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Im gobsmacked....... I truely am..


Wow to have that much time on your hands. It must get boring staring at sheep all day. I guess you have to make your own fun!!

Too funny!

Wow that was totally amazing!!

I loved it! Thanks so very much for sharing. Watched it first at work where I had to 'corrupt' some other employees into watching it too!
It is amazing what those dogs can do - must give credit where it is due 'cause sheep aren't too smart!

That was so cool!!! There were tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I loved the name of the crew, too: The Baaa - Studs, lol.

We have a friend originally from Ireland who owns a sheep dog named Molly, also originally from Ireland. We dog sit Molly on occasion:) So, everytime we see these dogs (like in the video) we call them Molly-dogs, lol. Molly is a fantastic working dog. She works for a University to keep Canada geese from eating the grass and dirty-ing up the students' playing field.

Well that sure was good for a morning laugh. I can't believe the amount of time they put into that. In one way I feel bad for the sheep.
Very cute!

Wow! That's all I can say! Wow!

Wow! Someone has a lot of time on their hands! And some very good dogs!

Are you kidding? Is that for real or a trick of cameras? What a hoot! Reminds me of... what was that movie called with the pig... oh yeah, Babe. I have to show my son Avery.

Wow that video was amazing. Tiny tim might like a coat of lights to impress the girls!!! Ann Lind


Thank you from an Iowa farm girl! I have an australian shepard but no sheep to play with. Holy smokes those guys are very talented and clearly a little bored.

Becky T

How cool! I hope the lights didn't hurt the sheep!! They did a great job though!

That was fantastic! Amazing! I wonder though if it's a hoax or for real. Think you could train Tiny Tim and the gang?

Ohhh! That is just fabulous!!! too funny, wonder how long it took them to get it right..that's the best use of lights I've seen in a long time...

That was fun. I like the cat herding videos too!

LOL..thats hysterical!!!
Run for your lives Tiny Tim and friends....

OMG that was hilarious...even my 9 yr old daughter was laughing

Too funny! Oh I can just hear the people at PETA now...!

LMAO!!! That was fabulous!!! What ingenuity! Or would that be too much time on one's hands?? hehehe

OMG! If you do the chickens I want to see it! ~chris

OMG that was hilarious! Thanks for the video.

Wow! That was really cool!

I like the one that made the cheep look like a cheep. *lol* /Clinen

Oh, this was my best laugh in a while! Thanks so much, Anna and Megan :-) If you light the chickens, we want to see a video of you and Alan putting the lights ON them. hehe

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