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Oooooh...so Adorable!!!

Aww bless!
He is going to be a handful!!



He's so cute! Let me know if you need a "calf-sitter". ;-)

Congratulations on the new baby! He's adorable.

Oooooh he is sooo sweet. I just want to kiss him. what a sweet little calf. Nothin cuter than a calf. Not even a piglet, and I think they are pretty cute.


Beth F

Such a sweet little one. Can't wait to see more pics. to get an idea of his size. I am so envious of your life on the farm with all those animals!

What a cutie patutie! Can't wait to see more pics and hear what you decide to name him. You're art work is wonderful and I enjoy the farm updates as well. Thanks for sharing!

How adorable is your new little guy! I so very much love your cards and illustrations but truly look forward to the farm updates and new babies are the best. Can't wait to see more pictures and hear this ones name.

He's gorgeous, Congrats Chick and you guys too. I love baby's of any kind.


So excited to see the pictures and read the news! Fabulous, and he's soooo cute! Seems like he really wants to be around the tall grass. I can't blame him.

YOur new baby is the cutest! I cannot believe the scare you had..My heart was in my throat reading about it. You picked him UP? WOW..can't wait to see his size next to something I recognize. Hugs to you! Janet in nc

Oh a name just came to me as I looked at his sweet face again, "Dundee" (for Dun, and D for Dixie) Just thought I would throw that out there.

I was so excited to see a baby born on the farm again. I am looking forward to all the new arrivals.

I see someone beat me to say "name him Chick's Filet"......LOL!

He's a CUTIE!!!!!! Congrats! :)

I'm glad she waited till you got home from CHA. What a lovely surprise!!

How sweet. He's so cute!

By the way, I know how much you love photography so I tagged you for a challenge. You can check it out at:


OH my gosh.. so totally adorable!!! It was so great to get to spend some time with you at CHA. (umm.well.. now you know how "nuts" I really am) . lol Always in awe of you talent girl!

How sweet! I can't wait to see the new additions!!!!!

He's so cute! What a little stinker scaring you like that! Can't wait to here more about him as he grows.

What a Cutie! I love dun babies!


He's beautiful!!! You should name him Houdini!!
I just love coming to your blog....
Happy New Year!!!

Just 2 cute!!!

Nothing like a new baby! I've missed the farm report of your blog......More please

oh he's precious! sounds like he likes the tall grass! glad he wasn't taken! *whew*
congrats on the new family member!


Isn't he sweet?! I'm so glad he was okay. Is Dixie Chick a good mommy?

Oh soooo cute!!! I've missed hearing the latest barnyard news. Always enjoy your pictures and tales of what's happening

Congratulations on the new babe! He sure is adorable :D He looks tiny form the photo and already has a mind of his own! Sorry, I missed you at CHA - I was so looking forward to meeting you!



Oh he is just beautiful!!!! What a little cutie you have there and quite the little adventure seeker too ;) Enjoy him!!!! Looking forward to seeing lots more pictures!!!

Just adorable! Congratulations. - Can't wait to hear what you name the little guy.

Absolutely precious! Thanks so much for sharing your stories... they are so sweet!

BTW... I left you a little award on my blog... :)

He's adorable!! You'd think he wouldn't stray far from his mother. That must have been very scary for you and Alan. Hope all is well now and I'm looking forward to more 2009 babies! TFS

Does that mean another baby naming contest?! I am already trying to think of names that go with "Chick". So far I came up with "Chick Pea"(he is so small), "Chick-a-dee"(but he isn't black or a female), "Chick Little"(play on Chicken Little), "Slick"(rhymes with Chick and he disappears easily), "Chick Magnet"(he is a cute fella!) and "Chick's Filet(you know, like the restaurant, but you can call him "Fil" for short). I better quit as I am hogging all the comments space! LOL Congrats, anyway, on another cutie!

What a cute new little baby!

How sweet and beautiful and might I add - precocious is this guy - he certainly has a mind of his own. He's beautiful and It's got to be hard to keep your hands off him - or do you - lol. I couldn't - it's a wonder any of my animals can walk from being held and carried so much. Anyway, enjoy this sweet little boy.

What a thrill to have a new baby and waht a terrible scare to think he was taken off. I love seeing the pictures and will be anxious to see more. Do you have a name yet?

Oh Anna, he is absolutely precious. I can imagine the fear when he went missing. For him to try it twice, has me smiling big time. Sounds like he has a mind of his own. I would love to see a picture of him next to his momma.

