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Hi Anna, I didn't get to read them all so don't know if anyone suggested this: HAY!! No Bull, Missing your Birthday has made me Udderly MOO-dy.

How about "Oh Cow Patties! I missed the party!"
Very cute card!

I'm such a Heiffer for forgettin your Birthday!

You have so many clever commenters, love all of them except I hate the mad cow rererences,
I wish I had a cow friend with a past birthday to make a card for.

thanks for the wonderful cow card.

Love this card! How about . . .
Sorry I missed your birthday but it's been UDDER chaos here!

**NO peeking, shaking or MOOVING this package 'TILL THE BIG DAY!**

*Why do the presents have to wait 'till after the MOOgician?*

Cud happens...Birthdays happen...MooVE ON!

Holy Cow!
Another Birthday?

this is too funny!! I love all the suggestions!! of course can't think of anything on my own now...

Sorry- it's udder-ly ridiculous that I missed your birthday!

So many clever ones already...this card is just too cute! Love your coloring!

I have NO clue why this came to my mind...
"Damn, I missed the bus...sorry I missed you birthday."


hope you have a MOOvelous Day

Here is the IMMEDIATE thing I thought of ~ good or back .......

"Birthday's Suck!"

Hehehehehe I adore this grumpy-looking cow :)

Cute card - I like all the ideas above me!

Okay so for whatever reason, I didn't think of missing a birthday at all. I think it looks perfect for another person you may share a birthday with. Okay so there may not be a lot of need for that, but that's what I was thinking.
So I thought it would be cute to say something like, Don't feel like celebrating...without you. Hope your birthday is happy.
I don't know, maybe that's far too corny.
Sweet card though.

Hay, Party till the Cows come home!

"How come you look so good at your age and I look like such a COW?"


The one that comes to mind...
"Milk Me!"

How about?

No Bull (outside)

I just wanted to wish you a mooish birthday.

you could adapt it for another time for someone moving house and saying goodbye

sorry youre mooving...you will be missed.

sorry no ideas, as the ideas for bithday so good already.

I love this card. Your coloring is so great! Adorable card!!!

I can't let an utter day go by without wishing you a Happy Birthday!

p.s. Your coloring is fabulous!!

Anna! What a cute card!!

How about, "oh man, I missed the bus to your Birthday Party. I'm soooooo disappointed. Hope it was fun."

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

All dressed up and nowhere to moo.

I love your sentiments and this grumpy cow! Fab coloring! Here are two corny messages:

'In such a stew,
I can't even moo.
Are you feeling blue,
Since I missed your do?

Inside: Happy Belated Birthday!'

'So sorry about moo-sing your birthday!'

I'm a product of the 60s. I remember when everyone used the term, "Don't have a cow!" How about, "Don't have a cow! I'm ALWAYS late!" LOL! That's what everyone would expect from me. :)

How about, "I'm in UDDER shock that I missed the party"

That is just the cutest card. This old farm girl isn't very good with puns but here goes:

Happy MooDay to you
Happy MooDay to you
Happy MooDay Dear Friend
Happy MooDay to you.

I'm having a cow because I forgot your birthday.

Hey big fella--what's in the box?

LOL My sentiments are not so "nice"...I think I'd be tempted to say
"Aw, Crap! I missed your birthday!"

Sorry, just saw Jacque's after I posted.

Beautiful card! How about: Sorry to be a party pooper, I missed your birthday!

"oh Cud! I missed all the cake, didn't I?" :)

You have ALOT of great suggestions Anna!! Love this cute card, hope you find that just right saying. :)-Michelle W.

I like the first one you listed. This is so cute!

[email protected]

How about " I herd I moossed your birthday!"
Love that pouty face! Any of your cows pout like that??

hehehe! I couldn't resist leaving a comment today! How about "Ahhhh, cow dung! I mooooooo-ssed your birthday!"

:D Love the card Anna!

I'm not very good at funny sayings but here's my go at it -

*I'm at an udder loss as to how I missed your birthday. Hope it was a fun and mooo-ving celebration!*

Oh too cute! How about "Oh Moo I missed your Birthday!"... oh I'm so bad at this :)

mooove that mouse out of the barn or the gift stays with me!!!!!!

