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Are you serious?! I've been longing for spring, but that is just WAY TOO HOT for this time of year. You may need to escape to Spokane and snow. :)

I'm ready for the weather to get warmer and stay that way. This one day nice and another day chance of snow it crazy. Your card is just adorable.

Seems to me that 72 tonight at 11:20 is still a bit warm. I hope it isn't the omen of a bad dry hot summer again. I live in Addison, Tx and I hate the summers as I suffer so. I love Spring however but it doesn't seem like we will have a spring this year. I noticed the bluebonnet plants are up and soon will bloom, the jasamine is in full bloom and the roses have buds! And the Bradford pears and dogwoods are already blooming here. The jonquils are beautiful. I enjoyed riding the bus yesterday so I could see all the pretty flowers. Pansies everywhere, well, i could go on,....sorry.

Yep, that's too hot for me! And that is the reason I told my hubby I would NEVER live in TX again! It was 79 here two days ago, and I almost turned on the air conditioner! I had all the ceiling fans on!! If the house hadn't been cooled in the first place, I would have had that air on! UGH, I love Spring; but summer can take a hike! :P

Trade ya---we were probably in the high 40s, maybe low 50s here in Michigan today, it was so beautiful tho'..outside most of the day.
CAn't believe you're that warm and its only March..hate to see what your July brings ya!


aahemm I take yours and you can have -20 her in northern Canada

I hear you - in the 80's and ready for the A/C here in Okla. too!

I live in southwest Missouri and today is going to be near 80 with much colder weather coming over the weekend. Typical March weather!

Trade you?!?! Its -1 in Vancouver (I think that's around 30 degrees?) but I'm not complaining - there isn't a cloud in the sky and the sun is actually shining. Plus, they've just passed a city ordinance allowing chickens in our backyards. Yeah!!!!

Lucky you 89.....

I melt in 89* weather (just like your smiley!)

I prefer it to be 60* year round.

Yeah, just go ahead and rub it in. We are having tropical weather here in Minnesota today and are looking at a high of 45 degrees. To us that is like 89 degrees. Time for flip flops, shorts and a nice warm sweatshirt.

I love the comment about the speedo for Tiny Tim. I just love the outfits you come up with for him. WE are looking at 76 degrees in my little corner. Tommorrow will be weed pulling day and garden ground breaking. YEAH!! I love the dirt as much as I love to craft and stamp.

Well, you can keep your 89 - my ideal temp is 70. I think we will have 50 today! The ice houses were pulled off the lakes last week - let the melting begin! :)

While you are looking at 89, we have the possibility of snow on the valley floor Sunday morning!
But I wouldn't switch --- this summer when we are looking at 89 (nice, comfortable), you will be looking at 100+! Yuck! I shall hug that to me while wading through rain puddles! *grin*
LOL, Manetta

Yeah..we are enjoying that 80 degree weather here too. Love it! But dread that major heat we will feel in about 2 months!:(

I hear ya...I hate the hot weather...and the cold weather. I want it to be oh 80 degrees, sunny and dry with a light breeze everday. Does that place exist 'cause I'm going if it does!

It has been below freezing all week to 43 degrees today and we are expecting almost 60 by Sunday, woo hoo!

Hey, Stamper Farm Girl, you are sure being "piggy" with those degrees. I walked outside this morning and just gulped in the spring air. It is a whopping 52 here. Left the long johns at home with the down parka and did a happy dance (no remarks!). I do however realize that winter is not yet over for me. Mother's Day snowstorms are not unheard of in my world. Hope you don't drip sweat all over your creations as I doubt that would add to them like the glass glitter does. Poor Alan. At least your fans can't smell you wilting...

Anna, I'd be happy to take some of that heat, please. Last week we did hit 60s for a few days. Apparently, that was the January thaw that we never got this year and then this past Monday over a foot of snow. We've had two winters in a row with well over the normal snow fall. Actually all of last year stunk - wet Spring and Summer. I'm sick of it all...bring on the 89 degrees...or at least a real Spring anyway, lol. Enjoy the warmth :)

I bet Tiny Tim is happy!!!! Does he have any warm weather attire? Speedo?

OK, girl, have you heard of SHARING? Can you not make a box of some sort that you could SHIP some of those temps in for me up here in the FROZEN NORTH??? I could open the box in my backyard, and some of the SIX FOOT HIGH snowbanks would actually start to MELT!
You're saying you are hot. My question is,
are you braggin' or complainin'? =D

PS did you remove Timmy's coat for today?

