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donkeys, horses, chickens, cattle and sheep! your a farmer just like me. too fun. BTW how do you have time to craft? do you have a caretaker or a lot of kids like me?

AAAWWWW! These pictures are wonderful! High noon or not...what great action to catch! She looks like she's really enjoying herself and that baby is soooo cute!

I'm loving all these animal pictures! Amazing work! Adorable subjects! I'm dying laughing about Hillary rolling. Poor thing was probably huge and itchy for so long. Funny, I remember feeling huge and itchy when I was preggers too!

he is SO cute!!!!! I love the little tuft of hair he has on his head, makes him just that much cuter!!!

How sweet! I just love the hair on his head!! But, man, I wish I could roll around in the grass the same day I delivered my babies!! LOL Thanks for sharing.

I love farm babies! Congrats!

He is the cutest lil guy! I just love the fluff on his head!! As soon as I saw him that rhyme came into my head ....Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear but now I have to change it to Donkey! LOL he is precious.

OMG...I love those pictures!! That's what pure joy looks like!

He's a cutie!!! I love his coloring!

Isn't he a cutie patootie?! I love the fluff on top his head and his markings. :) Looks like he has a wonderful mama too.

Well I love the chicken photos, the cows are cute.. But personally you know I love the Donkeys! He is really a cutie! And Love those spot! You know we got a real high dollar spot Jack so we could have some spot babies with some of our spot jennies.... well so far... all brown! LOL Your cutie is just too precious enjoy the fun!
MichelleO (donkeysmiles)

That is the most adorable baby donkey I have ever seen! I love his coloring. I hope he stays that way :)

OMGosh, how cute these donkeys are! That is the sweetest little baby boy. Love his coloring! And what a fun series of photos... I love your sense of humor.

Why no more baby donkeys?

Oh, it's so wild on your farm. These pictures are hilarious. I remember after my babies were born how wonderful it felt to be able to sleep on my tummy again! Hey, this little guy has a cute tuft of hair on the top of his head. Guess you should name him Toughy. Love all the pictures, even the boobie shot...

What a cute little spottie!

He is so adorable and she is beautiful! Love the great pictures with the beautiful green pasture adn blue bonnets. I love the lil' fellow's hair, looks puffy on top.

How adorable!!! You photos are awesome and the donkeys look especially cute against the beautiful bluebonnets! I wish I could come pet them! Thanks for putting photos of all of your babies on here too. I enjoy them as much or more than the stamping and I LOVE the stamping!

He is so CUTE! I love his spots and bushy bangs. LOL Does he have a name yet? You know how I LOVE to come up with names for your animals. Mom, Hillary, makes me think of two names right off the bat. One is Bill for obvious reasons, but the second one is family-related. My step-grandfather's name was Bueist Hillary Adams. I think that Bueist would make a fine donkey name, don't you? LOL

Very sweet baby. I think you should call him George Washington. That tuft of hair on his head looks like George's whig.

Oh my! I love that baby donkey, he is absolutely adorable! Momma rolling around is a real cutie too! Too funny! Thanks for sharing all your great pictures - I love seeing all the animals! And I cant imagine it being 95 outside! I'm still looking forward to hitting 60 for a few days in a row (I'm in Canada) ... summer will be here come June ... hahahaha!

Another reason to love your blog so completely, what could be better? Papercrafting and animals, not just animals but BABY animals, I love it!

I love the new little guy's tuft of white hair! He's adorable. Hillary rolling around in the flowers is just precious - so spring-fever'ish. Thanks for sharing the pics!

He's a cutie! I wish I lived close by so I could come and visit!

That's the cutest thing I've seen all day! I keep thinking of "donkey" in Shrek! LOL!

In my next life I want to be a pet at your place !!! How much fun all the critters are having. The baby is ADORABLE.

Your photography is GRAND.

I look in everyday for fear I wil miss some fun. :) HUGS...

Oh...look at that fuzzy little head!!! Scritch it for me will you?

Oh For Cuteness.

Bhahhahahahaaa!!! You had me ROLLING!! Loving those photos Anna!

