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Oh Anna! Congratulations on the new little guy! I cried so when C-Biscut didn't make it!! This little guy is just adorable. I can't say enough how much I love hearing about your animals.

Thanks so much!

If that isn't somethin'! So good to see baby getting some nourishment. What a heartwarming photo! :)

congrats we raise horses and it it allways so fun sorry you lost seabiscit we lost a foal 4 months a go we nurse her for a week and day and night i under stand how sad it can be i am so happy for you and alan have a good day

Oh how exciting, a surprise baby! I love his name too, so perfect for a babe born this time of year! Have a safe trip and have a wonderful visit with your family.

Congrats! It must be so awesome to live on a farm and have these babies arriving!
Have a wonderful time with your family! Your animals will surely miss you.

Congratulations on Nick. I am so glad he is healthy. And he is so adorable too. What part of NE Washington are you going? We are in Spokane. Have a wonderful and merry Christmas with your family. By the way, it is ten degrees here and snowing. By the weekend we are supposedly going to have -17 degrees temps.

What a wonderful surprise, Nick is adorable!

I hope you have a safe trip and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

What a wonderful Christmas surpise Nick must be. I'm so happy to hear the news.

Oh, a little Christmas miracle! Adorable!!

wonderful news - never had read about C-Biscuit before and am so sorry about her, but this little Nick just seems so great and healthy. Merry Christmas.

awwww how cute! congratulations!! welcome to our world Nick :)

Yay!! Congratulations Anna & Alan!! What a nice present for Christmas! Speaking of . . . from my family to yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you so much for sharing your stamping, sewing, pictures and farm life with us. I got hooked on your blog because I love your stamping. I check in several times a week to see what is new. You never have a dull moment, that's for sure!!

Anyway, welcome Nick and Happy Holidays!

Taht's great - I'm so excited about the baby - I love reading your blog and learning about all the babies!

Congratulations on the birth of Nick... By the way, we just left Seattle, it's COLD here [I'm now in Portland] and they are expecting more snow tomorrow.....All over the northwest..... Actually I'm headed to Corvallis and Eugene [your former stomping ground] if weather permits......
Good luck and Happy Holidays for you and your family...

Awwww....what a sweet baby!

Well congratulations. The boys did want him named Dominick the Christmas Donkey. LOL!

Awww a new Baby Anna! I love your animal stories :)

Oh my! A beautiful little guy. Congrats to all. Have a great trip to Washington & happy holidays. Good luck to Alan w/new chicks & a new donkey.

Oh, that is WONDERFUL!!! I am so happy for you, Alan, and Molly! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm sorry you have to leave right now, but I know Alan will take good care of Nick! And it looks like Molly is being a really good Momma!
Have a safe trip, and enjoy your time with your family. I hope you all have a FANTASTIC Christmas together!!! :D

My daughter is the farmer of the family. All her life she wanted to be a vet..she settled for a registered nurse and works on the pediatric floor. As far as we know there are no expected births due this winter. The first time in a long time. Have a great trip.

How adorable! Our miniature donkeys have crosses on their back just like little Nick! We lost our first baby donkey - it was premature...and the next year Lucy had Freddy-he was worth the wait. We love him dearly. They are all ears when they're little!!! I'll try to post some donkey pictures so you can see our crew!

How sweet! Nick, short for Nicholas, like in St. Nicholas?

Have a great trip and tell your mom and dad I said HI! Get some rest and do some crafting! See you soon!

Oh, he is the sweetest thing!! I wonder if my dogs would care if I got a doneky? I love them!!

Welcome to the farm Nick! You're adorable, of course, and I see that you and your Momma are the best of buds.

Happy Holidays!

Wow how amazing!! I have to say I just discovered your blog today via Jen's i{heart}2stamp blog. Your artwork is lovely and the stamp sets you create are so darn cute!!! I have been surfing your blog for the past hour just completely inspired over and over again!! I have to say I was a little odded by the chickens at first and all the stuff about eggs (I'm so not a farm girl and am scared of chickens, thanks to stories about them from my mom, lol!) but after reading about them awhile I became completely intrigued!!! The baby chicks were so cute and it has been such a neat morning for me to see the pictures and different sizes of eggs. Your rooster Tiny Tim is too cute too! I love the little Santa outfit you made him. Well, now that I've written you a novel here I'm off to create with my new found inspiration! Thanks!!

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