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Anna, a saw some of the old video of Tiny Tim...and today I just came across your Santa jacket and poor old Tiny Tim trying to crow....he just cracks me up. My husband, son, and I just sat around the computer laughing our heads off!!! Thanks for the fun :-)

Oh, and I am loving all your awesome snowflake creations too :-)

what gorgeous pictures!! thanks for sharing :) If the sun hits this, don't you just want to scoop up the glitter and slap it on a card?? We've got leftover snow from the last storm, right now its just cold in sub zero temps, brrrrrr.....

Oh, WOW!!! Fabulous pics!!! Thanks so much for sharing them.

Larry mentioned the other day how quiet it was when it was snowing. It seems to deaden the traffic noises which can get annoying. Your parents' home looks just beautiful in its winter coat!!

Hmmm, looks familiar. This has been the scene (literally) where I live for the past month and a half! I think we've had about six days in there when it DIDN"t snow!! Welcome to my world! Beautiful pics, and I thought you had made the snow angels at first, I was looking for the place where your head would be! LOL
Have a good time with your family, the turkeys, the deer, and all that snow!! Big Hugs!!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. It helps cool things off here in sunny and very warm Florida. Enjoy your holidays!

Wow! Wish we had some of that!!

WEll, you went from "boring, warm Texas" (my opinion) to this beautiful winter wonderland!!! How gorgeous is all that snow??!! So glad you are safe and sound at your folks' house. Enjoy your time there! So sorry you had the delays getting there! UGH!
Take care, and have fun! :D

Woo Hoo! Run in the snow!!!!!!! :))) We have ice here. About half an inch or more. It's on top of snow and then it snowed a light coating on the ice. I can't wait til the sun comes out and makes it all sparkly!!!!!!!!!! :)))
Hi to your folks!

Lovely, Peaceful pictures. We have the same here in Walla Walla (but I'd rather we didn't). Have a safe & warm Christmas Anna.

What a magical, winter wonderland! We've had snow here in Eugene, but certainly not as much, nor as peaceful as this. Enjoy your time home with the family!

Phenomemnal photos Anna!! They are absolutely gorgeous.

Anna, so glad you made it safe and sound! Beautiful pictures!! I also agree that snow is pretty to look at ...but, I don't like to drive in it or shovel it! Here in the Northeast we are expecting about 12" overnight and snow showers Sat., Sun., more snow Mon. and Wednesday! Yikes I'll be winter weary by the end of this year!

Enjoy the Christmas holidays with your family!

beautiful photos!

Please send it up north!!! :)
BEAUTIFUL is what it is......so pristine!
All I'm getting is the bitter cold, with NO SNOW! Dang!

Yea God!
How majestic!

Have a wonderful time visiting, Anna.

I know that those who have snow all the time, this gets old. But for us (Texans) those pictures are absolutely beautiful. It looks like it should be on a card.

Oh, beautiful snow. I love snow. In Scotland today we have cold, wet and grey weather. Rain is neither fun nor impractical.

This is just beautiful Anna!! Its going to be near 70 degrees here in the Carolinas and I desparately want snow for the holidays. LOL Stay warm, Sherri

Anna, What fabulous shots of the snow scene. I'm jealous. As much as I love living in Florida it is hard to muster up the holiday feeling when it is 80 degrees outside.

Thank you so much for posting your beautiful snow pictures! Just gorgeous! I hope you have a peaceful and fun holiday.

Wow Anna,

The pictures are beautiful. I live in Perth, Western Australia so we don't get snow. It's 38 and very hot. Love your pictures. Have a great christmas with your family. :-) Pauline

Welcome home, Anna! Kind of a replay from last Christmas, eh? It snowed here in Coeur d'Alene for about 36 hours straight, and the last I measured our patio table this afternoon it was 27' inches of beautiful white light and fluffy snow! A record for here in one snowfall...enjoy your time with your parents, and have a really Merry Christmas!! Love from a few miles away...Jeanne in Idaho

I see you finally made it up here to the northwest for our record breaking snow event. I think CDA received 30" in 36hrs. Now you can say you were right in the "thick" of it while records were being made. Enjoy your visit with family. Merry Christmas. CDA Kas aka kathryns@spokesman.com

Wow! It is beautiful! Love the snow and I rarely get much of any. :) Living in AZ even in the mountains doesn't get ya a whole lot. hehehe

Gorgeous!!!! I LOVE SNOW!!!! However - here in central Illinois we're supposed to be getting an accumulation of 3/4" of ICE!!! I do NOT love ice. Enjoy your visit with your family - you will definitely be having a white one.

What beautiful photos, Anna!

What beautiful photos! Wish I was there!

Yeah! It looks like our house. I just measured here in Walla Walla, and we have 14 1/2" and it's still snowing! Isn't it glorious?! Glad you made it safely on your flight.

My mom lives just south of Spokane is Moscow, ID.. I better give her a call.. I bet she's got alot, too!!!

Wow! That's a lot of snow but it looks beautiful!

I'm not a fan of snow as I have to live in it for half the year. BUT You're right about the quiet. And it's very pretty when we get a huge snowfall and it's all pristene even on the roads.

"Therefore all seasons shall be sweet to thee - Whether the summer clothe the general earth - With greenness, or the redbreast sit and sing - Betwixt the tufts of snow on the bare branch - Of mossy apple tree."
~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

These photos are wonderful! I'm quite envious, and wishing I was there, today in Brisbane, Australia. we have 37 degrees (98.6F). ....

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