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Thanks Anna for all the interesting info. I have always wondered about double yolkers and now I know. Thanks again.

Cool...thanks for sharing all the egg info. I just started buying cage free organic eggs a few months ago. First because I like the idea that the animals are treated humanely and have to be happier! Second because they are packed in this super cool plastic carton (recyclable!) that has egg shaped top and bottom and I use it as palettes for the kids when they paint! I think it will be a great project piece too...hmmm...

Awwww...can I adopt Houdini? He can live in the house and sleep in the bed. He is SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!

Thanks for sharing all the egg info. I learned so much!

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

You are totally right on about farm fresh eggs! Once you've had them, it's hard to go back to store bought.

Thanks for taking the time to answer all those questions, many of which I had thought about in the past. I hope I can someday try a farm fresh egg. I sure don't look at eggs the same way since I "met" you!

I just LOVE when you post pics of the farm babies, its always so interesting and your photos are the best! Love to hear about the eggs,etc. also...Keep it up, I check your blog every day, sometimes twice!!

Fun and interesting to learn about the different chickens and their eggs. Thanks for sharing.

I can also attest to the increased flavor of the eggs. We also love the fact that they are fed a good diet. Well worth the $$.

Oh, this takes me back. My grandma used to feed the chickens potato peels.

Lovely pictures, as always. The little bull is very CUTE!

Can you ship your eggs? I would love to buy some and try your beautiful farm fresh eggs. I do buy cage free/organic eggs from the store, but I bet they are NOTHING like yours!!

Anna, I love reading about Houdini and the goats and farm life. Off and on I get the chance to play "farmer" on my BIL's heifer raising farm in upstate New York. It is a feeling second to none to be working with nature this closely--it's a hard life on an everyday--little or no vacation days--basis! Thanks for sharing.

all I can say is WOW! You do all that "farm work", design stamps, take photographs, make cards, do illustrations, maintain this blog and do things I am sure I have forgot to mention. DO you ever sleep?

Abbam I love reading your farm posts and seeing the pictures of the animals. The egg questions were interesting. I absolutely love your Party Donkey and Riley cards.

So do they actually eat the potatoes or just "kill" them? :0)

I didn't know that chickens would like potatoes! I have learned something today! How fun to watch them hunt their treats...it must be a sight to see!
Thanks for sharing your hens with us..they are precious! :D

I agree, the yolks are brighter! And according to my boys, who had fried ham and eggs for dinner, they're DELICIOUS!! :)

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