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That is just so cool! All of your egg are gorgeous! I'm sure your associates beloved their specially-wrapped goodies:)

I recently bought some eggs from a neighbor who said they should be washed. I washed them in warm water with a dish detergent. Is this the right way? What do you do?

Thanks: Jim

Please let me know where I can buy your fresh farm eggs.

thank you

I learn so much when I come over here. Not only about stamping, but about fun things like chickens and eggs too!

Love those pretty green speckled eggs. NEAT! Your pictures make me wanna get some chickens. ;)

Anna, I never knew fresh eggs could be so pretty -- LOVE the olive and speckled ones! Thanks for sharing all your egg knowledge!

I would love a dozen of those please. Nothing in this world like farm fresh eggs. Once you eat one you will never eat one from the store again. mmmmm

I'm weird about eggs. I think they are such a beautiful shape, and I love the varied shell colors and the texture of the shell. When I was little, I would help gather tiny eggs at a friend's house (the eggs were too little to eat), and she would let me take them home and blow them out. They were tiny little green ones similar to some of yours. Those olive/speckled brown ones are fabulous! So fun. Thanks for sharing your farm news with us.

Hey, with that last genetic cross, you could get a very nice olive brown plaid pattern that would be lovely on a quilt block! hugs & kisses ......... Dad ,snicker,snicker

LOL! Your egg-stra special gifts are adorable. I hope your friends don't hoard the eggs like most of us would crafting supplies. :) So cute...

I just love seeing all your different types of eggs. I am SO jealous that I don't live close enough to you to buy them. :( I hope you breed your rooster with the hens that lay the chocolate eggs so we can see that interesting combination. Thanks for sharing!

I love your blog and all your stories on the farm. My daughter has two (showing my ignorance) steers and had them both bred at the same time. The red one had a little boy that was as black as could be. The brown one had a little girl that was red. I know you don't call them girls and boys, but I was there in Colorado when the boy was born and it was such an exciting time. So now they have four. Small herd, but a beginning. And they will even have their own bull when he grows up. They also raise pigs for food purposes only. They raise them organically and sell them by the half or whole side. I enjoy visiting them because my daughter is a great cook with all that fresh meat. LOL.

Thanks for sharing!! There is nothing like a yard egg! So fresh and yummy!! :)

Oh wow, what a lovely assortment! I adore collecting our eggs. The olive speckled ones are a delight. Now I will have to try some crosses like that to see what I can get! I read one of the comments say that you have chicken stamps! Oh my, I must find myself one of those. I have never used stamps before, but it would be fun to have chicken ones.

Olive eggs...who would have thought?! They are so beautiful! We have a local country fair here in southwestern Ontario every year and my favourite place to go is the chicken/bunny barn to see the Silkies. They almost look like stuffed toy chickens.

I enjoy hearing about your farm news so much - I find all the different types of chickens and different colored eggs fascinating. I WANNA have chickies - wonder what the neighbors would say?

These are just beautiful!! Ever since I read an article in Martha, a few years ago...I have been hooked on the different colors, sizes and varities. The packaging you did is so dang CUTE!!

I LOVE the chicken (and egg) posts! It intrigues me no end. I wish I lived close enough to indulge in those beauties. And, hey, come to think of it, you don't have to dye eggs for Easter, yours are natural!

Hugs, Lisa

Oh, WOW, these are just gorgeous! What a beautiful assortment of eggs!!!
Thanks for sharing with us. I sent the lady I buy eggs from a link to your blog! I wanted her to see all your beautiful chickens! :D

I would love them Anna! You are so awesome! I loved the packaging!

Your farm fresh eggs are beautiful ~ of course I love the olive-speckled one and I hope you "collect" all the different eggs' shell :)

Here is a question for you, that displays my Lack of knowledge in the chicken/egg department (now don't laugh LOL) .... from the wide variety of chickens you have, do any of the eggs (whites or yolks) taste differently or cook/bake differently?

Alright go on, you can laugh now !

hey you know why i love your blog you get it you get the love some one can have for there bird friends i have 100 chickens and ducks peafowl and pheasents they all have name and i love them all some people just dont get it but i do i love to get the eggs to wash them and pack and sell love that egg money not only are you a great artist but a animal lover as well have a awsome day and give your chicky friend a hug from us way up north in the snow

Oh man I miss our Chickens, they were SO much fun and always followed me around the yard ESPECIALLY during weeding chores! LOL their lil cluck cluck clucks always made me laugh!!!!! I LOVE Farm Fresh eggs and can buy them now from a guy at work, the neighbors laughed (with) us as we burned a red light for heat in the hen house!!!! HJAHAHAHAHAHAH

What BEAUTIFUL eggs. If your friends did not enjoy their gift they are cookoo! Please tell us if these eggs taste different from the eggs the rest of us get from our grocery store. Keep your wonderful photos and cards coming - LOVE your blog!!

What an awesome picture. Wish I lived close to you. Love your presentation of the eggs in the carton. I enjoy reading about your adventures on the farm. Thanks from Seattle.

