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Ohhhh, poor T-Tim!! Why is he nekkid? Is he molting? Do chicks molt like birds? That's probably a stupid question after I read what I typed, LOL!

Tiniy Tim needs Rogain for Roosters.
Love the pictures.

Oh my gosh, I think I would scream if the one was pecking at my toes. Actually I rarely wear sandals or flip flops so it would likely never happen.

I just love you animal posts! Don't get me wrong, I still love my stamping, but the animals are so fun! They give me inspiration for my barnyard stamps. I especially like Tiny Tim and the silkie one. Adorable!

I love your chicken pictures, in fact all the farm animals look great when you picture them!
thanks so much for sharing, I rarely see any animals other than my chihuahua and friends dogs and cats.

LOL, I love the farm animals and Tiny Tim brought a smile to my face that I really needed. Thank you for sharing your wonderful friends.

Why does your Tiny Tim remind me of Don Knotts?

I used to have a pet chicken that looked EXACTLY like your Gretta when I was growing up. Her name was Sidney. I carried that crazy chicken around all the time - played with it. She wasn't much fun to play with but I didn't really care at that age. I was completely destroyed when my mom gave her the same fate as the rest of the chickens we were raising. :(

Great pictures.

Oh, that Tiny Tim is hysterical! Just look what he's done to that beautiful coat you made him! It now reminds me of Friar Tuck's robe. I really like the "Silkie" and if that's the color she stays, she'll always look and feel like a spring chick :)

Oh that poor Tiny Tim...I really do hope he gets some feathers back! Great pics!

Oh my goodness Chicken pictures!!! I just love them all more more please..LOL..I'm a nut for Chickens and Roosters. Thank you Thank you for the picture share today..LOL..I wish my hubby would change his mind about raising chickens..What does Dustin mean..

Always a pleasure to see your critters. Tiny Tim look hilarious! - Oh and Houdini is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

I think you have such a talent for capturing the best of the best!

These are wonderful shots!
I have a big smile on my face!
All of these bigs are just toooooo cute!



Oh, what a nice bunch of ladies! (and gentlemen!) Thanks for the great pictures...I love hearing and seeing how they are doing! It has to be so much fun to be YOU! Take care, and have a wonderful week! :D

Tiny Tim reminds me of Rusty the Rooster from one of my favourite shows growing up as a child; The Friendly Giant (a Canadian children's TV icon). Here's a pic:


Thanks for this fond memory! =)

I love your Tiny Tim updates! Glad to see that he is doing well in his winter coat. He would make a very cute stamp.

Poor Tiny Tim looks like he needs a neck warmer too! Such cute, cute chickies!! The silkie does look very soft!

All your chicken photos are wonderful....I'm in love with your little "Toe Picker"!! :)

Tiny Tim might be featherless but he's still a cutie! I love the random chicken portraits!

He HE !! Anna what amazing photos and can't believe Tiny Tim let's you put his jacket on - it's just amazing to see!!
And cute 'lil toe picker aww bless!!

Love it!


I always LOVE your cards...but I always get a special grin when you post pics of the animals on the farm!

Poor Tiny Tim! He has such a sad crop of feathers (or no feathers)! Does he still try to back out of his coat? Does he still hiccup after he crows?

Toe Picker's name is so funny! You and Alan choose the greatest names! I would like to feel her fluff.

Thanks for the beautiful photos! By the way, is photography your day job, or do you work for a company?

love the pic's - tiny tim is absolutely adorable!

Oh poor Tiny Tim. I was telling someone about him the other day. What a hoot he is. Makes me LOL every time I see him. -Molly B

Poor, bald Tiny Tim...maybe he needs rogaine? LOL

Have you ever seen the Disney film Dinosaur? Tiny Tim reminds me of Zini the lemur. He thinks he's such a ladies man . . .too funny. The movie is actually pretty good (from a Mom's point of view) if you are sitting around with nothing to do . . .right!

Tiny Tim - TOO funny!

Oh my gosh, Tiny Tim is a hoot!!! And I agree... I wouldn't want to be on Gretta's bad side! LOLOLOLOL Oh, how I love your chicken pictures.

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