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Oh Anna your dogs are so sweet! They are just gorgeous in the field of flowers! Great pics!

I love the photos of the farm animals, don't get me wrong, but I have missed pictures of the kids! I am so thrilled to get to see how Miss Daisy and Mr. Farley are doing these days! I miss them a lot (even have photos of them up on the wall with my kitties)! They probably would have been more 'photogenic' with treat incentives! Keep that in mind for future photo shoots. YOU CAN NEVER GIVE TOO MANY TREATS TO GOOD PUPPY DOGS! :-)
Thanks again, Manetta

Beautiful photos!

Lovely photos Anna :) Both pooches are cuties.

I love the pet photo's with the bluebonnets! THey're beautiful!

The furbaby's are so adorable surrounded by all those bluebonnets!

I love seeing pictures of Ms. Daisy and Mr. Farley. They are so beautiful especially against the blue bonnet backgroud! Give them extra hugs and kisses for being good sports!

What wonderful photos - Your dogs are just gorgeous and the bluebonnets as well. Love the tongue sticking out on Miss Daisy!

How gorgeous!!! Looks like a beautiful day! I wish we had beautiful blue bonnets or wild flowers in Florida...we just have weeds!! LOL

What wonderful photos amidst those glorious blue bonnets. Your dogs are beautiful. Such noble beasties.

Mine won't look at me either... She does it on purpose- as soon as the camera comes out! They are both beautiful!

ohhh Anna, what beautiful pics of your babies..I just LOVE the ones of Miss D. especially,,reminds me of our chocolate lab we had....I really enjoy your pics of the farm and all the babies,etc...keep them coming..

The puppies look so cute in the bluebonnets!

What fantastic pics! I love how Daisy is telling you that she isn't too happy about having her picture taken - just cracks me up! And Mister Farley, could that shot of him looking like he's smelling the flowers be any more precious! Oh, and the blue bonnets are gorgeous!

Oh how beautiful, Anna. We took pictures of the children this afternoon so send for their mom for Mother's Day (in Afghanistan) and I was wishing there were some Bluebonnets to set the backdrop of the pictures to. Alas, we just used some flowers in our front yard. Your Bluebonnets are gorgeous...

Adorable photos as always! Love the bluebonnets.

Oh my gosh! They are so cute!

Oh Anna, these are fantastic photographs of your 4-legged family members. Having a golden myself, I was particularity drawn to the sweet picture of your golden smelling the flowers. What great shots you captured. TFS

Those are some of my favorite flowers, and there's nowhere that grows 'em better than Texas! What if you put Alan in the field? Would he look bored and ignore you too? :)

Bautiful pictures! Miss Daisy & Mr. Farley look majestic.

What sweet babies...

Gorgeous pictures, Anna. I'll bet its hard not to just stand and stare at all that beauty for hours. What a treat!

The flowers are lovely. We can't grow bluebonnets in IA. Thanks for sharing.

You did great getting photos of the less than coopertive subjects. I have tried for weeks to get a good photo of husbands dog so I can use it for Dogs 1st Birthday in 2 weeks! My little Kodak digital is TOO slow and William NEVER sits still. LOL

Trying to do some blog catching up today! Just reading your blog makes me tired! You guys seem busy, happy on the farm! Can't wait to share the pics of the new babies with my DDs! I think it is neat that you are helping me to educate my city girls!

Oh MY what gorgeous pictures!! Love them all!

I believe that she is allergic to flower pollen, after a certain age a girls body chemistry can change? right? Or, no cookies no loaves of bread snatched off the counter, no people food and no tummy rubs = a tongue stuck out at the camera? right. That's my story and I'm sticken to it! Love, Dad

Is Ms Daisy sticking her tongue out at you??? Cheeky girl! LOL

I love these Spring shots you take of the dogs in the bonnets every year! :-)

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