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lol.. this is so cute! Great minds.. right? lol

This makes me wish I had kept all my crafting stuff - I gave all of it away when I realized that I was just into card making - but now paper crafting is swinging back to the stuff I use to use all the time. Oh well if I had kept it all - I would have had to bought a house just to keep my crafting stuff in - LOL! Beautiful project!

Oh my! This is fabulous Anna! What a sweet bird! I'll have to check Mike's for some of these cutouts! I'm the same way about paper! I'm afraid to use it...lol! This is a beautiful print and I love the wood grain in the background! Thanks a bunch for sharing with us! :D

Oh, shoot. Meant to also say that this project is GAAAAAAW-JUS, girlie! And our Starlit inspires me, too!

*chuckle* I often think immediately of you, when I see purdee papers such as those by Daisy D! Then, I sigh, and feel all happy. And, I buy it. And I horde it. And sigh again. ROTFLMBO! *chinkle* Love-love you, Anna!

A fellow paper hoarder! hee!!!! I covet that Daisy D paper you introduced me to way back when - I absolutely LOVE it - design/weight/everything. LOVE YOUR BIRDIE!!! You have such amazing style and approach everything with such grace!!

Great project, love it! I understand compleatly, I too hoard paper, I can not explain it either.

This is incredible, Anna!! Beautiful paper and I love that wire!

Oh MY!!! This is adorable....I always love the "other" projects you come up with...always so beautiful & creative!

What a Fabulous and Super Cute project!! I love the paper you've used!!

Way cute, Anna! I love your projects! Great job creating a wing out of the tin heart.

Ahhhh! This little bird is the cutest! I hope she flies my way someday! Thanks so much for sharing her with us!

This is just super cute! Again with the buttons! Love the simple touches you add to your projects that really make them "you"!

ooo' I saw these at Michael's yesterday and picked them up, put them back, picked them up, and then put them back because my alterable supplies (ModPodge, etc) are packed away. Silly me for not just buying them anyway. dang, but this is CUTE!

I just love your little "ornaments". Each one is just so special!! And this guy is awesome!!

How sweet! I love that paper too and have some in my stash.

I love your bird decoration! Gorgeous work again! You amaze me!

I adore this project! I have this paper and am hoarding it as well. Is it true that Daisy D's is no more? I keep hearing that and I just can't wrap my mind around how such a thing could happen!!

Anna, this is wonderful. You continue to amaze me with your visions. You have such a knack for stacking various bits together and creating masterpieces. Thanks for sharing.

Really love this bird - I actually thought that you stamped those faint images on the paper when I first looked at it! You are such an enabler because now I'm going to have to go to Michaels and try some on my own.

ANNA! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bird!!! How cute...it's just perfect! The paper is fantastic, and the way you decorated it is awesome...what great colors! You found some great things in town! Can't wait to see more! :D

Love the Birds--birds are just one of the hottest things going right now. Very, very cute. Thanks for sharing where you got these. It's off to Michaels to give a look see.

Great find w/great results! I have that paper also & love it!

That is the cutest bird! I have that very same paper hidden away somewhere, so I think it's something that all papercrafters do from time to time. I just do it too much of the time! LOL

This is totally adorable!!! I must make a trip to Michael's soon!! I always enjoy my visits to your blog!!

Love that bird! I will have to go back to Michaels now and check them out. Thanks for the idea!

Hi Anna!! I love these birds too. I bought the birds and the hearts while I was at Michael's.. I posted the heart a bit ago as a magnet... I love this paper as well... I will have to see what paper I have to make my birdie look half as good as yours.


Hi, my name is Kerry and I'm a paper hoarder. I think we need a 12 step program. One thing I have started doing with paper that I'm afraid I'll never be able to replace is to scan it. Printing it out doesn't always produce and exact replica though but it's better than not having it at all. Now if I could just force myself to use the originals!

I ahve been following your blog for about 6 months now...you are such an inspiration!! I have seen sooo many wonderful ideas, you are a crafter after my own heart. I also love it when you post pic's of life on the farm ( chicken's ,cows, etc.). I don't usually post a comment, but I felt like I needed to let you know how wonderful it is to read your blog each day. Thanks again, Leslie in North Carolina

MMMMM... that is so cute... I bet it will look awesome in your kitchen. Maybe you should make one though to gussy up Tiny Tim's abode. Might remind him of his momma (well besides you!)...

This is so pretty! I love Daisy D's, too, and tend to hoard it. You can bet I'll be looking for wooden shapes next time I go to Michaels!

This is adorable! I can see why you were hoarding that paper. Love it!

Cute Chickie, Chickie! I gawk over at Starlit Studio, too, and Cindy does a great job of adding "Anna Flavor" to some of her projects. Must say that I do like those silhouette stamps. First saw them at Tosha's place and thought ~ hot dang! can that cowboy be far behind?

I love all of your chickies!! This is a really cute fun one. TFS!

You always do such an amazing job with these! I can totally see why you were hoarding this paper. I'm sure I would do the same. Hope it looks great in your kitchen.

Very Cute1 Love the way you used the heart for a wing!

Oh is this ever darling, I totally Love it!!

I've already been to Michael's the past two days in a row. Looks like I need to make a 3rd trip! Too stinkin' cute . . . as always :0)

Anna, I wish I could go shopping with you or at least just your eye (for possibilities)! I would have walked right by this bird and you've turned it into a great piece of art. I absolutely love it. I'm going to have to slow down and pay more attention when I'm out in the craft shops.

This chick is adorable and I am just like you - I have this same Daisy D line of paper and love it. I have used it and don't have much left. I made an adorable chipboard book of some of my daughter's college years with it and gave it to her for her birthday last year. (by the way, she has the same birthday as you Anna). I guess I was able to use it because I knew I could see the paper again if I want to! Wish they'd put that line back out.

Wow, that came out gorgeous!! Love the heart and red bow - a perfect finishing touch.

What a cute little bird! And beautiful paper, it was worth the wait to use it. I understand what you mean, because I also buy the paper and then don't want to use it and run out of it. :)

Very sweet little bird - I just might have to go see if my Michael's has them!!! :)

Very cute. Love the dp too. Your ideas always interest me.

This is soooo cute! I love your country creations!

Hang on. Need to get myself off the floor and back into my chair..... okay, next time you decide to knock me off my chair with your artwork like that, uh, a little warning, please?

This is adorable, Anna!

Anna,I think I need to run to Michaels and pick up a few of these. The bird is oh so sweet.
I love the rustic look and seem to believe even I can do this.

Anna what a cool project! I love to make one....just curious where do you buy your tin hearts?? I have not seen those in Michaels.

I was just at Michaels today. Darn. Looks like I'm going back tomorrow! This is just wonderful. And, may I ask, where do you get the rusty/rustic wire?

Hey Anna .... These wooden shapes are so sweet :) They certainly don't look like wood and paper ~ they look like they are fluffy and stuffed with something soft :)

And I'm really REALLY loving all this wire work you are doing lately ~ makes the project rustic and unique ~ just like you, my little Cluck Cluck :)) heheheheee

This bird is just adorable and just love the paper you used. I just love yourcreative style.

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