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Hi Anna- I think we can officially call you the chicken lady! :)

love your stories.. thanks for sharing. Liz

Awwwwww!!! They are just too stinkin cute!! I don't think I could have resisted them either - especially if their living conditions were less than ideal. I'm a bit of a sucker that way. Thanks for sharing with us!

Man, they're sweet! That peeping is the BEST sound, isn't it? And they sorta look like cartoon characters pecking at the food and staggering around. I would have a hard time not squeezing them too tightly. Love it!

They are all so cute! I wouldn't have been able to resist either!

I was really proud to read your comments to my son. You really are an example on how we need to care and love our animals.

An Mary Engelbreit quote: "Sow good serices; sweet remembrances will grow from them."

Those dear wee chicks are so lucky to be in your care. I love watching them hustle and bustle around...I could watch them for ages...it's like watching fish in an aquarium. So calming!

OK Anna, I am now definitely in love with Alan. A man that will rescue baby chicks is quite a man!

It doesn't surprise me that you went back for them *smile* I could just tell by your email that it bothered you to leave them there! I'm glad you went and adopted them......very lucky little chicks!

Wow Anna, you and Alan both have hearts of gold ... I'm so happy you rescued the others! They now have the perfect parents!

OMGosh, what a bunch of cute babies to listen to...I could listen to that sound all day as well.....

I love the little stripe topped one. Here's a name for him/her..."ZT TOP", short for Zebra Top as in "ZZ ToP" Don't think they'd mind.

I just love watching your chicks! They are so adorable. You are too funny, just like a *Mama Hen*! LOL Now you must share all their names since that is half the fun with your blog.

We had bantams when I was young. They had free range of the garden area (about 1/2 acre) I'm sure they were in heaven eating all of the bugs!
They are so soft and cute when new babies

Baby chicks are so precious!

Anna, you are too funny! You probably would have rescued 24 had they been there. LOL!! I do know what you mean though. I don't think they get good care at some stores.

Love the video. We are suppose to get more snow, so are holding off getting our chick til we know the weather is going to stay nicer. Even under a heat lamp we want them to be able to roam and I can't talk DH to letting them be on the porch. LOL!!

I so love it when you have videos and pictures of the babies. Any updates on the new calves coming soon?

I think you are both so wonderful for wanting to take the rest of the chicks. I love to hear the cheep cheep, so cute! Keep us up to date with videos and photos, I so enjoy watching them.

Hi Anna ... every time you write "Peep Peep", I think you've gone and gotten some new Cavy [Guinea Pig] friends for the farm, as they too speak in ""Peep Peep"" mode =)

I'm glad all the neglected babies found a wonderful home with you and Alan ... maybe you'd consider adopting me?? Gee I don't eat much...love grains and veggies ... keep my own bum clean (LOL) and can even sing in tune, sometimes. HA HA !

A woman after my own heart, you are! :D Kudos to Alan for getting the rest of the babies! I'm so glad he fixed the light, too...they would have been so cold! Bless their little hearts...you all are just the perfect parents. You do such a good job with all your livestock. They are family, I know...that's just how farm folks are! :D

They are so cute. I love watching the videos!

You and Alan are too sweet for words. Bless you for going and getting the rest of the chicks.. I will love your pics on how they grow.... This reminds me of the school project where the kindergarten teachers used to get eggs and hatch them for a science project. One year, in Federal Way, Washington, a large egg hatched a duck. It was so cute, it would follow people down the hall. I [the school librarian] suggested the name Eugene for the duck. NO ONE GOT THE JOKE!!!!! [sometime you just have to amuse yourself] But I know you will. LOL. Love, Love, Love, your blog. I feel so connected: I grew up in Corvallis and lived in WA STATE, now in Sedona. Loved your Oregon Coast pictures the other day....thanks

Yep, I agree with the rest, I can't believe you left them there in the first place! You guys are soooo funny! I am glad they are all with their brothers and sisters. You know they were peep peeping their greetings and surprise!

Y'all are so sweet! I hope one day to have a farm, so keep teaching me about it :) TFS!!!!

Aww, I'm so glad you went back to get the others! You're a softie after my own heart.

Oh...I REALLY love Alan now :-) You guys are the best...did I call it or what about going back??? LOL You both ROCK!

They look so cute and sound so sweet! You did a good thing rescuing them all!!

I'm so glad you rescued the rest of them! They are all soooo cute!!! Lucky chickens!

If I get reincarnated as a chicken, I want to live with someone like you. :) How sweet of you to worry about those "extra" babies and to welcome them into the fold.

How did I know that would happen? When I read your last entry I thought, "She's going to get the rest. She should have just bought them all then." I would have done the same thing. Congrats!

Awww! So cute! You're a softie, Miss Anna!

OMG, I am in love :) what a brilliant video. I really wish I didn't live in the middle of a big city in the UK. I have always wanted to be on a farm, maybe one day.......

You sound like very nice people rescuing the other chicks, such a lovely thing to do.

All of them are so cute Anna!!

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