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Hey, i have a very similar machine that i would love to get working, and was wondering if you could shed some light on how you threaded this one? I can't figure it out. Thanks

Anna this is just stunning - I love it!
I have never really wanted to sew, my mum makes all sorts and even made her own wedding dress but just lately I find myself wishing I had a sewing machine!!!
It's just since I started making cards really that I find myself wondering if i could have a go!!!


Oh My Goodness! So very Cute...
My mom has always collected them too. So I always hunted for her. Recently I got My First one to keep. Too Fun...and it Works! Thats even better... Congratulations!

oooh! I love that machine!! lucky you! and love the card too!

hey, guess what I got today!!! yeehaw!!

What a fun machine Anna! This makes me want to get out my Crafty cotton scraps! :) Hugs!

This is adorable! I love it.


I LOVE IT!!! it is so not the point that it doesn't do fancy stuff...it's the ol' fashioned slow down and have a little fun with things!

that is to DIE FOR cute!!! Where'd you get it? I want one...awesome cute card also Anna..and love the pics of the new baby..he's cute!

I have just realised mine isn't a Singer but it is a Peter Pan.

OMG, I have one of these. It is No. 1 and I have the original instruction book as well. I keep thinking about selling it as I would get around $200AUD plus for it. I have never thought about actually using it, lol. Thanks for the inspiration I am going to have a go.
Kathleen, Australia

That's awesome! Sounds like you had a lot of fun with your new toy! And the card is just amazing!! I would have never thought about combining a fabric swatch with a card! But it turned out great!

What a beautiful find, and bonus it sews. They don't make machines like the old ones the machines these days cost a fortune and are disposable. Enjoy your treasured find. Ann Lind

Awesome find - great project!

Oh my goodness, I have a machine like that but its missing a piece so doesn't sew. I looked on Ebay and could not fine one for under $80 and that one was rusted.
I do have it in my craft room to look , with fond memories of making doll clothes.
love your card as usual!

What a fabulous find! Its adorable. I didn't ever think I would call a sewing machine adorable! LOL! Perfect for card making. I love how you attached the cotton scrap to a card! Very nice.

It's a cute machine! Love the card!

How cute Anna, fun indeed!!
Lucky, lucky you!!

What a find, Anna! I've seen quilters use old Singers, but the electric version. They say they're the best. What fun you'll have with your new toy.

I never knew Singer made toy sewing machines. It is so cute.

Congrats - what a fun new (old) toy!

Anna: That is just so great. It looks like it was never used. How fun for you & a great way to continue a family collection. And, I love your card. Hugs to you & that cute new calf.

Oh now that's adorable! Love your card with that cute fabric too! Enjoy your new toy!

Too Cool! Super card and super Singer.
I think it's probably a good thing that you are a few states from Mom at the moment. As I was racing to jot you a note, I glimpsed DK's comment... What does a bad daughter in your position do to redeem herself? Sacrifice Tiny Tim to the great Northwest??

I am soooo sad now Anna! I had an antique Singer Sewing machine (my grandmother's) and in one of our many moves it did not make the move with us. I now have a Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Machine - but for the amount I paid for it I hate to use it on paper. I have always missed my old Singer - but now, after seeing your beautiful card, I miss it more than ever!

I just love your little Toy Singer
sewing machine!! I really enjoy
being able to add fabric to the
cards...Your card is Beautiful!!

How fantastic is THAT!! Love the card too. Glad you had such a fun time at CHA!

Oh, Anna, that is the coolest thing EVER! I LOVE it!!! I adore antiques, and you certainly found a TREASURE! I bought an antique pinking "machine" on ebay a while back, after seeing one on someone's blog. It's the neatest thing! I, too, had to clamp it to the table! It makes the nicest pinked edges! :D Things like this are SO much fun...thanks for sharing your new toy with us! :D

What a cool addition to your other "toys":)

Love your little Singer and your card-that scrap is gorgeous. Enjoy your new toy!

That is really cute! My mom stills has her hand crank Singer toy sewing machine that was hers when she was a child. Maybe she'll let me borrow it. Love your card too! And the pics of the calf were too sweet! How's he doing today? ~ Cindy

Beautiful card and I LOVE the looks of the old Singer! Fun!

How cool is that machine!!! I wouldn't care if it sewed or not, I would just sit and stare at it and that would bring me joy.

It is fun and your card is perfect!! I had an old converted electric Singer for the longest time. I made quilts, maternity clothes, bibs, all kinds of stuff on it. When I took it to the Bernina man once a year for its tune-up, he would always wax eloquent about it. I believe he had a crush on it! My MIL still has that machine. We'll never get rid of it, even though we have thousands of dollars of Berninas!

Super cute Singer!! How fun! Great card too :)

Love it! What a wonderful find.

You always find the coolest stuff!!! I am definitely not shopping in the right places! LOL! Love how this card turned out! BEEEEEAUTIFUL!

Oh my gosh, I received a singer when I was a child and still have it. Never thinking to get it out for my cards. Can't wait to try it. Love your beautiful card!

Oh my goodness, that is so awesome! I'd be loving it had it been my find!!!! LOL I also just LOVE your card.

What a fantastic find, Anna. I would love to know what year it was made. Your card is gorgeous.

How cute!

that is pretty neat. i love how it looks. and that it works...WOW!

OMW, I am so jealous....this is incredible, I didn't even know such a thing was ever made!

LOL!! That IS fun!

How cute! My cousin collects old sewing items including toy sewing machines! She would be aghast seeing you sewing on paper even if it does have fabric on top! HA Cute card, too!

I got goosebumps when I saw the heading of your post! I also have a toy Singer, but it's a lot newer. I had it in the early 60s, it was given to my younger cousins, and I got it back a few years ago. Just this night I decided to move it from the corner where it's been gathering dust. I'll try to make a card and post it later.

Anna, That little machine is so COOL! and it works!!! your card is just beautiful (as always). Sorry I missed you at CHA.

Mom is PO'd you got one first! she's been lookin and waitin and you beat her to it, bad bad daughter! love & kisses .......Dad

Wow Anna. That is so cool...a hand cranked machine! Makes the card even more special!

What a beautiful antique machine! Your photos so clearly show its beauty and I'm just green with envy! I love what you did with the Crafty Secrets fabric. Congratulations and enjoy your new toy! You deserve it.

How totally fun!

Oh that is SO COOL! And look at the amazing stitches! Does this mean you'll quit faux stitching? I hope not!

Wow! This is neat. I love it and can't believe that it works - how fun.

that's so fun Anna! What a fun machine, and the card is beautiful too!

How stinkn' cute is that Anna! Love it! Your little singer is adorable and you are right....it is FUN! Thanks for sharing!

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