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congrats we just had are highlander calf 2 months a go calfing is allways stressful iam glad every thing went well

Precious! I love all the pictures that you share with us.

He's very cute! I want to see you make him a cape and top hat for his disappearing act!

He is so adorable! Just wanna come down there and give him love and snuggles!

He's the height of a beagle. Houdini is very cute.

He is a bitty button, isn't he?! And as adorable as all-get-out! I love it when you get a new baby and post pictures for us to enjoy. Thank you!

Cute, Cute, cute. Thanks for sharing your farm with all of us!!!!

Pam J.

You really have a knack for photoshooting, that's for sure! What great pics. They're adorable! :)

He's a little doll! You can kind of get a feeling of his size in the photo with his mama. I love his coloring!!!

What a cutie!

He's so darn cute! Congrats!

Anna, I am in San Antonio visiting my DD and I missed all this, he is darling. We have 9 about to hit the ground. This just makes me anxious for it to start. Love his coloring and I am sure his momma didn't mind him being small(grin).

Perfect name for him! He is just adorable.

Oh my goodness, he is cute, cute, cute!! Houdini does seem to be the perfect name considering he disappears so often:)

He's so stinkin' cute! Love the name. As for size, maybe he and Tiny Tim will become best of friends!

Granted I'm not familiar with cows but to me he looks sooooo adorable. Love the picture with mama (at least I'm assuming that is Chick in the last photo).

He's so beautiful. Thank you for sharing him with us! I was just thinking about Tiny Tim this morning too.

~ Cindy

Wow, I love your farm life posts. Yours is the first blog I visit and whether its a card, paper craft or farm life (especially the animals) my day starts out with a smile.

Thank you!

PS How is Tiny Tim.

What a sweet boy he is! And I'm still giggling imagining you showing up at the vet with a calf in your purse...LOLOL

He is so cute and I love the name Houdini. Maybe spring is coming soon since babies are being born!

What an awesome name Anna and he is SO cute!!! TFS!!

WOW, That IS a small calf!

I thinki each time you post a new baby that it has to have the cutest face ever and then you have new ones. The faces of each one seems cuter than the one before. This baby is darling. He looks ornery!

Well Anna you had me laughing again about your animals ~ the "pig snout" is bang-on, especially in that one photo :) Is there such a thing as a "miniature" calf?

He's just so darn cute I could eat him up ~ OOOops, that's not the right thing to say in the presence of a calf, is it? lol Just assure Mr. Houdini, that I eat very very little red meat, so he's safe with me .

It's wery kind fotos! Thanks!

What a sweetie I made the Houdini comment before I read everyone elses comments funny how we all settled on that name. If you are taking him to the vets in your purse you had better put that new machine to work and make a hefty size purse and a little weight training to carry it might be in order. I envy you your babies thanks so much for sharing. Ann Lind

Oh, he's SO beautiful! But I do see the pig snout resemblance~~LOL I would love to love on him...how sweet he must be! I'm so jealous of anyone that has baby cattle! :D I really do need to get me a pet cow...

He's so cute! TFS:)

Oh Anna, he is just soooo... adorable- Can I have him??? Houdini is the perfect name for this cute little fella!

Houdini is so perfect! He kept pulling the 'ole disappearing act on his first day of life...how fitting!

Thanks for the pics...it put a big silly grin on my face! =D

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