The baby is adorable!

What fun, another new baby at your place! Sounds like he's a little Houdini.

He's gorgeous! Lush photos anna - it's amazing to think he's brand new to the world and yet he looks SO comfortable lying in the sunshine! Can't wait to see more of him - have you named him yet? :D xxx

Thanks so much for sharing your joy! He is adorable.

How beautiful. Congratulations!

Oh wow Anna - he's so cute.
Carla (cardsbycarla)

I look at the pics and could only think....awwwwww!

haha, I just now saw some of the other posts, with the Houdini idea...LOL too funny! Seems we're all on the same wavelength! :D

Oh, he's just BEAUTIFUL! And what a pretty color...that's a blessing! So nice when those genes come through for you! :D You might have to name him Houdini, the way he seems to escape all the time! LOL It's so neat to have the first baby...I can't wait for more! It's such a JOY to follow your blog, and all the animals. I LOVE IT! :D
Have a great weekend with your new arrival!

Congrats!!! He's a sweetie! I agree with everyone above- Houdini is a great name! Or maybe "Hoovedini" is more appropriate!!!

What a sweet little guy! I can't wait to hear more about him as he grows up!

Beautiful Baby :-)

Celebration time! Sounds like your little vagabond will be staying closer to his mama, thanks to that new fencing. What a sweetheart!

Or you could call him Alcatraz as he is such a great escape artist?

So happy it is baby season again!

Also wondering what Tiny Tim is wearing these days???

I agree...Houdini fits him perfectly. So glad you are keeping us up to date with the critters. They are so much fun. Thanks.

He's so CUTE!! Congrat's to you both. There is something so sweet about baby animals, you just want to hug em'! Looking forward to seeing more pics and hearing more stories. :)

He is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this wonderful event.

What a little Houdini pulling a disappearing act not once but twice. Sweet baby lucky you getting to hold the wee baby. I look forward to this years babies I so enjoy all your stories and pictures. TFS Ann Lind

awwww, such a sweet little guy!


AWWWWWW, he is so adorable! And what a little stinker already, taking off like that!
Luckily you didn't miss his birth. Dixie chick must have wanted to make sure you were back from CHA for the big event! ;0)

Congrats Anna (and Alan)! What a beautiful baby boy!!! Farm life is so much fun ... especially when BABIES are involved!!!
Smiles, Hugs, and Blessings!
Hallie <><

oh, he looks like the dusty color of coco..so sweet, I just wanna kiss him! You always have so much good stuff going on!

I am so glad she waited till you got home!! What a little daredevil...trying to run away all the time. LOL

I am so glad she waited till you got home!! What a little daredevil...trying to run away all the time. LOL

What a beautiful baby! We don't start calving til later due to the really cold weather here. Nothing says spring around here like new chicks and calves!

Oh, how fun! You hadn't said anything about who's pregnant, so this is a nice surprise! Seems like only yesterday when Chick was born. Isn't she less than a year? Or am I confused? The latter is likely! LOL

Love the stories and pix of life on the farm just as much as your beautiful art. Thanks Anna!

The wandering dixie!!! He is going to keep you laughing.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Oh how sweet! I love that you share these amazing pictures with us!

Congratulations, Grandma!! He's adorable!

Congratulations on your New Year Baby, Houdini! I loved that he walked towards you already. He must have imprinted on you when you carried Little Houdini back the first time. I love it!

He's such a pretty brown color and he looks big but 35 lbs isn't very big! Hooray for new mama Dixie Chick!! Glad you're back home and just in time for the first birth of 2009!

The baby is just too cute. I wanna come on down to the farm and watch the critters being born.

You need to name him Grassy! Or Grass-a-frass. He really is cute. I love baby animals too. I won't eat veal for that very reason.

Congrats on your new baby, he's so sweet :). We had twin girls at christmas - the start of this years babies, and like you, I love watching them grow.

What a beautiful baby. So happy for you. Missed your blog for few days . . . I have a questions about CHA. Can any old crafting afficionado go to CHA or do you need to be a retailer? Thank you.

Oh isn't he just adorable. You are so blessed to have such a rich life with all these different animals. I think you should name him Houdini. I hope this errant behavior isn't shades of things to come....

Congratulations on the new Baby! He's a real cutey! (bit of a sneaky one, scaring you all the time with his disappearing, but still very cute).

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