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Hi-I am glad you are safe and sound. Spokane really got hit. We gave up yesterday in Portland when everyone we were going to visit said we couldn't get to their homes[Portland/Corvallis/Eugene]. We couldn't get back to Seattle, so we went to the Portland airport and returned to Arizona. I'm so glad you made it, and will be able to enjoy your time with your family. Happy Holidays. It'll be fun to read your blog with all of your snow adventures.

It's beautiful! Glad to hear you are safe and sound. We are getting little snowfalls almost every day in Mpls, and it is so nice to have snow before Christmas even if the shopping is a bit hairier.

Also glad to hear your are safe and sound. The photos look like Colville area. I grew up just across the Canadian border, and we'd go to Spokane every year before Christmas. Brings back happy memories. Have a lovely Christmas, Anna, and thank you for sharing so many wonderful photos of your cards and the farm life.

Have fun in the snow--we're next! New Jersey is expecting anywhere from 6" to a foot where we are on our mountaintop. Should be interesting...

Yay! Snow! You are back in the real world now. ;) We have about four inches here and now we are getting ice. School let out early. I'm hoping we get enough ice that school will be closed tomorrow and my husband will stay home from work! :)
Happy SNOW!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your snow-you crazy woman!!! I'll trade you weather any day, for this Michigan snow..we're supposed to get hit hard again tonight...have a very nice Christmas! Keep the pictures coming!

Welcome back to Washington. You must not be too far from Spokane. We have received at least 2 feet of snow since yesterday morning. Your pictures are beautiful. Have a wonderful stay and have a very Merry Christmas.

I am about 20 miles north of Seattle and we are also hit with a lot of snow. Spokane is suppose to get even more snow and cold in the next few days. Try to stay warm. Glad to hear you made it safely.

My parents live in Colbert, WA, just outside of Spokane! (I'm in Portland, OR.) Mom sent me pics of Dad using his new snowblower! Records snows, they say! Have fun - you will have plenty of time to do crafts together, he, he!

Well miracle of miracles! What a relief to know you AND your luggage arrived safely. Have those turkeys made turkey snow angles yet? Are you feeling inspired enough to reward us with a turkey sketch of some sort? Merry Christmas kiddo.

Glad to hear you made it safe and sound. Nasty waeather all around great day to sit inside and visit Enjoy. Ann Lind

White Christmas for you! Glad you got there safely. Enjoy that white stuff while you can. Happy Holidays.

I'm happy to hear you made it safe and sound! Yes, be sure and get pictures of your winter wonderland! I bet it was great to see your mom and dad!

Have a fun time with your parents. I would have liked to have seen the turkeys landing in the snow.

Enjoy your visit :-)

Anna Have fun!! Sounds heavenly!!

Glad to hear you and your luggage made it safe & sound! Stay warm, bundled up and enjoy your visit! Hi to mom & dad too :)

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