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What an adorable bird! And he looks soooo cute in his little coat! Your farm must be so much fun! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful animal photos and stories.

ROFLMBO!!!!!!! Dear, sweet Tiny Tim...you gotta love him! :D

I can't get either video to play. It starts but then gets choppy! a HUGE disappointment.

Tiny Tim is just so darn cute and that crow is hilarious. Thank you so much for sharing.

I LOVE that you keep us updated on Tim! The video was hysterical and you chuckling in the background made me laugh even more. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

I {heart} Tiny Tim!

You and your animals are SO ENTERTAINING! I'm still giggling over that crow and your laughter.

i SO enjoy the chicken stories, and this is certainly no exception! that tiny tim is such a cutie. and that crow is absolutely hilarious!

I don't know which is funnier....Tim's hiccup-y crow or you cracking up at his crow. I giggled at both. =) ~Rebecca

What a hoot! I think yours has definitely become my favorite blog to follow...thanks to Tim and the rest of your zoo!

Keep it comin'.

BWAAAAHHHH!!!My whole family has now seen the video a dozen times. We laugh everytime. I think we laugh at you laughing at Tiny Tim as much as we laugh at his hiccup. What a hoot!!!

Tiny Tim is just so darned cute. Wow, what a crow/hiccup! I love hearing his latest news - and his coat is looking very well loved.

ROFLOL! What a hoot! Thanks SO much for sharing Tim's crow with us!

Tiny Tim is a hoot!!!!! I watched his crowing deput and to be honest, your chuckle made me laugh more than his crow! We love you Tiny Tim, don't let anyone tell you that you are not special *smile* Also, i'm new to your blog, and i just love it! You remind ME, of me....hey, if your looking for a cool place to live, just go hang out by Carla's house, she will feel sorry for you and take you in! My friends actually tease me, that i have a sign outside my house and it reads "Come One, Come All, Carla Will Take You In."

Oh my, your rooster is quite the bird! My husband and I have laughed and laughed over him and your comments to him. So cute! He needs you to survive. :)

Adorable! In todays world it is so nice to get a laugh from such a simple thing! Enjoy!

Baahahah!!!! I wanna live on a farm and have a Tiny Tim of my own. LOVE THIS!

Hilarious!!! Love the little hiccup!

I played Tiny Tim's video for my 3 year old Grandson and he LOVED it. Made me play it over and over and tried to crow like Tiny Tim. We all LOVE his coat!!! He looks so dapper. Very Charles Dickens.
Thanks for sharing Tiny Tim's accomplishment!

So cute. I enjoy listening to Roosters when they are learning to crow. It sounds like they are hitting puberty with a change of voice.

OMG that is just too funny! Thanks for the giggles. I watched it twice then had to show my husband. lol

Ohmygosh Anna!! That is precious......... thanks for the giggle!


How funny, just like the end of hiw crow, when he kind of swallows it *lol*

Too funny!! :)

Oh, Anna, I am SOOOO cracking up at him!!! That is too funny...thanks for the laugh! It's so fun to see him learn to crow...extra ending sounds and all! LOL :D

TT is just hilarious! My DH thought I was nuts looking at a chicken on the internet.... now he's as hooked as I am!

Oh, he is doing so WELL! Good for him! Listening to the young roosters learn to crow was always such a blast cuz you could laugh at them and you couldn't laugh at the boys in Choir at school! He's such a sweetie. Thanks SO much for the video! :))))

OMG! i am crying...how can you stand it!!! thank you for the giggles, once again...

Oh my, Anna! Thank you so much for posting this ~ I needed a laugh today! What a riot! I'll be keeping up with Tiny Tim's progress.

Oh, Anna - I know where to come for a good laugh - TT is hysterical!

Thanks for letting me start the day with a chuckle! It's good of you to share your critters with us. Hurray for Tiny Tim! :)

that was hilarious! He's so sweet, poor guy, just trying to be "himself"!


I love your Tiny Tim saga. I use to have a pet rooster and I know how much fun they can be.

Wonderful!! I just wanna hug his cute little body!

Aw, bless him! He'll get there in the end!