Anna, he is SO CUTE!! He looks like a little "patches"........with his spots of color here and there....Love him!


Ps...want me to bring you some ice tea?

Congratulations!! How exciting for you! I've been sending your coop pix to my daughter who became a vegetarian as a result of how chickens were raised by some. Excellent pictures! Thanks for sharing them with all of us!

Oh how cute! Congrats to Hillary & Fitz and, of course, you and Alan. What great pictures. Love all the wildflowers & your comments are a hoot!

you are too funny. He's so cute. Thanks for sharing. Mari

Anna, what a cute little fuzztop! Great job, Hilliary and Fitz! More pics, pls!


Anna, thanks for bringing a smile this morning. Awwwwwwwww, he is so cute. Love the photo captions. Again, thanks for the sunshine!

I get soooo excited just watching for new post on your blog. Your pic's are wonderful and the new baby is adorable!

He is just so cute with his little mop of hair/fur, lol. Love all the pictures and your captions - it's like a little story and then we come to the end :)

What a cutie. Thanks for sharing his first pics with us. I love so much coming here and seeing your farm life. I love all your baby chicks as well.

I love your pictures. Fritz is soooo cute!

Oh. My. Gosh!!! Baby donkeys are the cutest!! Momma's lookin' pretty adorable herself, rolling around all happy & skinny :)

so cute! I love your captions, they are right on.
I wish we had some of your 95 degrees here in MN......

these pictures are so cute! thanks for sharing with us. I always look forward to see what is happening on the farm.

Thanks so much for sharing these pics - he is adorable, love that pouf on his head and your storytelling was right on!! So darn cute!

What a beautiful "baby"! I love all your photos.


Pure preciousness! That new baby donkey is adorable! I wish I could visit and see them all IRL (sigh). Superb photography despite the blinding daylight.

i don't know which delighted me more ~ the precious baby or your running commentary! i think it's a tie!

He is adorable and his mop top is just making me LOL! TFS! -Molly B

What a cutie! When I first read "Fritz" I thought it said "Frizz" because of his 'do!!! So if you are looking for a name...

Hillary makes very cute babies. He is precious. Love the white tuft on his head.Was hoping to hear how the chickens liked their first night in the new coop, but I'll take gorgeous pics of donkeys too.

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous....what a gorgeous cutie he is! :D I expected to see a baby slightly dazed to be in this strange new world...but he looks like he's sussed it out already!

LOVE the pictures of them and the commentary :D xxxxxx

I soooo love this blog!! What beautiful photos and such a cute Mum and baby (yep, I'm English in the UK so it's Mum, not Mom, to me) I follow the adventures at your place everyday and love it. I so envy you with all those animals around and the space you have. Love your crafty stuff as well. Such a mixture and a breath of fresh air. Don't ever give up posting ........
Pam xx

Oh wow, congratulations!!! He is just the cutest little guy EVER! Hillary looks very contented, and I'm sure that back scratching was just what she needed after carrying that baby for months! :D
The pictures are GREAT, as always...thanks so much! He's just ADORABLE! :D

LOL fantastic, what a cutie he is!! beautiful pictures.


Oh Anna - he's so handsome! I LOVE his 'hair'; such a cutie. Congrats on yet another addition to the farm.

Oh my goodness. What incredible photos. These are just adorable. Congrats on yet another new baby on the farm.

The pictures are Amazing! I just LOVE seeing all of the animals on your farm!! Thank you So much for sharing them with us!

I love his coloring!! Hillary did a great job!! Your flowers look so pretty, but the heat sounds horrible!!

Cute little guy! Hillary----anything political about that name since she's a donkey? :)

Never a dull moment at your place! How exciting and oh so CUTE! Congrats :)

He is so handsome! I could never get tired of seeing pics of your babies. I just want to hug that little fella.

What a sweetie!!! He looks like he's wearing an angora hat. Sorry to hear there won't be any more baby donkeys but I guess when they stay on as pets you get a full house after a while. TFS Ann Lind

Awwwwwww, how cute! Great photos! Makes you wanna go roll around in the grass!

DARLING pics!! Love those bluebonnets! :-)

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