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OMGoodness! Thank God it was YOU, with YOUR skills, who was there to capture the beauty!

Looking at your holiday photos of SNOW made me think about all the time you were sweatin' last summer! Change is good.

Wow, this looks like the opening scene from Gone with the Wind!

You're right that is an amazing sunset! Gorgeous photos!!!!

Wow.. This is the most beautiful and amazing sunset that I ever seen. WOW..Beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us.


Absolutely breathtaking!

Amazing photos!!
Gorgeous colors!!

Wow Anna. I took a couple of pictures of the same sunset here in Waco also, but yours are far more spectacular. City living is quite limiting to scene scapes, and you took your photo's much later than I did. Mine are in Pink and Blue, your's are like fire in the sky. Beautiful...

Wow that is amazing! I love all the reds and oranges!

Absolutely magnificent pictures. Ah the power and majesty of God!

I would give a gold clock to see something that awe-inspiring. You lucky lucky girl. I'm GREEN with envy!
Viv xx

these are spectacular!! I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the pictures of the snow from your parents house. Living in NC where 1 inch of snow shuts everything down, your pictures were very impressive. thanks for sharing

Gorgeous photos, Anna! (yay- I can post!)

Wow. It is true! Look at the one next to last. I made another sweep of them after I wrote my last comment. See the "CROSS"? I didn't see it at first. Maybe that is how He signs his work....

When I saw these pics, they are exactly what I used to see out my front door when I managed a horse ranch in Terrell, TX. I always said to my husband, "Look, God is painting again!"

Oh my goodness! That is so beautiful! It's almost mystical! Thank you for sharing.

Breath taking! I have never seen a sky like
that! Thanks for showing them!

Truly stunning! Colours are fantastic, the sky looks like it's brewing up for something! Have never seen a sunset like it!

Happy 2009. Have a good one!

Sue xxx

Beautiful photos Anna!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

These are amazing!

Wow, gorgeous sky! All I can think of when I see something this colorful is - Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. Hope it means the same for you and that you enjoying a lovely day:)

Oh! My! I haven't seen a sunset like that in my neighborhood for awhile. But, when I do, I always pull out my camera too! I noticed some time ago that "it takes a few clouds to make a really great sunset"...like life sometimes :)

i'm SO glad someone took photos! i was in the car on my way to church when i got to enjoy the gorgeous sunset - not exactly the opportune time for taking photos. =)

God's own portrait! Beautiful!

yes, we are blessed by the master artist, and you being a master picture taker knew just how to catch them. thanks so much for sharing your marvelous photos. MaryAnn

wow, not only are you lucky to have such a spectacular painting across your sky, but blessed that you appreciate it!


simply beautiful

Amazing colors.

Stunning! TFS..

It certainly was gorgeous!!!

Absolutely breathtaking. I bet you could get those photos published in a calendar or something..great job capturing God's beautiful creations.

WOW*WOW*&WOW*!!!!!Those photos are just beautiful, to say the least! We get some pretty amazing sunsets here in NE too, but I don't think I've seen one quite that gorgeous here! And of course, your photography is unparalleled...
Thanks so much for sharing this glimpse of nature with us! :D It's just AMAZING!

Breath taking... Thank you for sharing... Now if it would only warm up some 40 degree's.lolo :))) Peggie in Las Vegas

Don't you just love taking photo's that turn out like that!!! Just beautiful!

Wow, those are absolutely gorgeous!

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!

Astounding! Absolutely poster worthy!

Oh my gosh!! These are so strikingly beautiful!!

Holy cow - those are just incredible photos!

Wow, what fantastic pictures.

Wow! Those are amazing, Anna! TFS! :0)

Your pictures are amazing. We never get sunset where we live as we live in a valley. This summer I was on a short trip with relatives and we came on a double rainbow that was truly spectacular one was so bright I have never seen anything to compare the second was about the same intensity of a normal rainbow. At one point it ended in the middle of the road just in front of us and the other end was just across a small field. TFS your wonderful pictures. Ann Lind

Wow it was gorgeous here in Central Texas too... stood and watched from my front window... but the colors weren't quite that vibrant! Gorgeous!

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