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Wow, I LOVE your card and the stamp, and your photo. Awesome!

What a great photo! And your new style of stamps look like a lot of fun!

YeeHa! EXCELLENT card! Love the distress background (must try playing with my inks since I have just about every color made of them. will it matter if I only have neon orange post-it notes?). I'm hearing Brooks & Dunn in my head as I'm gawking at your creation. Thanks for sharing, oh great one!

Very cool! Excellent photo; it's wonderful that you can make stamps from your photos!! The card is fabulous too! Nice warm color scheme.

I am BLOWN AWAY by your photography...how amazing! You have such a gift!

wow...wow...wow...WOW...WOWZERS! This is stunning!! The original photo is equally so!


W-O-W. I know what's going to be on my next WS order. This is FABULOUS, Anna!

next to chickens i lovve horses i really love that stamp and card wow that is so fab

Anna, you are SO talented, is there anything you cannot do? LOL. This is a gorgeous photo, gorgeous stamp and gorgeous card! I am in awe of you ...

Incredible! How do you live with yourself?! Congrats. I enjoy your photography as much as I enjoy your cards, as much as I enjoy your animals, as much as I enjoy your stories of the animals........ you get the "picture"!!!

Thank you for all you share with us!

Beautiful card, Anna, and beautiful photo! You are mighty talented dear girl. Thanks for that tutorial, too. I'm definitely going to give that a try.


P.S. My stamp set came today. I can't wait to play! Thanks again!

this is fantastic! your card & the original photo is breathtaking - you are too talented, woman!

Incredible, Anna! I don't know which is more amazing - the card or the photograph! Is there anything you CAN'T do?

WOW! That's one stunning photo & one fabulous piece of artwork!


Fabulous as always!

This is absoulutely gorgeous, the photo and the card. What a fabulous stamp your photo made! WOW...just...WOW!!!

That photo is AMAZING!!! Congrats on having it made into a great stamp. I love the card too. Great details.

Awww man, I wish I saw this sooner! My niece turns 21 next week and this image would be prefect for her card; she loves horses so much that she started her own stable already! Let me go see how fast shipping is, LOL! Wonderful work Anna, in both mediums!

Love the stamp AND the photo -- uber cool!!

The white border around the stamped image looks so neat - A+++ for you! :)

What a wonderful photograph and what fun to be able to turn it into a stamp. Great card. tfs

So cool to see the real photo that the stamp originates from!!! Love the card that you created! (Does the young woman know she's been made into a stamp? :) How awesome does she feel?)

This is beyond cool!!! I love the photo, I love the stamp, I love the colors you used in the card. This card is WoW!!!

Very cool. Silhouette stamps are so much fun to use. I love how the simplicity of the solid images comes alive based on the creativity with background/surrounding areas.

Wow! The stamp image & the photo are both just gorgeous. You are certainly one talented lady. Thanks for sharing & happy weekend.

I live for color and you sure supplied it! The whole photo-to-stamp-to-card process is super cool!

I absolutely love this! This might just be my favorite card of yours so far!

Umm, HOLY COWGIRL, this is gorgeous Anna!!
So cool that your photo's are featured in stamps, I need to check this out!

Breathtaking and Beautiful. The card is just gorgeous and your photograph is stunning.

*thud*....*double thud*....OM!! I'm not sure what I'm lovin' more~~the card or the original photo!!(I'm thinking that the photo would look PERFECT in my house....)oh well!! I just might have to do a little "shopping" today and get me some western stamps....yup....

Wow....I don't know which to comment on first...the card or the original photo. Both are jawdropping!! I love how you sponged that image...& left the white around the edges. Super job....I just can't stop looking at it!!

That is soooo coooooool! Thanks for sharing how you masked and sponged. I want to try this technique. P.S. Love your 'photograph' stamps!

Wow! What an awesome card! Its amazing how much the stamp looks like the photo. You are one very talented girl!!

Oh man, that stamp and the card brings tears to my eyes. You can take the girl outta Texas, but you can't take the Texas outta the girl!!! Really, Anna, you got it going girl! Yee Haa!!!!

Beautiful image, beautiful card!! Your photo is so gorgeous!!

Wow - that is really cool! Thanks for showing how you added the background color...I have never opened my Ranger felt applicator - shame on me! - Can you believe that? I think it is getting opened today!

Simply amazing! Love the original photo, and that you realized it would make a fab stamp!!

Wow! That photograph is STUNNING!! It makes a great stamp too!

Anna, I had to run and get my sunglasses on to see past the HOT PINK post-its! Just kidding!! Your card is fantastic and so is the photo!

Anna...this is card is stunning!

This is beautiful Anna. I love your photography and love how you are turning the photo's into stamps for us to enjoy.

Holy Toledo Anna...words can't describe...I'm speechless. You already know I want to be you when I grow up. I consider myself to be creative but you really take the cake sister!

Wow what a startling effect, really sets the scene, I love that stamp!!xx

Wow! This is gorgeous! So...where can we buy the stamp?


WOWIE!!! Your card and photo are both FABulous. It is so cool you are turning your photographs into stamps. :)

that is GORGEOUS! LOVE that stamp!

Wow this is awesome Anna, congrats... gorgeous photo!!

Anna! I just can't get over how gorgeous all of these are!

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! The photo and the card are both beautiful! You must be so proud. And you should be!

Miss Anna ~ a.k.a. Cluck-Cluck ~ this photo and stamp image is beyond stunning and something you should truely be proud of.

You captured a superb photo but you also caught an image that is powerful and visionary, especially with all of your magical natural light behind the cowgirl.

I would be doing cart-wheels up the road if I were ever priviledged enough to have my own photograph transferred into a rubber stamp .... then to know that other people were using it and admiring it from one end of the world to the next :)

Bravo my brilliant Chick-Chick, or is it Cluck-Cluck :))

OMG Anna, stunning does not describe this card...or the photo..both are works of art!
Congrats on the new line of stamps too...how very cool.

Hi Anna,

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog.

I've given you a ladybug award that you can get the info for at http://taylordconcepts.blogspot.com

Thanks for the inspiration.

what a beautiful stamp. Ilove your background paper it looks like tooled leather and your embellishments are perfect. TFS Ann Lind

So pretty - love your tutorial... I need more foam handles. It's always something, isn't it? LOL! Beautiful layout! Gorgeous stamp!

Anna, this is jaw dropping gorgeous!! And even more meaningful for you to have it start with a show stopping photo too. Wow, what a great great work of art!

WOW, that is gorgeous! And I have that stamp, because decades ago, I used to ride my horses every day! What a great memory! I'll never be able to color like you can, but at least I can stamp the image! I'm so proud to own it (and WOOD mounted, too!:D) Thanks for the great card (and PHOTO!) :D

How cool is that! I love that photo and the stamp is equally fantastic.

Amazing card and photo Anna!!!

Gotta have this one...my mom would love it!

Anna, what a great card and the photograph is amazing. You are truly talented.

You have to be THE most diverse artist I know (or wish I knew). You amaze me. These are amazing and I couldn't wait to see them when you mentioned you were trying them a while back. I enjoy your blog every day!

This card is beautiful! That's totally awesome to have your gorgeous photo's turned into stamps!

GASP! This is STUNNING, Anna! And yeppers, those are some PINK post its! LOL

Oh my gosh, this card takes my breath away...so does the photograph. You ROCK!

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