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I use one of those tracing tools, too.... $.97 at Walmart!

Yum, this card is just beautiful!! I LOVE evrything about it!!

This absolutely beautiful, Anna. I love the homey feel. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

wow I love the sewing tip.lol That is a cool way to do it! I wish I had known three weeks ago. I just bought a Janome mini sewing machine,but since it is a REAL little sewing machine and doesn't give the loose stitch problems with the other TOY ones, I can actually still use it for mending and even making mini quilts, etc. But I have a feeling that I will use your tip for creating sewing on my cards because it is just too easy! And I can easily order one next time I place an order with Hancocks. They are a wonderful place to find crafts, sewing items etc and are on-line now. I find it hard to get out to even go to my local Wal-Mart. This is a treasured tip. May I put your link on my blog, http://astrokeabove.blogspot.com/ ? I don't want to steal! lol I also from time to time feature other blogs and you have been on my mind anyway. Thanks for all you do. Linda Crowder

What a fun idea to use the tracing too. You're so stinkin' clever!

Okay, I'm stalking for sneak peeks....keep them coming! giggle.

I just love how you do the sentiments! I'm going to have to case this idea! Ü I love the colors of the card and I esp love the felt heart!

Anna, Thanks for sharing how you do the faux stitching. I have always imagined you sitting there with a sharp object and poking each of those holes individually. Then I would say to myself NOWAY..

Lovely, lovely card!!!

Anna - thanks so much for the tip on the serrated tracing wheel. What a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing that.

Carla (cardsbycarla)

Love this card! Lots of great textures!

Totally love your blog and awesome tips - off to dig up my tracing wheel! Watching for those new releases . . .

That's what I thought you used!!!

This card is really gorgeous! I have those little cutter bees too, they let you roll wherever you want! What color "brown" are you using for your sponging around the edges. When I try my card often just look muddy - I'm not giving up though! Thanks for the ideas.

Anna....love the card and I have been waiting for some sneak peaks! I can't wait to see all the new images..=)

This is just charming Anna! I love the felt heart and the sentiment flag!

Gorgeous card! I use my tracing wheel too, though hardly ever for sewing!! It is fun :)

Well...that is sneaky! ;)
But I love it. I have one of those tools ( I don't sew either) and now I have a reason to use it. :)

Great card!

OMG! The tracing wheel is such a blast from the past! I had to dust off the cobwebs in my brain to recall that sewing tool! Thanks for the great memories and cool tip!

OY girls *I just eyeball it* ! ? ! you're goooooood!

Gorgeous card!! Thank you so much for the tips!! You always have the best ideas :))
Thanks for sharing with us.


A gorgeous card!! And thanks for the faux sewing tip!!

Woohoo!! Thanks for the peek! I can't wait to see the rest. Thanks for sharing you trick!

Absolutely GORGEOUS, Anna!! I really need to look for one of those serated wheels.

...and thank you sooooo much for the card!! You're such a sweetheart. :)

I just love love love this card....I'm going to have to case it if you don't mind! So beautiful. Your work inspires me.

Beautiful card Anna and thanks for the tip as well. I had thought that might be alot easier than dragging out a sewing machine all the time.

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