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That was quite a storm we had (I live in Oregon).

What a welcoming looking home.

I am so jealous of all your snow! One nice warm day here in Lincoln, NE, and ALL of our snow is GONE! At least the warm day waited until AFTER Christmas LOL! Do you think that you could send some my way? I'd gladly take it from you :-)

Sounds like you're enjoying your time with your family in Washington! What a wonderful treat!

Absolutely gorgeous!!! What an event...SOOOO much snow, it must be just for you!!! (to make up for the TX heat you endured this year!) :D

Stunning photos and Just read back about little Nick too.. Congrats!!

I lvoe your blog, your farm, stories, amazing creations.

If we get 2 - 3 inches of snow in the south of the UK the whole of it stops, we just cant cope with snow over here! Snows less and less each year. Shame for the kids as I have memories of fun in the snow.

Belated Merry Christmas adn Have a Happy New year


Wow! How stunning!! Especially for a Floridian!! I've never seen that much snow together in my whole life!! LOL Try to stay warm...and happy crafting!

Anna, I just love your blog, photos, creations, and all that you share with us! Glad you get to share crafting with your mom while you are all snowed in! You'll look back on this Christmas and giggle. your attitude is heart warming!!

Oh I know you must be getting tired of that snow, but it is so gorgeous to me. I know I would get tired of it, if I had to deal with it. But it is SO pretty for us who do not have that!

Amazing photos! That should be on a card!

I forgot the most important part of all the snow here, that is to stay out of the way of the snow bound Crafters or be sure they have all the things that make them whistle while they work! Dan Wight

Look forward to seeing your snowflakes. The view out our windows are much the same as yours we live 6 miles from the Idaho- Canada border. It has been snowing all night and morning and now the wind is starting to blow. My DH has had a bad cold for 3 weeks and he finally invested in a snow blower before he ended up with pneumonia from shoveling. You will be able to go home and tell Tiny Tim he is lucky he lives in Texas not Washington. Enjoy your crafting Ann Lind

Hello out there! I hope you had a merry Christmas! Some answers to questions about the winter in our part of the Great Wight North. We have on average 19 to 21 different birds in winter.What do we do when it snows this much? Go Skiing! Last year the Seven Ski resorts that are within 100 miles were open til late May.Be glad your water well wont be dry this coming year. About the camera condensation problems,borrow Dads camera, really tho, keep them cold or warm not back and forth and DRY. Lastly, our weather here in the mountainous northeastern Washington is wonderfully consistant with 4 seasons to enjoy! Oh and one more thing, there is no such thing as to many Fly Rods. Best wishs for the New Year, Dan Wight....Anna's Dad

well, sure, it makes sense to make snowflakes since you have so many to use as models! :) you are so lucky. there's no snow here. melted away. doubt it will snow again this winter. will have to defrost the hose and water the trees. so, are you seeing a lot of birds up there?

Anna, I love your pictures. I can't help wondering - what do the people do when it snows that much? Do they stay in for days and days or just go about business as usual?


Anna, your pictures are beautiful. They would be terrific postcards. My dh had a heart attack Christmas Eve, so a couple of our neighbors have pitched in and helped get all 20 to 24 inches of snow off our roof. Now, the temps are 37 and the snow is starting to melt a little. I just hope we don't get flooded out.

I read in the paper that Spokane has more than 42 inches for December! Now, that, I don't miss all that much! Gorgeous pics! TYFS

Great photos of all the snow! Amazing weather your parents are having.

I have a question about your camera and condensation. I've only had my SLR for 6 months. I remember reading about how to handle taking it from warm to cold temperatures and visa versa. What's your routine for handling your camera in that snowy weather?

The pictures are beautiful! Sounds like you all are having a lovely visit.

Our midwest winterland is melting... we were up to 50 today, and have a flood watch. :o)

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

It's beautiful! We are in Western WA and didn't get nearly as much snow as your parents. BUT it's more than my kids have EVER seen, and waking up to MORE snow every day since vacation started was a real trip! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your visit and thanks for posting all year - you're a true inspiration and a great lady! :)


your pics are terrific. i would like to see a little snow here(KY) but not that much.
we had an ice storm last week, today it was 70, with tornado watches. i hate that in dec/jan.

It's always pretty to see it somewhere else but when it's causing such devestation not so good. We have flooding, thunderstorms, wind and ice after 20 inches the last week. It's December in Michigan but almost 60F today. and kinda scary. It was soooo foggy today, I could not see my pine trees. Oh well, stuck inside anyways as car in in the shop for like a week now as they can't get the part (probably coming from Mars). I need food.

Oh Anna, your pics are amazing. Thanks for sharing your winter wonderland w/ us!! It is just beautiful. I can't imagine getting that much snow. Will you be able to get out when it is time to go back to Texas?
Take care and stay warm!!

Amazing and beautiful photos, Anna. It really looks like a dream land.

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