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Too funny!

That is just sooo funny! LOL!

Anna that's hilarious!!

oh - I still cringe at seeing poor Dixie in that condition. . .

Ok, this was very funny!! I hadn't seen that post and didn't know poor Dixie had that problem last year. LOL

Thanks for the Friday chuckles, Anna. Did you convert that "searcher" to stamping do ya think?? Hope you and Alan have a very Happy Valentines Day and a scratch to Mister Farley, too.

And people think life on a farm is boring!

Totally funny! Reminds me of what happened when I posted my video of a whale-sighting on YouTube. I named it Whale Tail, but when I did a search to see if my video showed up, I got pics of women's rear ends with their jeans slung so low you could see the thongs they were wearing! Ewwww! I changed the title, but I think any mention of a whale gets you either those hideous thongs or the spoiler on the back of a car (also called a whaletail) :(

Wow what a great stat that is!
such fun..

hahahaha. You make me laugh.. It is always so refreshing to come to your blog and read your pots and now see how people are looking for your blog, oh my.. that was so funny..

Thank you for always put an smile in my face..

BTW: I received my new stamps ( your new collection) from WS and I loove it!!. Specially the bug inside the glass.. Hilarius!


LIM :))

ROTFLMAO!!!!!That is HILARIOUS! Thanks for the early morning giggle!

It's funny, yet it's gross at the same time...lol!

That is hysterical! What fun to check every so often and see what's related to your blog...too funny! I can see why you are LYAO!!!
It's snowing here already...we're supposed to get 6" or so...sounds like I should be stamping today, huh?! :D

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