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Love that pretty shade of brown he is, he is gorgeous!

Oh he is just so gorgeous!!!! His coloring is amazing and that adorable little face of his :) I love him!!!! I would love to give him a big ol' cuddle (yes I am cow crazy *wink*)

He never had a pig snout! Shame, shame. :) Doesn't it seem strange when horns start sprouting out of their heads? What if we grew horns? Could we feel them coming in (or out?) like getting permanent teeth? I know . . . weird thought, but seeing the little horn buds made me ponder. He is such a beautiful little guy! Thanks for the update!

He is so beautiful!

He is a darling... such a sweet innocent face! Who would imagine something that cute causing any trouble?!?!?!?

What a face!

Houdini is just so cute, wish I could give him a hug. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, what a handsome fella! He's just adorable! Wish I could give him a snuggle...
Thanks for the update! Now if I could only realize how little he actually is... :D

It is so amazing how much he has grown!

Awwww! He's such a cutie pie! I bet all the girl calves are swooning over him already! LOL =D

My how Houdini has grown! Will he stay the color that he is right now when he is full grown?

So, what is the temperment of a Dexter bull? I suppose even if one charged, you could jump right over him! *snicker* Thanx for the pics of Houdini.

You are sooooo lucky to be able to enjoy such great creatures growing up aroud you and getting to photograph their progress. Your pictures make me feel like I am right there with you!!! Leslie

He is beautiful! I want to hug him!

How can a cow be soooo freakin cute! I love your blog and all your cute animals. I started following your blog for your paper creations and now I do it more for the adventures on the farm and your awesome photography. Thanks so much for sharing.

freaking adorable...i know you are gonna laugh at me...but i wanna give him a big ol' kiss on that cute little face of his...love him!

He is just so CUTE!!
He has really grown,
the grandchildren love
seeing all the animal pictures :)

He's such a cutie I just want to hug him ;-)

He is beautiful. He was also born on my Dad's 87th, my middle grand-daughter's 7th and the day before my .... birthday! He should go far - lOLOL!
Love him!

Oh he's beautiful!!!He has such a pretty face and those gorgeous eyes. such a beauty to start off the calving season. Thanks for sharing. Ann Lind

Oh my word is he cute! I had been wondering about him. I just love cows, I think it is the eyes, oh and the ears.! He is just adorable. TFS the pics. -Molly B

Oh my goodness - he's grown so much! Still cute as ever and your photo's are always so phenomenal!

What a handsome little guy! He is growing up... and a gorgeous color.

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