This was hysterical!!! TFS


You make me laugh! I love seeing your animals online-- I get onto my email everyday and just to see what you have posted. I'm a farmers wife but all we have is boring cow's not any entertaining chickens.
I've linked you to my store site if that is okay with you- www.paradisescrapbooking.com
let me know if it isn't okay with you.
Gail in SNOWY northern lower MI

Im snorting with ya, BWahahahaha!! That hiccup and the look he gives you at the end...priceless!! like wha..???? roflmao

Oh Anna ~ he *is* a mess! HaHaHaHaHa!!! :)

There has got to be a commercial contract somewhere for this little guy! You and TT are quite a pair! ;)

LOL, hilarious!! Thanks for sharing :) totally love his coat ;)

I really came to tears with that last crow. Such a great pictorial. And to crow on command. Better sign him up for Hollywood. Thanks so much for sharing... MaryAnn

He is such a cutie!!! :) But how in earth did he manage to make his coat so filthy already?

I am dying! This is so fun to see. Is Tiny Tim going to get to wear his Christmas coat closer to Christmas?? hehe

That is hysterical Anna...I agree with the person who said Tiny Tim needs his own set of stamps. I can't wait to see him in his Christmas outfit! Did you make a santa hat too?
Hmm..and then a pink one for valentine's day.... LOL

I would like to join the TIny Tim fan club.

I love his unique and very personalized crow. Tiny Tim has a style all his own.

Now, mama, that is no way to talk about your handsome boy. He is just too darn cute and the cough at the end of his crow is a riot. I think you have a star on your hands.


Tiny Tim is a riot! That hiccup beats all! My hubby wonders what's wrong with me laughing so much. It's Tiny Tim's fault. ;-)

OMG - He's hilarious - I bet he thinks he's some big sexy, manly rooster!!!! Thanks for the good laugh!

Tiny Tim needs his own stamp with his little coat on! Just think, someday, he may be the most famous chicken in the world! Keep sharing!

Im laughing so hard I think im gonna PIMP! First of all I had forgoten about Tiny Tim wearing a coat and I thought he had lost all of his feathers. Then his crow! It is just too much. I love your blog and all of your animals. Makes my day when I see a post by you in my reader. -Molly B

He is one little cutie pie! LOVE that coat!


I'm in tears!! I don't know what's funnier...his crow or your comments and laughing at him!! My stomach hurts from laughing! Thanks for sharing.

That is just...AWESOME!! He is so adorable, from his frizzled feathers and cute little jacket to his unique crow. Love it!!!!

I just found your blog and I have fallen in LOVE with Tiny Tim! He is PERFECT!!! My BF and I watched the videos tonight and he laughed so hard when Tiny Tim was running backwards! I love his crow! I seriously was laughing so hard....but not at him with him :)

LOL! He is too cute! Poor little guy is a mess! :)

Bwahahahhhhaaaaahahaha....thanks for the laugh, he IS a riot isn't he??

Hahahaha, I have had a good laugh for the day. Tiny Tim is quite the individual, we all love him!! And for his Signature Crow.............way too cool!!!
Vicky and Doug
Chloe and Baxter

My little family (DH & DD) are huge fans of Tiny Tim, and your blog of course. They both said to thank you for adding Tiny Tim's label category. That little hiccup is as precious as Tiny Tim is. Thank you for taking the time to shoot the video and for the patience in uploading.

My whole family watched this together....what a funny little chicken he is! I love the last note!

Oh my goodness, I almost pee'd my pants! What a crack up! You should be so proud of him! LOL

He looks like he's enjoying his little coat! What a crow...I think it's special and I hope he finds some little chicky that likes it to! You take such good care of the little guy!

oh, he is so sweet! so glad he found you guys to take such good care of him!

lol awwww bless him...rofl. hugs rachxx

I love Tiny Tim. My daughter told me that is her favourite name. She now asks to watch all Tiny Tim videos at least once a dayy.

That is too funny!! His little hiccup at the end is priceless!!

I have to say that this is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Bless his heart...he is trying so hard.

Hehehehe!! The hiccup is HYSTERICAL!!

What a great video of Tiny Tim! He's lucky to have you as his mom!!!!!

heeheehee....My daughter and I were totally LOL! We particularly loved his little coat. heehee

That is so funny! I remember the first time we heard this awful screech and went running thinking something was getting our chickens and about doubled over laughing when we saw it was our rooster trying to crow! I understand perfectly!! Ü

Too cute! This is officially my son's favorite movie now! I'm so glad Tiny Tim found you so he could have a good life and be cared for!

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