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this is adorable. one of my new favs is a whippersnapper frog, I made a card the other day with it. I think its your design??

Love your blog

I love this card... and this stamp set.

I finally broke down and bought a light tent with two lights... just a small set-up for about $50 on eBay (there are LOTS for sale on eBay). It definitely helps, although unfortunately, it doesn't make me a better photographer! LOL

This is super fun! I am in love with this little frog image. Must have, must have! :)

This is adorable and makes me think of the story I just read to my son last night called "Fish is Fish." It is a story about a tadpole and a fish that are friends, till the tadpole turns into a fish and live out of the water. The the fish tries to join him on land and realizes "frogs is frogs, and fish is fish." LOL!

Adorable card!

This is adorable, Anna! That little fish put a huge smile on my face!!!

I love the subtle dots on the froggy and the sand (colorless blender maybe?)! The stamps are terrific with your additions of hill, water, and wiggle marks. (And they blend so well with the stamps . . . . It looks just like the original artist drew them. :) )

I'll be smiling all day! Hugs.

I always admire your penchant for coloring images. I really do love how you paired your colored image with the bold pattern paper as a back drop. Absolutely fantastic!

Hey girlfriend...if it is caffiene that makes u produce cute stuff like this..drink more! lol...adorable...ty for sharing..from one caffiene addict to another! CHer

I totally love this card! I needed to smile today!

I keep eying this set - drooling, actually. I love the scene you've made with these two little darlings!

I love your cards...they are always so cheerful! I love Mr. Frogs big feet!!

Awwww, what a great scene you made. SOOOOOO CUTE!

You make happy cards. Love them all.

Oh Anna, the scenarios you create are just AWESOME! I would love to be inside your head for a day, and have the creativity you possess!!! I LOVE this card, and the GREAT colors and intensity...just perfectly wonderful! Thanks for sharing your incredible talent with us :D

Your scene looks like it came as a set! I want whatever you were drinking :)

I love this!

Too cute!! I love the smile on the froggy's face!

So cheery and cute!

Oh, what an adorable scene! Love this card!

You crack me up too! This little frog is on my wish list...waiting for a little repreive in the economy.
Awesome job with the card! As usual, I LOVE IT!!!!

I just love the fish how cute. The colors are so pretty and just a fun looking card.
Thanks again for the whimsy fun..

Precious! PRECIOUS! I tell you. I just love this card, your choice in stamp sets, the added details that complete the scene and your exquisite coloring.

It puts and 'insta' SMILE on my face! Love the colouring ... so cheery and bright!

Makes me smile. A great way to start my day. Love this card.

This is just the cutest card!! Love your coloring and the images are so cute!

you make the cutest cards you are a stampen goddess i love the little frogs face give the chickens a hug from me

I can see why you were laughing! It really looks like the fish is thanking the frog. I can only thing its for not eating him! LOL I love your little water doodles too. Gorgeous design and so funny!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this card. It makes me smile and gives me a happy feeling. When you get a second could you just send me a smidgen of your creative talent? I'll pay postage!

awesome! love all the details and shading!!!

Adorable card!!!

So very cute!!

too cute it made me smile

Makes me laugh too!!!

Makes me laugh too!!!

So bright and cheery!!! LOve it!


Adorable! Love the images!

OMG Anna - love it! So funny!!! 8)


Love the colors in this one. Your cards are awesome!

Lovely card :o) Put a smile on my face in the morning

Very pretty card Anna .... do you think you could teach me how to just "Doodle in some ground, water, and little splashes"? HA! Yaaa, as if =)

And where do you get this amazing STASH of buttons you continuely show us? They are fantastic.

You are too funny. I love it!

this is just adorable! makes me smile!

What an adorable card. The color's are amazing. This card is all about smiles. Truly an adorable card. TFS and for putting a smile on my face.

love the little froggie!! He is too cute!

Super cute! I just love that little fish, it just makes me smile. Love the doodled water as well. You always manage to make everything so perfect!

This cracks me up! I love your sense of humor, Anna!

This would put a smile on anyone's face!! Love the image you created and your coloring rocks!

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