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ooooo Houdini is SOOOOOOOO gorgeous you could squish him! In a good way of course :D xxxx

I LOVE when you share farm photos... my favorite posts are usually those ones (though I LOVE all the cards and other crafty things too). Thanks for sharing this part of your (farm) life with us!

Hi Anna ~ thank you SO much for taking all the new farm animal pics!

Houdini is SOOoooo cute ~ how could you not want to grab and kiss that wet nose? :)~

Your one goat ~ Maggie ~ looks like she's getting ready to give you a *GOOSE* up your butt!! LOL
((I even enlarged her pic to see if there were any visible horns on her head. ha!))

Could he be any cuter?! Do you ever kiss his nose? I would...gross, but I would!

Ok I thought Tiny Tim was my favorite of your animals but Houdini has stolen my heart. I just want to scratch that little spot right between his eyes! My cows used to love that. Maybe he will be like a dwarf bull, kind of like the dwarf goats, same as the big ones but littler! That would be so cool if he could stay little can cute forever. Isn't that the way with most baby animals though. Have a great day. Keep the Houdini photos coming. -Moly B

I love your website! I look it up almost every day to see pictures of the animals. I am in awe of your pictures. I wish my camera (or is it me) could take pictures just as vibrant. I enjoy looking at your cards too but I get excited about the pictures. I am not a big animal person but looking at your site makes me want to have some. Cheryl

I just wanna HUG Houdini! He looks SOOOOO soft and sweet! When I was 12 I started working @ a livestock auction and my FAVORITE part of it was when they'd let me walk the calves around the pen! They would suck on my fingers and butt me with their little heads...it was the BEST! They were SOOOO soft and sweet!

Oh my gosh! Houdini is such a cute little fellow, thanks for sharing the photos! Now the goat, that's another story. I have a vivid memory of being booted down a flight of steps by a goat (long story). I was in kindergarten and they had lots of animals, including goats. I still remind my mom of that incident, as she was the one who said "go ahead, they won't bother you!" LOL! I am sure your goats are much nicer!

Houdini has the cutest little face! He looks so hugable!!

What a great bunch of photos you got! I watched the video again...wow, 102 degress back in Aug. Right now I would settle for half of that in MI. Keep the photos snapping!

He is soooo cute!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! What a face!!! :) I am in love!!! ;) Too bad I live in town, and no longer on acerage! hmmmmmm.......
Thanks for the update to the cutie patootie named Houdini!!

Thank you for the Houdini update! I love all the photos from the farm.

I had been wondering about Houdini!!
Wow he's mighty fine and certainly looks like a real character!!


OMG! He is just THE cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!! I love when you share all the photos of your "family"-I wish I lived near by so I could see them in person....but your gorgeous photos will just have to ;)
Thank you for sharing with us!!! They always bring a smile to both my face and my daughter's!!!

Houdini just keeps getting cuter and cuter. He is quite handsome. That was the first thing that struck me about him when I saw his photos on this post - how handsome he is.

Houdini is so cute he should be starring in a movie or something.

Maybe he thinks he's a dog??? hahahaha

WHAT is the baby doing chewing on a stick?! He'll break his little teeth! I can just imagine this tiny little bull racing around the barnyard--so cute! Love that sweet face. Too funny that your goats get too close to photograph!

He is just so lovable with that face looking up at you. Thanks for the update.

Oh, I just love this little calf!!! I just want to give him a great big smooch!! He looks like he's just a fun guy to be around.
Thanks so much for sharing your animal stories with us. I really do appreciate it. It always makes me smile! (except when it's sad news)
Love your blog!!

Well, couldn't you just squeeze the stuffing right out of him!! OMG, that face is to die for ~ CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!! Phenomenal pictures as always :)

What great photo's!!!! Makes me feel like we are a part of the farm too.

Anna: Thanks for the Monday morning smiles. Houdini is just so darned cute. He seems like a big puppy. My sister-in-law has a couple of little goats I'm dying to go see, they sound very fun also.

I have to admit that this is THE cutest little cow I have ever seen!

I was a bit traumatized by the enormous, gigantic, gargantuan cows that I saw at the state fair last year. For gosh sakes! They were as big as elephants...I mean it. I had only ever seen a more rounded fuzzy looking cow hanging out in a field by the side of the road. I can't remember what these bad boys were for - milk or beef - but their hip bones were taller than me. They really did freak me out...can ya tell?! (And they had humongous eyeballs too!!) Aaahh...if only they could stay young and cute - ain't that the way with all baby animals...and kids? Kidding! hee hee

Houdini is so darn cute. Makes you want to give him a big hug. Thanks for sharing your pictures of your farm animals. I do enjoy them.

He is so adorable! I just wanna hug and pet him. If he was mine and hubby wasn't at home, I think I would try to make a house pet outta him. Well, if e could be ptty trained. You are so lucky to live in the country and to have so many animals and they are so lucky to have loving people look after them.

He has the cutest little kid face doesn't he? These pictures are darling! ~ Cindy

OH MY WORD- Houdini is just too stinkin' cute!!!! I really enjoy seeing the pictures of the animals. I sometimes think "I should buy a farm". But I know there's a lot of stuff that isn't "cute" about it day-in and day-out so the reality part keeps me from acting on that impulse.

I AM IN LOVE...WITH HOUDINI! I SWEAR THAT IS THE CUTEST CALF I HAVE EVER SEEN! I'M SURE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS CONTRIBUTE, BUT HE IS SO ADORABLE...I CAN'T STAND IT! IF I WERE MORE HEALTHY, I SWEAR I WOULD DRIVE DOWN TO TX JUST TO HUG HIM! I'm sure I sound like a psycho, but I love cattle like you love chickens! OMGosh, he is just SO beautiful! Thanks for the great pictures. . . :D

Houdini is such a cutie...love the tongue hangin' out. Did he just finish up a round of running? Great pictures!

Houdini is so adorable! I absolutely love his color:)

I have a couple of chicken questions. We also keep chickens, and I was wondering where you order your chicks. We have always used Murrey McMurrey, but I'm sure there are other good ones. Also, we have never had a hen set her eggs. I just thought that trait was bred out of them. How do you get yours to do it? Thanks, Cindy

Houdini is the cutest little babe. He even can imitate Elvis. har harrr har

I just want to hug up your Houdini. I'm sure he's not as snuggly as he looks in the pictures! And his beautiful coat can't smell as yummy as fuzzy coats look in pictures!

Thank you for the wonderful photo's. I needed a nice smile tonight. Our Husky passed away this afternoon and my heart broke into many pieces but your photo's sure helped me feel the love of life again..Thank you..

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