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Fun, fun stuff on the way! Can't wait to see you using that glitter! And who can resist BasicGrey anything?! Thanks for giving us a sneak peek.

Wow! everything looks fabulous from the sugar to the fabric! Lot it!~

Oh my goodness, I'm drooling on the keyboard! Love it all! Sure appreciate you sharing!

Wow! Awesome fabrics. BG is my favorite. Now am I going to have to start quilting? Thanks for the pictures!

Anna I am so happy you had so much fun! I hope too that you are feeling well. What wonderful pictures you have taken.. Moda is always a favorite at my house. Could get confusing with paper and fabric...or could be quite a fun time...teehee!!

Love the chunky glitter and fabric and I have GOT to find those owl dies!!!

Everything looks yummy! I love that chicken pin cushion...adorable! Does she sell them? I'm glad you're back home safe and sound. Are you healthy?

Oh, yumm.....more fabric! Now wouldn't you just know someone would combine my hobbies of quilting and card making with paper and fabrics to match. What more could a girl ask for? I may have that cute chick pin cushion pattern (probably stashed away somewhere), but if not, would you or Aunt Patty mind sharing it? It would make a fabuous gift for my neighbor who is a new quilter.

Mmmmmm, basic grey fabric,wow.

Awesome photos! Basic Grey and Moda together - I can't stand it, this is more than I can bear, LOL!! I love fabric, paper and pretty colors. Ohhhhhhhh, what a treat. TFS.

My jaw dropped open when I saw that glitter. I love love love glitter. And the jars it is in are neat too.
I can't wait til you tell us more. Glad you had a safe trip

Hi Anna! I'm glad you had such a good time. I'm jealous! Maybe next year. Thanks for all the eye candy. Yummo!

I just placed my Whipper Snapper order of the new releases. Can't wait to get them!

Take care,

Thanks for sharing such nice photos of all the goodies! I hope I don't run on to that fabric! My weakness along with ribbon.

I thought the pin cushion looked like a chicken and was relieved it was meant to look that way. Briefly, I thought chickens are on my mind when visiting your blog.

I saw some chunky glitter but it was made of glass pieces. Not wanting red spots on my cards I decided against the purchase. If the new chunky glitter isn't glass, I would love the tangerine glitter.

The ribbon along the top row, last half is something I would love to buy.

You showed some great closeup pictures making imaginary shopping easy.

Oh my....the sewing enthusiast in me (long a-slumber since the discovery of card-making) rises up and blinks as she spies the Figgy fabric! Love that line...

Thank you so much for sharing...Oh My ...so many Wonderful new things!!....Hugs, Ila

OMG...I'm drooling over that fabric, Anna. Do you think we can get one of each of those jelly rolls, please...

Wow, fun stuff! Thanks for sharing.

OMG...I am totally drooling over that glitter! And the owls? Almost makes me want to sew!! I can't wait to get my hands on this stuff!

YUM, that is all awesome! And Basic Grey fabric??? who woulda thought! Not me! :D Too cool...Thanks for sharing all these wonderful things for us to look forward to! :D

Gotta get me some of that glitter!!!! Awesome photo's, thanks for sharing!

The ceaseless hunt begins for FP fabric! Can't hardly wait to see more pics!

oh oh oh the glitter!!!!!! I thought it was sugar at first!!!!

Oh crap!! Moda is going to do me in this year! My SIL and I have started quilting (mind you, very SIMPLE quilting) and I can see me drooling over a quilt made from those fabrics! LOL!!!

WOW!!!! I loove these pictures!!! Gorgeous hemp and glitter and everything else.. WOW...
Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing with us...Now give us the true...How much stuff do you buy?.. :))

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