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very pretty baby.

Do you ever just scoop them all up and bury your nose in them and cover them with kisses? I would. LOVE the babies!

Oh my goodness are they cute!

Someone has probably already thought of this, but don't you think your chocolate chick looks just like a . . . chocolate chick for Easter? And the blonde baby is just as cute as can be! Great pics!

Anna, I used the second sweetie as my desktop background for Easter. Is that ok with you? It occurs to me now that you are a professional photographer and I don't want to use it without permission. She is so very sweet! and the PERFECT Easter icon

Everytime I visit your blog it makes me want to move out of chicago and onto a farm so I can have my own troupe of adorable chickens!! I love them all!

They are all such cutie-pies :)

I think your new brown coloured chick hatch will probably lay chocolate eggs, just in time for Easter . Wouldn't that be a great invention!!

they are so cute. adorable!!

Anna you are so totally enabling me - I want baby chicks now! Obviously I can't have them because I just don't have the time but a girl can dream.....

Love all the animal pictures. Don't know of any blog I enjoy more than yours. I grew up on a farm and I still miss the animals. We used to get chicks by the 1000's. What great pictures.

Oh, how adorable! I love the little chocolate one but I love the other one too! Heck, I love them all! You can see in the pic the ones that are starting to get their feathers. The others look so soft and cuddly!

Oh man Anna, you have the cutest chicks ever! I love that chocolate brown one, what a sweetie!

oh my goodness...as if the first picture didn't steal my heart...look at that second fluffiness...oh so cute!!! i want one!!! oh, and the pile...so cute!!! thank you for the wonderful pictures to melt my heart...so sweet...and of course the parental guessing games...my head is spinning...can't imagine yours!!

Olive Oyle's little chick is so perfect, she almost doesn't look real. Of course, your fabulous photography contributes to the great pictures. I'm living vicariously through your blog of farm life. I would love to have enough space for a few chickens and a couple of goats. Not sure how hubby would feel about that though. :)Thanks for sharing!

So my question is...Are you going to name all those chicks?!? And how will you keep them all straight? Your chicken population is grown by leaps and bounds!

Chick Pile for sure! What a wonderful sight. I always enjoy these posts, Anna. Thanks for sharing life on the farm with us!


How sweet are those chicks?!?!?! They look like they would be so soft.


Oh my gosh how I love seeing all your new baby chicks. The chocolate one is like a little Easter treat! Thanks for sharing all the interesting background on them. Happy Weekend.

oh, my! that second chick should be a model!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE them!!! but please repeat after me: little girls who live in houses with no backyard do not need chickens!!! You can guess who is begging for an Easter chick!!! (at least it's not a lamb this year!!)

AWWWWW...they are so adorable! So sweet.

I love looking at these precious babies! Did I tell you I have kittens? Dorian had them in the basement window well, which was fine until we came under a severe spring storm warning. It started snowing last night at about nine and should continue for more than 24 hours. I told DH after school yesterday that we had to get the kittens inside, Dorian was rushing the house and getting in every time someone opened the door. I knew she would move them. DH said we could put them in the shed, not the house. "I'm not compromising on this," he said. He said he'd get the kittens while I found Dorian, who of course had rushed into the house and was scoping out a spot. I wasn't happy, but said nothing and went to find her. When I was carrying her out the back door, DH was coming inside. With the kittens. I said, "What are you doing? I thought you didn't want them inside." He said that he was just being nice to me. And not to get used to it. And that it would be the last time. And did I see how fat they were? And did I know that they didn't even wake up when he gathered them up... He's so hardcore.

What cuties!! Love the new babies and the *chicken pile* :)

Until I "met" you Anna, I had no idea of all the different kinds of chicks there were out there! AND I never thought I would be ooing and awing over such fabulous photos of them!!!!!! TFS!!! Olive and Edwards baby is gorgeous- maybe make the cover of "Playchick" when she is older!!!!

Your description of Pearl almost sounds like one of me! LOL! I have a question: Why don't you allow the moms to sit on their eggs and hatch them? Do you show your chickens? (Okay, two questions!)That photo of Olive Oyl's peep is awesome!

Thank you so much for the Adorable pictures! My oh my I sure miss having my little chickies and critters. Made me smile from ear to ear to see the sweet things. Sadly I don't live where I can have them anymore...(I never was a very good city folk and definitely would move in a heart beat if I could.) I thank you though for the beautiful pictures and fond memories. They are so perfect....you take the Best pictures!!

OMG..I read quickly and though you had written Chicken PIE!!! Be still my heart!

Chocolate Chickens??? You could make a mint at easter...oh...thats already been done. LOL

Seriously...adorable! I think Olive's baby should be called Martini (Olive=Martini right???)
Chocolate Chick's name? YUMMY!

I'M KIDDING!!!!..hmmm..maybe not..it's cute! LOL

TFS! I am obviously jetlagged1

I just adore your little feathered babies! They are SO cute...I don't think I've ever seen a chick that looks CHOCOLATE! How cute!!! They are all just precious...I don't know HOW you figure all that stuff out about Moms and Dads! (well, I get it; but I'm glad I don't have to DO it!) You are such a good Mommy...thanks for sharing! :D

I love these baby chicks...so stinkin cute! The chocolate color is beautiful, and how can you not adore that precious face from Olive Oyle's baby?! So very sweet!!

What sweet little babies! We have chickens and the silkies are our favorites.

They are so adorable! Love, love, love those fuzzy babies!

Oh my gosh, Olive & Edward's little gal is gorgeous ~ I love her face and what a fantastic picture you captured! I think the little chocolate chick is adorable :). And the chick pile? Oh my they are all so stinkin' cute! How fun it must be to watch them grow, change and develop into their own little personalities. I love it when you share "Life on the Farm".

Oh Anna! Aren't they all so precious. I especially like the baby from Olive Oyle! She is just beautiful. What a happy time of year for your farm. Babies will be cropping up everywhere - such fun!

Olive Oyle and Edward Scissorbeak's chick is about as perfect looking as a chick can be. What a beautiful little face!! I can see it on a stamp now.... ;-)

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