately need to reorganize mine. It was supposed to be a winter project, blah, nope, didn't happen.
Have a great day!

Hi Anna ~ so glad to see that your Mojo is returning, especially since you just released three new *S W E E T* sets via WS :) They are all so stinkin' cute and I'm sure you can guess what my favorite is :) "Cluck Cluck" =)

But c'mon, who are you trying to kid ... the reason there isn't much selection on EBay for vintage or new buttons, is because you bought and sucked them all up so fast! Waaaaaah! There should be a limit on this ~Hording~ thing you're doing Anna, with all the cool stuff available for purchase.

Your work area looks incredibly organized and neat. However, there are FAR FAR too many flipping buttons in your area! It just isn't fair I tell you, it's SO wrong.
~~~~~~~~~~~A FEW MINUTES ELAPSE~~~~~~~~~~~

Now please excuse me while I go sulk in a corner and feel sorry for myself . I mean, isn't it bad enough you can draw and colour like Michael Angelo? Meanwhile, majority of your *Loyal Peeps* can barely draw a match-stick person, let alone colour one in!!! ha ha ha

BTW, next time you take out your camera, I'd LOVE to see how your entire room // area looks and how you store your paper, stamps, markers, etc. I need all the ideas I can get when it comes to organization and storage :))))

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