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So cute! And I can't believe how quickly they perk up after birth.

Hey, a cross between a Silkie and a Frizzle must be a Friskie!

Aww Anna, this baby is just precious :) After seeing these beautiful creatures through your eyes, I might have to re-think my consumption of poultry.

Can't wait to see what hatches today ~ Friday ~ I hope you have your camera on time delay so we can see every special moment that occurs.

Thanks Anna for taking the time and effort to share these special moments with your other *Peeps*.

~Cluck Cluck~

The show stopping squeeky toy cracked me up at the end!! Daisy had obviously decided that the baby chick had had it's share of attention that day! Hahaha

so stinkin cute i could cry! when i was a kid growing up in Windsor, Ontario I would go to the market with my parents on Saturday morning to buy fresh goods from area farmers. One farmer was always selling little chicks and every week I would beg my mother for one! As an adult, I finally understand why I couldn't have a chicken in the city, but back then I think I left the market in tears every week!

So cute can't wait to see this ones friend when it hatches.

You crack me up with the chicken clothing. I think you are a good mom to your chickens. The baby chick is so sweet and I hope you show another video when the other egg hatches.

Too cute!! I want to hold it! :)

my daugther said, oh that is a cool chick, ohhhh cute, thanks for showing us the cute chick.


Thanks for putting a BIG smile on my face, How cute this little tweet tweet chickie is *melting*:o)))

Inge xx

Oh so sweet Anna! Pull out the warm woolies for Tiny Tim, it's cold in them thar hills!

TOO CUTE ANNA!!! I hope Sizzle grows cool feathers to become a FUNKY CHICKEN!!! Thanks for sharing! My CITY kids LOVE all the posts from the farm!

Oh, that was so fun!! I'm jealous! The closest I come to baby chicks and ducks is at my local Agway Farm store. I always want to hold or touch them but they don't allow it:( They're soooo cute. I think your chick *is* going to have frizzle feathers...maybe:)

How adorable.

he is the cutest thanks for sharing

The video of the baby was so cute. My cockatiel was unimpressed by the bird, but responded EVERY time he heard the squeeky toy in the background!!! Don't have to wonder too much about the expression: bird brain!!!

Oh, Anna, you do realize that this chick is going to be traumatized when she realizes that live chickens actually MOVE! rotfl!!!! Love the button. Maybe she will grow up to be a crafty chicken. She could sit on your shoulder when you are sewing. Kinda like a cat, but with bird poo on your shoulder...

Oh my, that is the cutest baby chick ever! And I love Daisy squeaking the toy! Oh - I really like your voice too, lol!!!!

So cute! Do tell, what's the button for? My terrier came running in when Miss Daisy got going with the squeaky toys. :)

She's so cute and gets around really well for a newbie! I love the hedgehog squeeking in the background!

Anna~Way too cute!! Daisy really got the attention of my little Rat Terrier. She kept looking at the computer like the computer had swallowed HER squeaker toy! Too funny!!

Love it! Especially the sleeping shot! I've only raised guineas from this size, and in batches of 30, but I love chicks, too!

Very sweet. Amazing how "she" is checking everything out. Miss Daisy is very funny - like she's trying to make the baby feel at home. Thanks for the smiles.

I too, was curious about the button :)
Cute video... TFS

What a little beauty! She sure has pretty 'fluff' already. Miss Daisy was cracking me up squeaking her toy. :)

So precious. It reminds me of "way back when" I was little and got a baby chick for Easter. I'm SO glad they don't allow that anymore. All those poor pink, purple, blue, etc. chicks under lights at Woolworth's. I don't even like to think about what became of all of them. At least I know mine went to live on a farm -- since we delivered her there ourselves.

oh the memories do remain.....they are so sweet at that age, just like children and when the grow up ( just like Childre) they would peck at my feet at feeding time...MaryAnn

Oh my goodness! So cute! I love the idea of putting a red button in the water dish to get them to drink!

Soooooooooooo Cute! When i was little, my Grandma took me to a ladies house down the road. This lady had all kinds of baby chicks, and i wanted one! I begged and begged but with no luck. After we left her house, i asked my Grandma "she has so many, can't a little girl have just one?" TTo this day, and i'm 52, we still laugh about this! Those were fun days at the farm with my Grandparents. God Bless Them, they are gone now but NOT forgotten! Thanks for the video Anna, loved it!

OMGoodness, she is sooooo cute!!!

Loved the video! what a precious little chick...can't wait 'til her friend is hatched! FUN! :D

How adorable! I love how it was checking out its stuffed friend, lol!

So darn cute. I also wondered about the button in the water? Do you have to keep a heat lamp on Miss Daisy? Thanks for sharing your video.

Thanks for sharing the video Anna!! What a sweet baby!! Amazing time at the farm!!

How wonderful! Thank you for posting the video! Give Daisey a spot on the next one. Can't wait to see the one that hatches on Friday!

So cute! I love the little tweet tweet. I saw the button in the water and wondered why it was there. My initial reaction (having four small dogs) was that I hope that baby doesn't choke on the button but then I realized it's little beak is *way* too small! Hee Hee Hee! Thanks for the video!

Awwww! Brings back the memories EVEN more! Love the video.

Loved the video - two thumbs up! I hear the producer, director, and writers have been nominated for Academy awards and it's a serious contender for Best Picture.

Oh cuteness! -Molly B

So cute! I had a backyard flock of 29 a few years ago on our 10 acres (love the fresh eggs!), but I didn't know the button in the water trick...is that so they see the water and are drawn to it?


Very cute. But I'd like to see Miss Daisy have some face time!

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