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eeeew! I forgot to post on this the first time around...
I have to say that I enjoy reading about your farm life as much as I like to see your art...but I think that sometimes ignorance is bliss....the less I know about eggs, the tastier they are. hahahaha :)

That is freaky................ your stories are wonderful Anna.......sometimes it feels like I am right there on the farm with you!

Anna - you just brought back some wonderful memories for me. As a young child growing up, I lived in Iowa. One of the neighbors had a farm with three chicken coops. I would visit almost daily and go out into the coops and help her gather eggs, wash them, look at them through a light, weigh them and then place them in the appropriate crate to be sold. The woman I visited was very special to me...she was deaf, and she and I developed a very close relationship. As I would go to the coops with her, the chickens would rush to me, squat down and and bring their wings back a bit...they wanted me to scratch their backs. They always knew when I came in that I was good for back scratches....I would get bombarded! I also had fun playing with the soft eggs you are talking about. I had no idea there was a name for them. I thought they were SO COOL when I was a kid. I would always look for one when I went to the coops and usually found one.

Thanks for sharing and bringing back wonderful memories of my childhood.

I can't believe I read all these posts on chickens. I've never been that interested in them, but I find myself intrigued and coming back every day to read more. The little santa jacket for Tiny Tim (OMG I know their names now!) was sooooo cute I wanted to put the pic on my blog. It sounds like you really LOVE your 2 legged family and I admire how well you care for them.

That's amazing! I love hearing about yor chickens.

OH MY GOSH! OMG!!!!!!!! ANNA! HOW COOL IS THIS??? I'M MESMERIZED HERE! I read EVERY word of this and am just stunned! YOU ARE ONE COOL CHICK!!!!!!

Anna I am not sure which is stranger, the double egg thing, or that you had just found something so similar then had it happen like that...NO, I CANNOT IMAGINE hehe

I lived on a farm/ranch for a couple of years as a teenager and never seen anything like this. It really is just amazing.

Is Santa loving his new coat? That was the cutest thing!

MAN!! Can you imagine what the poor chicken was thinking while laying that beauty? As much as I love your cards, I'm fascinated by your critters. Thx for sharing

I can't believe the things I learn from your blog. Thanks!

Anna, you have weird chickens. Have you tried feeding them oyster shells?

I must say that reading your blog can be educational! I had never heard of anything like this! Thanks!

That is SO wild! Never heard of such a thing before! Hopefully your chickens will get the egg laying business figured out LOL! Although, I really enjoy reading and seeing all the interesting eggs you find!!! Fun stuff!

I have to add my "wow!" to these comments. I've never seen nor heard of this before, but it makes logical sense. Thanks for sharing the wonder of chickens!

Wow, that is weird, and the link, DOUBLE weird!!

So weird!! And strangely interesting!

Wow, weird yet fascinating!

Dear Anna,

I think, the egg Gods have smiled on you!


Holey Moley, that's weird, but interesting! I'm really getting an education here:) I hope the hen that layed the egg(s) is okay. TFS

You learn something new everyday. I had no idea there was such a thing as a wind egg. I love reading about your animals as much as your beautiful work.

That is so interesting. I never heard of anything like that.

Wow! What an event! ...especially after the one you saw online! How coincidental! :p
Thanks for sharing all this with us, I did not know such things happened in the avian world! You have so much cool stuff going on at your farm!!! :D
I wonder if you will find more of these, as the chickens get the knack of this egg-laying business! SO INTERESTING! =)

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