Anna, Anna, Anna...you my friend are evil!:) It was 40 here in MN yesterday and we thought that was amazing! But yes, this weekend we are expecting freezing rain turning to snow...oh Spring...where are you?

I used to like you. ppppfffffffttttttt.
:) :) :)

We got a little taste of it yesterday (81*) and then down to 60 today and snow predicted thru Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!

89 degrees? Wow! I cant even imagine that at this time of the year -- I live on the prairies in Central Canada ... we'll get our first 89 degree day of the year in July (hopefully). Oh well, at least spring is coming!

We're starting to forget what warm weather feels like over here in Hawaii. We've been 'freezing' our buns off for the past several weeks with blustery cold winds and temp. in the 70s. It's rainy, a wet cold and chilly nights. This is our winter weather. Brrrrr!

aaahhh, how I long for 89 degrees! It was 42 here in seattle and it feels like it could snow any minute. enjoy it you lucky, lucky gal!

I am so waiting for those temps...
we are supposed to be in the 40's
tomorrow and maybe 50's for the
weekend. That will be a warm spell
for us here in Vermont :)

I hear you, girlfriend. We were in the low 90's the other day here in So Cal. Ugh. I get so tired of the HOT weather. I had to drive down to Palm Desert today for a meeting. It was, of course, gorgeous... blue skies, stunning mountains, desert flowers blooming, but it just isn't my cup of tea. I can see why the snow birds live there in the winter, though.

You are so cruel Anna!!! haaa!! We are just coming into a bit of a "warm spell" with projected temps of +10 this weekend ~ woohooo ~ everyone will be running around in T-shirts as they'll be having Spring Fever. Earlier this week we had "Cold Alerts" out each night as the temperatures were going down below -20, WIHTOUT the windchill factored in ~ that is just wrong and too cold.

But your 89 degrees sounds ok to me, especially if the sun is out and it's not too humid. That's what sends me running for air conditioning, is when the humidity climbs and makes me feel like I need to be rung-out like a sponge :) Somewhere in the middle would be VERY acceptable for me.

Wanna switch??!! :0)

You have warmer weather there than we are having here in Florida! I finally broke down yesterday and bought some sweat pants for the cold days and nights we've been having. Of course you know that it will NOW warm up!

Ick! I'll take our 40s for the next month, thank you very much! Got to about 60 a couple days ago, almost put the top down on the car, but didnt want to have to put it back up again so soon. Snow expected tomorrow. It will be May before we thaw out completely.

Can I come live with you?! It was a balmy 0 deg here in the northeast. :)

It was 54 here in Michigan and that is pretty warm for now-I look forward to 90 so I can turn the heat down in my car.

Enough already!! Warming up here in London Ontario Canada! Into double digits (Celcius)
by Saturday!!!

Oh I'd love the heat about now..I live in winter for 8 months we don't see spring until May. We have 40mph winds and the high was 26 the low will be -11 tonight..it's cold up here..I'll send the breeze south your way or I'll try to..LOL..poor girl over 70 is to hot for me..Hope the A/C is working at your house. I feel for you..I'll give you my sympathy you deserve it..

I live smack in the middle of Nebraska and we got up to 75 degrees today!!! It was soooo beautiful! We are calving and this is the best weather to welcome those little babies into the world...but they are talking rain/snow by Saturday. Always love checking out your blog :)

LOL! I can't even fathom 89 degrees! I won't see that for months and months...unless I fly south! LOL!

oh...that sounds so nice. I have had a chill for weeks now. I'm ready for some warm spring days! We had warmer weather today but the crazy wind made it hard to have fun with. I agree with Mary D -- you are a sassy girl! :)

You poor thing! Do I feel sorry for you? Uh - no, not exactly. Nice try, though. It was 9 degrees here this morning.

You must have gotten our warm streak from last week - now we are freezing (for me anyway) - low 60's for the next 5 days!)

I {heart} warm weather - perfect for me is just about 85~

That's just not right!!! Not a week ago you were in the 30s. Take care not to get sick, that's the perfect bouncy weather for it!!

oooh, I'd never noticed this mean streak in you, LOL! would you believe it's 52 degrees fahrenheit today in michigan?! not that I'm complaining, mind you!

So jealous! Hope your enjoying your warm weather.

No freaking way!!! :) It's going to be 50s here this weekend! Finally some warmth! haha

Trade...51 here, rain, hail and gloomy!

anna.....How so not cool is that! Rubbing the nice weather in our faces....LOL! Well it is a sweltering 45 degrees in Wisconsin and that is heat wave for us! You are such a sassy girl....=)

I hope you Enjoy the warm weather. =)

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