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Awwwwww, the other chickens are probably jealous of her 'cuz she's so purty. That's the sweetest thing that you made her an apron, Anna! I've never heard of anyone giving a chicken a bath before. You really are such a kind-hearted and caring person.

Anna, you should come out with a line of poultry clothing. You'd make a fortune! Poultry couture... made to match... it's brilliant!

That's a brilliant solution for pick protection! I've seen such horrible pecking injuries! My MIL's chickens don't pick/peck each other, I think because they are free range, but there may be other reasons. I don't know a lot about chickens, so I'm not sure. Some personalities just invite abuse, though. I'm a high school teacher and I see it in my students. I guess it's the same in the poultry world.

PS I'm glad you liked my Posies card. I've made others as well, just haven't posted them yet. I'm really enjoying your stamps! Thanks for doing such a great job with them!

A friend of mine didn't believe there was such a thing as chicken aprons! I think they should be called capes, lol. My girls could use one too - I hate seeing that bare spot, it makes me want to just get rid of those boys. I have to say, imagining Tiny Tim doing his *thang* kinda cracks me up! Congrats on your new baby.

That is the cutest! Can I live at your place??? It looks like the barn is a stylin place to be!

You mean there are TWO of you making chickens clothes? Love the vest. I wish I was a chicken at your farm....they are treated so nicely.

Anna -

You and your chickens just tickle my funnybone! I've never heard of people garbing their fowl, but I've loved reading about your efforts to keep Tiny Tim warm. I only wish I lived closer to you so I could check out your chicken fashion show in person! Between the critters and your cards, your blog is a must visit every day. Thanks for sharing.


If I was a chicken, I would definitely want to live on your farm!!!!! I just love Pippy and his coat! Too cute!

Well, if you ain't the best chicken mom on earth, I can NOT imagine who is! Tiny Tim's coat was just the tip of the iceberg I guess, cause I never would have imagined a chicken cape! {and don't even get me wondering about givin' a chicken a bath?} :) This is awesome!!

Awww Anna you just love your hens - this is wonderful and such fun - what would they do without their little home made jackets...

I swear Anna, you never cease to amaze me! I would never have thought to give a chicken a bath, much less sew clothing for them! You have the luckiest barn yard animals ever! I mean, they can't ask for any better than you and Alan taking care of them! And Pippy is really pretty in her new apron.

I was thinking about how much I needed you earlier today. Aunt Diane didn't get any new chicks last fall and is barely keeping up with the egg demand from my cousins (those egg pigs) and I NEED real eggs. Luckily Mom drove the brat mobile to school and accosted Sydney in first grade to see if her Grandma had any eggs to sell. Looks like Mom may be coming thru after all. Got her windmill fixed and told her I was holding it hostage for the good stuff ~ real brown (or green) eggs and a couple containers of homemade strawberry jam. Hope Dad survives the Wild Wight Weather (and keeps it out there!). I rarely read your comments, but his often catch my eye. Pippy for Miss America!!!

Hi Anna, cute spring coat for the chick. Under your personal e-mail I'm attaching a picture of another hen with a girly coat (I don't know how to do an attachment from this site). The pic is from about the 1930s. I'll bet you've seen it when you were a little girl ~ not that you go back that far, but you'll know what I mean when you look at it. I think you need to make hats like the little chicks are wearing too!

~ Judy

Your farm is chicken heaven Anna!! Why on earth would they want to go anywhere else when they can be bathed, outfitted and get a pedi at you place?! Some chicks have all the luck! :)

Honestly, you never cease to amaze me!! You must have more hours in your day than I do. How can you be a 'Mommy' to so many and still create the things you do?
We are blessed to get to share all that you do.

Sandra & Christina

Some girls dress dolls, others cats...I guess you're the chicken-dressing kind of gal!

Anna, you are absolutely too cute!!! You make me smile, your love for your animals is so heart warming!! Pippy and Tiny Tim have no idea how lucky they are! I love animals like you do and wish I were I'm your shoes!

Her apron matches her feathers! And how stylish! You're a whiz at chicken fashions, Anna!

Anna, her little vest is perfect and blends right in with her feathers! You are so talented!!! I'm so glad she has a good "mama and daddy" to watch over her and all the other sweet little critters! I think I nice coral would look good on her nails! =)

OMG!! I love the way you take care of your Chickens! You are the best! Great use of fabric -- a girl has to coordinate. And I would think that you would want to take pictures of chickens when they are dozzing --- other wise all you get is blurred movement! :-) Take care. Big Hugs,

This is the cutest thing. I used to have exotics but I never thought to make one an apron. It works, hey do it! We have "breeding rolls" for horses, for young mares when the stallions are a little zealous! So why not for hens? Love it!

I love learning about all of your "farm babies". Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that a hen would ever need a vest, but certainly this little lady does :) I also have never in my life seen such a variety of hens before......thank you so much for sharing not only your beautiful art but your farm life as well. I never know what I am going to learn when I come here :)

I love that chicken! She's like the shaggy dog of the chicken world. You may have a future in chicken couture! I do have a question though: are you a vegetarian? I don't see how you could possibly eat meat having all these characters!

