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i think the scissorbeaks is a boy. check out the way he's looking at you! so, i'm sitting here with the window open, so i can hear my wild birds, your chicks and your cockatiel! :)

That little brown chick is not so nice! They are cute but I hate to see him pecking the other one! :-(

Oh my gosh, they are so so cute. My boys (ages 12 & 9) are getting the biggest kick out of watching the videos, thanks so much for sharing them!!

Kyla in KY

So sweet. Thanks for sharing the video.

Why is there a button in their water? They are A-DOR-A-BLE!

Aww, they are so cute! I love their little squeaks and chirps!

hey Anna...I told my husband I wanted chickens...he laughed at me and continued eating dinner!

I loved it when you said something about how the chick has grayish green legs and then she stuck her leg out to show us! You sure do have your chicks trained at an early age! LOL

This is such a treat Anna. I love that you name every single animal on your farm.

Thanks for sharing this video -- those chicks are SOOOO cute! You must have so much fun with all your animals and chicks and watching them grow etc. Fun!

Oh, so stinkin cute! I could watch them for hours. Thanks so much for taking the time to share them. Have you ever thought of setting up a webcam on them? If you do, don't tell me, I'd spend the whole day watching!

Hi Anna, for some reason I can't watch this one on my phone, the last few, no problem!

What a couple of cuties! What a difference in coloring! It's fun watching and listening to them!

How cute! Thanks for sharing.

That is so cute. I love seeing your and Allen's love for your animals. From naming them all to the care of each and everyone of them. All of your farm animals are your pets too and your love for them sure is easy to see.

They are so stinkin cute. It is truly amazing watching them.Thanks for sharing.

How cute! Love baby chicks! Congrats again!

I love baby chicks! We don't have nay yet.

Anna, I just love these videos. When I was a kid, I had chickens as pets as my brother was allergic to everything. This brings back such wonderful memories. Thank you so much for sharing.

Oh, how sweet!! I'm so glad there are 2 now! Cute how they keep bumping into each other....

so sweet! I love these videos, Anna. Thanks for sharing a snippet of your life with us and these cuties. What is the food that they are eating? Is that a button in their water bowl?

Anna this is adorable and I love watching these videos. The chicks appear to be like my dogs . . . a little jealous of each other. Hahahahaha

Adorable chicks! I found it so cute that at the beginning they seemed to be joined at the hip, so to speak. But then it seemed as if the Edward Scissorbeak chick became a bit bossy. You need another baby to take the pressure off the Silke/Frizzle(sp.?) Anna, these videos are so much fun to watch. Thank you for sharing them :)

Anna, thanks for sharing you new babies with us. They are adorable. I thoroughly enjoy getting to see all of your animals through all their stages. I hope you will share more photos when these two cuties get bigger.

I'm REALLY enjoying all your videos. They are such a riot to watch. :)

What a cute video - Stephen Spielberg move over! My family and I thoroughly enjoyed both of your chick videos and we thank you for your time and effort in producing the videos and for uploading to YouTube and Typepad - no small feat.

I love seeing the new babies. As little as they are you can see the personalities.

I'd keep an eye on that lil brown fella...I think he is a bully!! LOL
Cute as can be...especially loved the shot ot the two chickin butts. :-)
Thanks for taking the time :-)

Thanks Anna for posting another video with the newest member of Lauhoff Farms. I think I can already distinguish who is the more dominant chick ~ and no Anna, I'm not talking about you, as you are truely the Head Chick :0) Hehehehe

They are truely nature at it's best and I SO enjoy watching them peck around and look around, without a care in the world. Thanks again for sharing ~ I Love it :) And please keep us up-to-date with how they are doing and growing, as I'm presuming there are no more eggs within the incubator, right?

Have a fun weekend watching these two establish a "pecking order" between the two of them as well as all the things they want to get into.
P.S. How is Houdini doing? Has he grown much?

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