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Totally fascinating! I watched the video twice!

this is fascinating!

It is always such a fun surprise to find twin yolks. Ü Only once did we ever find three. I was one HUGE egg and I felt sorry for the hen that layed it. Ü

I love all your pictures.
I eat fresh eggs when I'm at my sisters in Seguim Wa, she has chickens too.
Your eggs photos like all your photos are fantastic!
(think you could make a telephone book look good).
thanks for the interesting and entertaining blogs.

Awesome! That is so cool...it would be perfect for my recipes that I add an extra yolk to! :D

How beautiful! Love the color of the Cuckoo Marans egg and a double yolker - heaven! TFS

What a variety!! They certainly look delish!!!

I have to say that all your work is gorgeous...but I get so excited when you talk about your eggs - I drive an hour to get free-range eggs and she tells us all about the different chickens and their cycles, so I really enjoy what you share...thanks!

I love about reading about the chickens. I learn so much here.

you think there would be a small niche market for egg cartons that held smaller eggs.

What a great video! Thanks for the link!

So do you eat all of different kinds of eggs? Do they taste the same?

It is always an educational treat coming here. My husband loves going to get double yolked eggs. I tell him that is double the cholesteral! But, he still loves them.

Thanks for the egg lesson. I'm lucky to be able to get fresh eggs from my sister. But she doesn't have a cute Tiny Tim.

So cool! I'm curious if there is a distinctly different taste to the eggs? Or is the difference really just in the color of the shell?

Fascinating stuff these eggs. I adore the rich colors - but your photography is fantastic!

Yeay double yolkers, thats twice as much to dip your toast into lol!
We used to keep hens in a large allotment Garden when we were first married and the taste of fresh eggs is superb in comparison to shop bought.
We also love Duck eggs and some of the colours of those are spectacular.

Look at the color of those yolks!!! Like sunshine!!
Love it Anna and thanks for the link to your boxes... I forgot to put it in my post.

I am getting such an education about farm life; I love it! Keep'em coming!


Oh how I wish I lived close enough to buy fresh eggs from you!! What fun that would be to get all the different shapes, sizes and colors!!

How fun! My Grandma used to work at the local egg ranch and would bring home double yolkers. We always thought it was fun to get one of those eggs.

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