Anna you're such a good caregiver of your chickens!

You are the sweetest farm girl! I always feel sorry for the chickens that get pecked, but never even THOUGHT to make covers for them.

Oh that is so sweet. I love her "apron". I wouldn't mind one out of that sweet fabric. You are such a wonderful Mom to your critters.

OK Anna Wight - Ditto all the above PLUS I demand to know how you give a chicken a bath! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This touches my heart! You're so caring about your farm animals!

I just adore you!!! When I started reading, even before scrolling down, I just knew you would be creating a fashion statement for her!!! You have such a compassion for animals -- you are awesome!!! It totally cracks me up to see what you post everyday about your animals. Well your cards are amazing too. Thanks for always brightening my day!

You are such a great "mom" to your feathered brood. Pippy and all the others are lucky to have you.

Poor Pippy. Those boys. Love her vest. You're the best mom!

I love the chicken fashions!

Oh, how COOL, Anna! Those colors would make a great card. Would need feather-patterned paper, polka-dot layering...hmmmmmmmmmmm

So clever! I enjoy seeing the chickens ~ they just crack me up. It surprises me that they leave their outfits alone (don't try to rip them off).

Yah,sure. She seems to look a lot like a Cockatoo from the back. I only see one "tie down" strap on the garment. Do her wings hold it down or is there another "Tie" a bit farther back? Another day of a three day blizzard here in the great "Wight" northwest, will Spring ever come? Love always, Dad

I started laughing even before I got to the final photo! Very creative :)

Pippy is such a pretty little girl! She just must be too sweet to protect herself from the others. I love her little jacket! It looks so adorable on her. You are a wonderful person to take such good care of your farm babies! I wish all animal owners were more like you!

Poor Pippy! However, thanks to Tiny Tim and Pippy, you can add "designer poltry fashion" to your long resume!! LOL

Soooo funny! What a well dressed chicken Miss Pippy is :-) I love the pattern on the apron ... it matches her perfectly. I laughed at a previous poster talking about her cockatiel hissing. My tiel does the same thing, but she not only hisses at night when we disturb her, but she hisses at everyone EXCEPT me during the day! I'm the only one that can torment her without getting yelled at! LOL

Oh, Pippy is SO pretty! So sorry she has been picked on, and needs feather protection...
Her apron is beautiful! And just perfect! You are such a great seamstress...and your chickens are SO lucky to have you as their Mom! I've never known anyone that took such loving care of their chicks...you are extraordinary! :D

Anna, the photos are great and I must admit that I greatly admire your bravery in protecting/clothing your babies. My pet cockatiel would (for sure) remove a finger if I tried to touch his back!!

I find your "sun-downers" comment also quite amusing. The cockatiel will settle down in the evening even without having his cage covered. And once the cage is covered, DON'T even think about interacting with him. I'd never known that birds could hiss, but the Colonel does if he thinks it's time for lights out.

That is too adorable!

How lucky these animals are to have you taking care of them! Thanks for sharing their stories as they are so fun and so heartwarming to read.

You are TOO FUNNY!!!!------You make a "good chicken MOM!!!"

Barbara in Bellflower

When I first saw the vest I thought you had just matched the fabric to her lovely coloring. I love these stories.

Oh Anna, I just love your posts about the farm animals! Pippy is a lovely girl!! I hope the vest helps her with her feather problem.

Anna, another most enjoyable post today. Hooray for you and Pippy. I loved reading this!

Her new fashion piece coordinates beautifully with her pretty plumage. Love to see the new spring fashions for chickens.

Pippy is so beautiful and her new apron is such a perfect color and design for her. You did a great job on the apron. But, I still can't stop laughing at all the comments before mine...*one brick short of a load..because she is blond*...*Cher in her Oscar finery* - both cracked me up! Thanks for the chuckles this morning.

Have to laugh at the chicken fashions. It's great to see how well loved all the animals are at your place.

Oh..she's so cute and what a fantastic outfit, you did great, as usual Anna..they're all very lucky feather babies.. keep posting pics..

You are sooo funny and clever! These animals have a wonderful Mommy!

Oh wow, what a gorgeous chicken who is now wearing a very snazzy apron!! Fantastic! My 2 year old son loved seeing the pictures and sends her a kiss and wuddle (cuddle) so that she gets better soon.


OHHH how cute is this outfit for Pippy!! I love how you coordinated the colour of the material to go with her blonde feathers :)

Do you think the reason she's *~one brick short of a load~* is because she is just so blonde? hehehehehe

The more I see how deliciously beautiful these birds are, the more I'd love to have some of my own ~ especially if I could get some eggs from them every now and then :)

And it's a good thing you have her all covered up properly now ... afterall, a gal has to have some morals, even when living on YOUR farm!!!! hahahahahah

Anna, this is too funny. I was telling the ladies at my club class today that i want to get chickens now that we are allowed and then I told them about Tiny Tim and his coat so I was just setting up an e-mail with the links to your posts about TT and I came to the blog and you are dressing yet another little chickie!
I want pretty chickies like yours...just have to convince DH. LOL
Thanks for the link to the Chicken info site :-)

I thought the first photo was Cher all decked out in her Oscar finery!

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