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Having our Mabel hatch an egg the end of November in the bitter cold here, I am amazed it survived, but the mum was so good, tucking it under her wing to keep it warm...... the chick is well big now lol and even though we THINK its a cockeral I will still have to keep it even though we already have Cedric, cos, I mean, its our first born chick and its precious lol

I would LOVE to have your life..... with all those chicks etc.... loved looking at the photos, fanks for sharing a part of your world..


OMG!!! They are soooo cute!!! I grew up where we had chickens and I remember these cute little babies. Have fun with them!!

Oh how totally sweet!

AWWWW...How cute! Love the lil' bootie!! LOL!

It's definitely hard to resist baby chicks. We have a local farm store who gets them every year. DH won't let me visit because he doesn't want to start with baby chicks again.

Oh these are so cute! I remember when I was little and walked to school, I went by a farm feed store and every year about Easter time, they had little chicks dyed pretty colors. I wanted one so bad but we lived in an apartment so I never got one. I never thought at the time that it was probably very bad for the little things to be dyed.

Oh wow, they are just the cutest little chicks. Thank you so much for taking the piccies and sharing them with us.

The baby chicks are so gorgeous AND cute!!! Thanks for always sharing your animals/chickens etc. with us ... it is always so fun to come to your blog and see what you will be sharing with us today! Love it!

Now THIS is how I ended up with a chicken for a pet, Anna!

Oh GREAT. Claire had a link to your blog over on hers, and now I have another interesting blog that I must follow -- yours! :-)

Beautiful Photographs..........you made me smile tonight!

Anna - Wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your vintage cards. I have a Hugs award for you here.



Well, I've been so blessed and informed by your farm posts, I recognized that little egg beak right away! ...never would have noticed that before... Thanks for sharing and broadening our horizons!

Now, Anna, you KNOW it is chick season. Subconsciously you KNEW you were going to get chicks at the tractor supply store! LOL. These are cuties. Up here we call the egg beak an egg "tooth". Also, checked out your photos. Number 6 is so amazing! It looks surreal to a Midwesterner like me! :)

Your new babies are just sooooo cute :) More poop for you ! haaa!

What is with this "egg beak" and it falling off? Please explain so I don't have nightmares of these babies running around Beakless?!?!?

Your so funny, you are alot like me!! I just can't go into rescue places because it just breaks my heart not to take them all home with me! Alan must have to watch how many times a year he lets you make the trip to the feed store, other wise he might have a zoo instead of a farm *smile*

Irresistible. No doubt about it!

I just opened my new stamps about two minutes ago. I think one of them is signed!! It says A Wight.5!!

Well, I'm not going to hang out on this silly computer, I'm off to stamp!!

Oh my gosh, they are cute!!! I can only imagine how cute all that peeping is, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to resist either!! Oh.....life on a farm!!

Your story took me back to growing up in Bloomington MN before it was completely "city-fied". There was a tiny ancient feed or farm store that sat right up against the sidewalk in what was the original downtown, and they had chicks displayed in the front windows - such an unusual sight for a suburb. I was never allowed to rescue any animals, but I'll never forget hearing that the store had burned down years later and wondering about all those chicks.

What cutie pitooties! If I had a farm, they'd be coming home with me too! Although, I doubt that would have stopped my 3 year old from begging! LOL

LOL First of all KUDOS to adjusting the light TY TY TY TY and good for you for gettin you a couple new feathered friends...oh my, that peeping is just SO cute, I LOVE hearing it and will squat as long as my creaking bones can and watch them and listen..... CUTE lil buggers....I am living vicariously through you since we have no place for chickens anymore but we sure do have happy memeories of those lil guys....

Anna you are just the sweetest lady. Your chicks are certainly well loved and you know a lot about chickens! Thanks for sharing your photos and knowledge.

I can see how you could not resit. What they were saying was pick me, pick me. They are so cute and I am glad they are going to a good home where they will be loved and well taken care of. Thanks for sharing.

Oh Anna, these little ones are so adorable I totally understand how you want to bring them all home - they are just the sweetest, last time I had baby chicks was many many years ago - I miss that. Thanks so much for sharing your pics. Happy Friday!!

How fun! They're all so cute! You'll be telling us Little Red Hen Stories!

Thanks for sharing about your chickens. We have 10 "girls," all named and loved. Each has her own personality. We have large, hearty breeds...Buff Orpingtons,Sussex, and Barrocks. Wonderful eggs. My daughter lost her favorite, Buffy, 2 weeks ago to a hawk. She is still grieving. Isn't it amazing how we can be captivated by these creatures?

Oh these are just precious! Can't say I blame you for weakening on your resolve (not that you ever had any). My DH and DD (okay, and me too) would love to have chickens. Fabulous photos.

You are so sweet to give these chicks a home!

AWWWWWW!!! They are so tweet!!!!!
Love your beautiful photos too!!!

Oh, I just love your new babies! they are all just adorable! I'm so glad you got some red ones...I have sons with red hair, and red IS pretty! They are all just marvelous. I'm so glad you rescued them from the store! :D Have a great weekend with your new little ones!

Oh, Anna, such cuties... I don't blame you for whisking them away. Lucky chicks to come live with you and Alan and the rest of your animal friends.

P.S. I love Alan :-)

Oh..and the yellow one's name is Summer :-) Just in case it didn;t tell you yet! ;-)

Resistance is futile...go back and rescue...um...buy the other bantams...you know ya want them!

Love little Speedy Gonzales's (did you know he came with a name???) little butt shot!
I am working on my hubby about the chickens...now that Vancouver allows us a few each in the garden! :-)

You "claim" you heard peep, peep, peep, peep, but what they were really saying was "Look everyone ~ our new parents are here to take us home!" They are absolutely adorable, I don't think I'd be able to resist them either. Great pictures, love the one of the frizzle/silkie ~ how cute ~ grooming for the photographer! Thanks for sharing, I just love your updates on the fur & feathered children :)

You are such a good mommy to all your little animals. The ones you rescued are lucky that you went into the store today and brought them home.

Keep posting about your little feathered and furry babies. The photos always bring a smile to my face.

I had to have a little giggle at your pics! My granny loved chickens, too, and seeing your photos and story remind me of her. Hope she has a huge flock up there in heaven! Thanks for the smiles!

I'm so jealous that you have chickies! I have been in love with the idea of owning them since I was a little girl :)

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