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Oh my! She was indeed in need of a make-over. I like her new bow and heart and star. She just looks like a Henrietta Hen to me and very cool for the door of the new coop!

Nice job, she sure looks good in her new paint!

Looking good!

I love her....this is a chicken that I can relate to....I was always the most timid egg gatherer.....my cousins laughed at me. And Their Plymouth Rock rooster treed me barefooted on the roof of the henhouse in July....a truly memorable experience.

Love the makeover!

Wow, what a difference! Your new painted lady is so much grander!!

Amazing the transformation you have wrought! She's gorgeous now!

I so want to see picts of the coop when the whole thing is said and done!

She's a really hip chick- I wish someone could make me over that quickly! Super cute!

How is it possible to "purty" her up and still leave her looking suitably aged to perfection? I adore her new look!

So cute...you want to try a human now???

She looks great in her new makeover! How sweet!!

Wow, "what a difference a day makes"!!! She is PRECIOUS! I love the colors you used, and she looks SO pretty now! She's better than ever! That is going to look so cute out there...thanks for sharing her makeover! :D

She turned out so cute! Tole painting is actually my first crafting passion followed closely by stamping. Stamping is more of an instant gratification while painting takes longer.

She looks amazing now! She did need a makeover. Love the trim idea for the chicken coop!

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