My first thought was, "It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to", but that sweet creature isn't really crying, so how about "Herd it was your birthday, sorry I missed the party, either way, I have that song stuck in my head for the day now...lol!!! Fantastic coloring Anna! It's a sensational card! Thanks for sharing with us! :D

I like the first sentiment :)

But I think this card is so wonderful, it fits without a sentiment.

Greetings, DANA

I'm an udderly mad cow that I missed your birthday:(

I'm an udderly mad cow that I missed your birthday:(

I just love puns, so I have three suggestions:

1. I'm udderly disappointed that I missed your Birthday.

2. I had a cow when I realized I missed your Birthday.

3. It's downright Bull that I missed your Birthday.

This was fun. =)

Got cake?

you have some funny followers! LOL! Great card. The first thought since it's sitting was "I'm bummed I missed your bd", then I thought "I'm 'moo'd' (mad) I missed your bd"

Oh Cowpatty, I missed your birthday!!!

Very cute card.


I LOVE any cow stamps! Thanks for *enabling* me. LOL I think another possible saying could be something like "I'm udderly sorry I missed your birthday."

I like your first saying, and the saying on the first post best.

I like your Copic coloring more than most. I see you have shading. There are only a few out there who are still doing watercolor, I hope you don't fall too in love with your Copics, I still like WC better! I would be sad if I couldn't see your brilliant wc art anymore!!

No Pouttin" about it!! I Missed your Day! Sorry...

Aw cud, it's past-ure birthday.

Anna, as always, LOVE your card! Hugs.

"I've been in a bad Moood ever since I've missed your birthday!"

Holy Cow I missed your birthday!

I don't know but I use Holy Cow quite often with my kids so it seemed like the perfect sentiment ;)


"Cow can I have missed your birthday?"

Personally I prefer your reference to mad cow. "Brilliant" (I loved BL).

"It's your birthday? Bullcrap!! You look moooo-valous!"

(Can I say that?)

"You look great, I look like a heifer - Happy Birthday!"

"From one heifer to another - Happy Birthday!"

"HEY you!!!!" (Get it? Hey=Hay!) "Happy Birthday"

It's late, I get goofy when I'm sleepy.

" I didn't get Moo..ving, so I missed your birthday"

thought it was just an udder day, but its not. Its your birthday!

Oops...I didn't read all the comments apparently! Sorry to post a repeat!


And now, to gush over your art work on this card! Anna, I'm in love! If a person can be in love with paper and coloring and stamping done to perfection. Love love love it!!! It just mooooooves me! (couldn't resist another one)

"Party Pooper" I don't know why...but he sure does look like one! lol

Love you card as always and your colouring is exquisite! I especially love the bright red DP.



I feel like an udder moo-ron to forget your birthday. Like a nincowpoop. But there's too much at steak for you to not forgive me. So, I'm sending you this card, hoping you won't roast me for missing it. I'll let you tease me though, I can take the ribbing. I wouldn't be calf the person I say I am if I didn't. Sigh... I know you've herd me say this before, but I'll say it again; I n-heifer want to live without moo.

Hello Anna, I love the cow he looks like she is grumpy and I love the present next to her.

I am so "utterly" upset that I missed your birthday!

"I'm not 40! I'm not! I'm not! I'm not!"

(Can you tell my big 4-0 is coming up this year?!?!!? :-)

What I missed the party!!!

Sorry I missed your Moo Day!

Sorry I 'bailed" on your birthday! hahahaah

Utterly sad I forgot your birthday!!

Thats what i came up with !! ha

You're not "out to pasture" just yet!!
Happy Birthday to Moo!

It's not a party without mooooo!!

*giggle* Gorgeous card, Anna!! LOVE her!

"It's my party and I'll pout if I want to."

What a creative way to use this stamp (love it, BTW)!

I have a goofy sense of humor sometimes:

"I must have cow-nted the days wrong - I missed your birthday by a hoof! Hope your day was mooving!"

This is so me and I'm always told something to the effective of..."It's not a party without the party pooper!" Parties are so not my thing, but I love this card! TFS!

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