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I love this, I did the same thing...she's naked as a jay bird, or jay moose, or whatever...she's naked....love it! Maybe she could borrow Tiny Tim's coat!

Big hugs,

Oh my I love this sneek peak!!! I SO wanna soak my feet too!!! Been chasin bad guys all week....combat boots make your feet TIRED....

I could really use some of the same treatment as Riley. Love the pop of cheery green. Green is such a happy color.

Oh I definitely could use a nice foot soaking...I'm jealous of Riley. I love the pop of cheery green...green is such a happy color.

Ahhhhh, that looks good! Love your coloring and that fun polka-dotted paper and bright green button!

Such a cute card!! Love this simple layout!

Love Riley and this card is fantastic Anna!

Very cute! I wish I were doing that right now! Hmmmm!

Sooooo cute!!!

Love this!

What an adorable Riley! I don't think I've seent that one before!! Love it!!

I feel your pain, Anna! I was just thinking yesterday it's time for a spa day, and this card convinces me. I'm wiped out! LOL

Ha!! This is adorable....I don't think I've seen this Riley before....must...have....him.. GREAT job as always!

This is absolutely adorable Anna!!!!


Thank you for the information on the mysterious green light on my photo! I was so excited that you visited!

I think this card is adorable. I love the ribbon coming off the side of the card- so cute!

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