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WOW, the photos are amazing Anna!! Last weekend we had your rain at my house, I'll send it back to you now...

It's a joy to view your gorgeous photographs! Makes me long to walk your farm with my own camera! I have some relatives in TX...I'll have to schedule a special visit! Don't worry, I'll call first, lol!

Hmmm, tempting. Do you offer free shipping?

Edward reminds me of some of the faces Red Skelton used to make in his comedy routines. Your warmth in describing all of your animals makes me smile. It makes me think of teachers and how we describe those students who sneak into our hearts, despite the qualities that are less than endearing sometimes.

Thanks for choosing to share your corner of the world with others. :-)

Kelly in Ohio

Beautiful pics. I don't know how you keep track of all your critters' names. But, I sure enjoy hearing about them and the names add so much to your stories. I would love to buy one of your Dexters, but sadly, I don't have a place for one, well not a place where I could have one legally!

Fabulous photos - I so love when you share the farm with us!

wow, such beautiful photos. I would love a Dexter calf but somehow I don't think it would work here in suburbia NJ ;) One of these days.....
Thanks as always for sharing your beautiful animals. The rooster is just too cute with his little crooked smile and the cows, well i love them!!! The Longhorns are beautiful-you've got some good looking neighbors

I absolutely love the fields of bluebonnets. . .especially the one with the longhorn in the bluebonnet field! You should sell copies of that one! I'm a fellow Texan who loves it every year when the bluebonnets are in bloom. Waiting for my little girl to take pictures of her in them. My boys are cute too, but not quite the same as a little girl I think! Thanks for sharing!

I thoroughly enjoyed the photos, as always...Edward is VERY handsome, sans the funky beak! LOL It gives him great character, though! I can't wait for our grass to get green, we just had snow over the weekend. Thankfully it didn't stay long...
I'd LOVE to have some Dexter cattle, but it's pretty far to TX...and I probably couldn't afford them, either! They are really beautiful, though! :D

Love these photos! The sunshine, green grass and pasture of bluebonnets really makes me smile! Thanks for sharing.

Ahhh! I love getting a 'photo fix' from your blog. Your pictures are so luminous and beautiful, and you're terrific at capturing interesting and beautiful sights and moments. Thanks!

Beautiful photos - I love seeing the green grass.. we are still so brown and dry here in central Texas... need some rain too-

Love your photos - so wish I could come and get a photo lesson from you!

Started following your blog because I like your stamping style - now I'm finding I like your comments and photos of your chickens, animals and ranch life too. Favorite so far is the chocolate chick - so adorable! Thank you for your blog!

I love your pasture of bluebonnets. Every year I try to get the kids pictures in the bluebonnets. I have to settle for spots on the side of the road though.

It is crazy how it absolutely is Spring at your house and mine is still in Winter mode and we don't live that far away from each other. :) Minnesota here.

What superb photos - as ever. I subscribe to your blog but unfortunately never comment but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate what I read and see. Your blog is truly inspirational in many different ways and, when you have 5, I'd like you to pop over to my blog as I have something for you ....

I always love to see your pictures of the animals on the farm!thanks for sharing them with us.

Gorgeous animals! Great pics.

I love seeing pictures of your four footed dependants.

Thanks Anna for the lovely landscape photos that allowed me to escape for a while :)

But unfortunately, you know with me, I'll have either a chicken question or a cow question LOL ! Since I'm getting a handle on all of your critters, I wanted to ask you about your neighbor's Texas Longhorns. What are they "known" or bred for? ((No laughing, especially since I really don't eat or buy red meat all that often.)) They certainly have a ~rack~ on them [Hubba Hubba! lol] ... is it just the males that have the horns or both?

Thanks Anna ! I think you should reconsider the name of your Blog ... what about changing it to "Ask The Chicken Chic!" :)))

I love Edward's coloring, just beautiful. I sure hope that baby longhorn grows into his ears! He's absolutely adorable but my goodness, he looks like a cab with the doors open! (don't tell him I said that!) What a pretty pasture of bluebonnets!

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