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Awww I love the vintage-y look of your heart card. So super pretty. And thank you SO much for the tip about the stitching. I'm definitely going to have to pick up one of those doo-dads. Now only if I can remember, the next time I'm at the craft store!

super cute!!!

It looks like you were dreaming about an Eskimo who took a wrong turn on his road trip to do some ice fishing and ended up in Arizona! Hilarious!

Cute card, and why does it have to make sense anyway? It's Texas, it's winter some days. We've had ice before, but I'm not sure we could fish through it. Great sense of humor...

Makes sense to me! I just heard here in MN that some ice fishing houses were burglarized and the thieves took flat screen TVs (true story)! Obviously, they dropped the cactus in their haste! :)

Cute card! It may not make sense to you, but I can tell you that I once saw snow in the Mexican dessert. It was so long ago that I don't remember much, but I'm sure there were some cactus around!

way too cute! Love everything about this card. Did I mention it is way too cute? !

Well, there's no place like home! Love this card! It's priceless!

Too funny, Anna! Love it and your coloring, of course!!!

love the patterned paper, and your banner flying is cool.

love your sense of humour.

Cute card!

Super cute card, maybe it's a leftover Christmas cactus! My hubby and son have been doing lots of ice fishing and we just had a yummy fish fry on Sunday with all the fish they caught.

I think the card is cute! Hope Farley is feeling better today. It's hard when they can't tell you what's wrong. My pooch was given raisins today from a toddler I was watching, big no-no. Had to induce vomiting...fun, fun, but she is fine now..can't wait to see al the the new WS new releases.

I love cards that make me smile and this was fits the bill!

This makes no sense to me, either, but I love it SO much! It's so nonsensical, like Carrol's Alice in Wonderland or a Shel Silverstein poem. It's visual nonsense instead of verbal. I think you're a visionary, besides, it's so beautifully colored and executed, maybe it doesn't have to make sense!;) (Why make sense when you can just as easily make fun?)

That image is darn cute and so is the saying - but I'm not getting how they go together. LOL!

Love the card, especially the bundled up ice fisherman! That trailer in the background makes me chuckle!!
Hope Farley has recovered from his digestive upset............poor pooch!
I have a question about your stitching technique. Do you draw your stitching or emboss it onto the paper? I read another post that said you draw them in, but they look like the paper is indented. Your secret??!

~**Wait, wait, don't tell me...I get it!**~

The ice-fisherWOMAN is thankful that menopause will one day end!

very cute not sure what he is thankful for maybe its the fish that is thankful for not getting pulled up LOL

HA--- Cactus, Ice Fishing, trailer?!? :O) Too funny and I love the sparkly cactus... so what exactly do you think he's Thankful for? Maybe the fish is thankful he didn't get pulled up through the cactus when he was caught--- yeah, that will work!

SO very cute!!!!!!! I love it!

I just love the sparkly snow! And the cactus makes me laugh! Great card!

And this is why I like you so much ~ you create an absolutely darling card that makes no sense at all. Sure hope Mister Farley is on the mend.

Cute cards. I hope Farley's health has improved.

I adore the aged DP and the cactus! Just precious. The piercings, button and banner just speak to me! Fabulous job, Anna. But wait! Tiny Tim has his own stamp? Have you been holding out on me? Do tell!

The card is so cute. But I love love your blog banner.


Hahaha! The ice fisherman is so cute!

I think it's a cute card!

By the way, I love that Tiny Tim has gotten his own WS stamp :o)

Too funny!

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