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Too cute! At first I thought you created that paper yourself. Love the faux stitching and the hill you created. And those clouds are just fun, fun, fun!

Ha, a firewalkin' chicken! Cute card! You know, I actually apologized to the chicken I was washing up to be roasted for dinner last night. You know it's bad when you talk to your dinner...

OH MY Anna! All that you do just makes me smile! The great vibrant color on the first...and the awesome chicken :)

Anna...you used a chicken that wasn't your own?! Are you sending the A Muse folks a subliminal message by "frying" their chicken? Hmmm??? {grin} This card is SMOKIN' HOTT! (Sorry...couldn't resist!)

I can not believe that you used ~OTHER~ chicken images then your own! Ohhh my word, that just isn't right Anna !!!

Personally, I thought perhaps the chicken had some stomach issues and had diarrhea all over the corner of the CS, and perhaps the hut in the distance was a "Johnny On The Spot" bathroom-hut :)

Yes, I'm so bad, but you must admit I have a creative imagination, even if it is a little warped :))) And it's ALL your fault Anna, you're the one that titled this Blog Entry as, "Have a Rootin' Tootin' Square Root Day". I think you can figure out the rest :0)

Super cute card!

That's too funny about the fried chicken. Cute card even if poor mr chikky does catch fire.

Sadly I missed square root day yesterday. I'm not sure about the PI day though, at least not until 2015 when it would be 3/14/15 (since Pi starts 3.1415, not 3.1409).

Very cute card!! I recognized the Memory Box paper right away and it didn't dawn on me that it was anything other than leaves. BUT, after reading your and many other comments, it does indeed look like barbeque chicken for dinner :) Adorable images and your coloring is so fine!

I love all the stitching. I have one of the cutter bee's but for whatever reason I am always concerned about it being perfect. I'm going to have to pull it out and play with it more.

Its cute! But I thought they were fall leaves, not fire! lol

I love all the comments you've gotten on this card. Too funny!

The students at our school are sad that pi day is on Saturday! When it's on a school day, the math teacher's serve pie in their classrooms. I know this is done state wide here and maybe even other states as well.

I was all about the nice glittery clouds until I got to the part about fried chicken. Oh my!
My math days are much simpler. What is 4 years ago today?
03-04-05. Simple mind, simple fun. :)

LOL, I just looked at the card, and thought..."GENIUS"! It's super cute how you put it all together and now I know what's for dinner! hehe

Looks like Hot Wings tonite!! Yummy as always Anna!

What a bautiful card! Great colouring of the lovely images, fantastic paper emphasises their beauty.

Ha...I knew about Pi Day...but did NOT know about Square Root Day!! Thanks for sharing ....

Another math-lovin' friend!!

Oh my gosh! I was just reading your post and laughed so loud. Hope i didn't scare anyone! LOL!!!!! I think your card is super cute! Thanks for the chuckle!

Totally love the card even if the grass is aflaming! Yep it's square root day!

I love love love this card ... and the chicken "walking on fire" is the best!!!!!

Oh no! Chicken Pot Pi!

I still love your Chicks Aflame card even with!

I see fried chicken in the future too!! I always forget to use my tracing wheel. I get to caught up in the glitter!

Yeah for Pi Day!! As a geometry teacher, we are celebrating Pi day on that Friday with lots of pies, jokes and Pi Jeopardy!

What do you get when you divide the circumference of a bovine with its diameter?

;) Cow pi!!! LoL

I thought that was chicken I smelt!! LOL ;) Loving the white space on the card. Err...that doesn't mean I don't like the rest of the card...oh you know what I mean! Hahaha

Hi anna

This is so great - love it - made me smile!

I've still got my head in the clouds and too mesmerized to notice any stinking fire. Man I love those clouds. Shall I just out right purchase every single stamp set of yours? I think it's the only answer to my coveting your every stamp. But - shhh - don't tell my DH. There are some things that husbands simply do not have a need to know.

I just recently heard about Pi day -- it's an 'interesting' holiday ;) Never heard of square root day - that just doesn't sound fun!

TOO funny about your grass fire!!

And it almost looks like she is tip-toeing through the firey grass. Very cute card.

I like fried chicken!

Very cute! I'll say a prayer for the chicken - no TFC (Texas Fried Chicken) for this girl!!

Math holidays! Gee, I think I'd better take the rest of the day off and celebrate!

Your card is adorable! I love the glittery clouds and the grass hut with that cute little chicken but the more I look at it I fear the chicken is being surrounded by a terrible grass fire. The coloring of the leaves on the patterned paper resembles flames and I'm afraid she is going to be a fried chicken soon. : )

Anna: As always, a darling card. Thanks for the heads up on square root day! My son attended a math/science charter school for jr. high. It was the 1st time I had heard of Pi Day (3/14). We celebrated w/all kinds of pies for the kids. Fun & informative. Happy Day.

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