Well, I never received my eggs!! LOL Have you thought about blowing the eggs out of the shell when you make something and then saving the shells? I did that eons ago with some brown eggs and made a nice basket for the kitchen with hollow eggs! I guess, you don't need a nice basket of hollow eggs when you have the real thing! Your eggs are gorgeous and I love the dish you have them on! Perfect!!!! Olive Oyle (love the name)!!

I love looking at these eggs - I have "just" Comets and I love them....love the big brown eggs --- but you certainly have a great variety....makes me almost want to get more!!!! Judy

You area such a talented artist. You cards are beutiful and I love seeing them, but I guess like a lot of folks, this city girl is addicted to your farm stories! :)Thanks for always sharing!

Love your prettily colored eggs and love the red checked ribbon on the cartons-country touch! tfs

that is so interesting. i love all the different colors of the eggs.

and what a very nice gift. i sure hope they liked the eggs.
you decorated the packaging so cute. love it.

I just love fresh farm eggs and what a creative way to package them. You are just to creative and inspiring.

Wow, Anna ~ you sure are the egg-spert! And to think I just got a course in "Eggs 101" this morning in one sitting!! I, too, love the farm stories! You are incredible. I wish I lived close enough to receive one of those beautiful egg packages!! Keep up the good work. Those chickens know how good they have it to have someone love them as much as you do?? I mean, to name them all...make clothes for them...? Have a wonderful weekend...Love from Idaho, Jeanne

Anna, this is sooo sweet! Looks like Easter arrived early at your house:) I was a city girl(raised in LA) but my great grandmother had a chicken farm in OK. Some of my best memories are staying summers with her. My favorite part was gathering eggs. My least favorite was cleaning the chicken coop!LOL She had over 100 hens!! Everytime you post new farm pics I go down memory lane:) Have a great weekend:)

I soooooo wished I lived close to you! Any thoughts of moving to Califor-nyiah! lol

What a cute post. As a bonus (to me) I read all the comments and I think it's adorable that your mom posted a comment!

Watch out Anna, you'll put the Easter Bunny out of business!

I *love* how you packaged those.....so pretty!!

I LOVE farm fresh eggs. We used to get them at my Grandmother's House. You wrapped them so pretty too!!!

Hope you are well Anna! Have a great weekend



Anna, these eggs are so lovely!! I especially {heart} the green speckled egg - even before I started reading about all the eggs, this is the one that caught my attention. Thanks for sharing:)

I would so buy my eggs with a big ribbon and tag on them! I have an unnatural desire to have chickens in my backyard and gather my own eggs. My dh just cringes :)

I LOVE farm updates.... I mean, I love your cards and I love your artwork (on the stamps you design)... but I really love... YOUR FARM. Your posts make me wish I had a farm in texas, instead of a townhouse in Chicago... LOL!

Thanks for sharing that, I love how you pacakge those pretty eggs!

You should name one of the chicks from the green egg batch Elphaba. :)

If you're confused, that's the name of the green witch in Wicked... later known as the wicked witch of the west. ;)

Nothin' like farm fresh goodness for baked goods & breakfast consumption! Memories of childhood are a splendid thing, thanks Anna!

-A. :)

Another excellent and superbly written farm post. Congratulations on such a robust variety of eggs. These photos are fantastic! I've no doubt that the recipients of the Valentine's Day eggs were absolutely smitten with your sweet gingham packaging. You are a true artist.

That is just so cool! All of your eggs are gorgeous! I'm sure your friends loved their specially-wrapped goodies:)

Who wouldn't LOVE getting eggs wrapped up like this??!! And green ones to boot!!
I would be head over heels!!

your eggs are absolutely beautiful. I would love to live on a farm if I could only figure out how to do it and make a living and then I would just need to convince the family to move. Maybe in my next life.

Oh Mz Anna, thank ya! I just adore egg pictures! Something about their gorgeous shells makes my heart happy. I adore speckled the most, but speckled OLIVE?!? Ack! Fantastic! :) Destined to be a chicken farmers wife,

I just love all the farm photos you share. Today you've inspired me to bake a quiche... Thanks!

They are all so beautiful..like little jewels! TFS...love farmy posts.

Hello Anna, I love the farm post at the bottom with the chicken on it.

Okay, this city girl needs to ask some questions. Do the hens lay an egg a day? More? Trying to figure out how long it would take to gather that dozen eggs. And how do you store the eggs, either before you sell them, or while you're gathering a dozen of the same. And do you always group them w/ other eggs from same hen? Is that the typical way to sell eggs?

I just get ours from Whole Foods, so please don't laugh at me!

Really enjoyed reading this post, reminded me of my childhood here in England, we had hens which started in the war as we had plenty of garden and the hens were like a hobby as food was scarce, I enjoyed helping to collect the eggs, we also had 2 nanny goats and grew most of our vegetables and had fruit trees.
Jose x

I just love when you have "farmy" posts. You know we have Bantums, well recently we added two large hens and a large rooster (not quiet sure what breed they are) and boy are their eggs huge next to my banty's eggs! I think chicks are so fun and unique, each with their own personality (you have to be a chicken person to say something like that!). I recently bought several of your chicken stamps from Whipper Snapper and ADORE them!

Anna, those are absolutely beautiful!!!When you have chickens laying,it is like Xmas everyday! Thank you for showing us these gems. Have you tried to blow out the egg so you can keep the shell? Love, Mom

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