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Love the turkey snowangels. I grew up in Virginia, and we had wild turkeys that would show up at our house, too. All your snowy photos are making me homesick. (Memphis, where I live now, gets very little snow.) Have a wonderful Christmas!

My friend in Seattle sent pictures of her front yard. Your turkey snow angels are beautiful Thanks for sharing with those of us who are shut-ins. Through your eyes I can fly! Linda Crowder

Oh my goodness... you do have tons of snow. I love the turkey snow angel picture... it really looks like someone laid there and made a snowangel. All your photos are gorgeous. Merry Christmas!

I've heard from friends in Spokane how much snow they've been getting. You're super lucky to have landed and gotten to your folks! Have a wonderful time. Loving your pics. They're making me homesick, big time.

Stunning - I've never seen anything like that before! Of course, it rarely snows in central Georgia!

That is awesome! I am sending all my friends and family to your blog so they can check this out.
How often do you get to see Turkey Snow Angels lol.
Btw, I also love your egg pictures. Nice work!

Very cool!! I can just hear them begging for corn :)

How fun is this?!!! It looks like you have inherited your love for animals from your folks!

this reminds me of a hawk snow angel i saw many years ago. it had landed, grabbed what it wanted to eat, then took off again and it made such an awesome pattern! thanks for sharing. :)))

Those really do look like snow angels! How fun!! The beautiful blue sky against the snow is such a wonderous sight. TFS with us!! It seems we rarely see a blue sky in winter here, only grey!

That is so neat! Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

Cool turkey angels! Anna, I have to tell you...I played your last video clip and my dog started listening. So I had her jump on my lap and she watched those chicks with great interest! I then played Tiny Tim crowing and she was enthralled! She was trying to "smell" them! It was so funny! Her ears where up and her head cocked as she watched! She is a Springer Spaniel and is 1 1/2 years old! Too funny! TFS those clips! I love watching them...and apparently so does Lizzie!

That is hilarious!! I have wild turkeys too, but I've not had them make snow angels for me! Your Dad is special!!! :D Thanks for sharing the great pictures with us! And have a wonderful weekend :D

Turkey snow angels! How cool is that!!

I'm on a break from shoveling snow and thought I'd drop by:) We have 10" of snow from all day and evening snow yesterday. We are getting 7" of snow and freezing rain tomorrow and I do not look forward to that - yuck!

I hope you are enjoying your winter wonderland and being with your folks. You'll have some warm winter memories to take back with you.

Wow! Those are really cool...and I bet the turkeys were surprised...POOF indeed!
Happy Holidays to you and your family Anna----I love that you share yourself with us!

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