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More felties please! They are adorable and I especially love the chickens! Just to look at your creations makes me smile! So keep them coming and thanks for sharing!

I absolutely love both of those ornaments!

Your little felt ornaments are darling!! I love them!

Wow, the icicles sure are pretty but scary at the same time. Wouldn't want to be under them when they come down!

What a small world - I have a dear friend from Twisp, WA.

Looks gorgeous. Merry Christmas!

The snow has stopped here so far.
I love your felties! esp the snowman

Anna, your felties are adorable! I bet they would sell like hotcakes on your Etsy site! Hint, hint!! LOL! I bet you are really enjoying your time creating with your mom. What precious memories! Love the icicles!

Merry Christmas Anna! I miss the snowy Christmas in Germany :( We are in Miami and Christmas is not a magical here sorrounded by palm trees and sunny hot days....you are so lucky! Love the felt treasures can you send me a list of materials to buy to make those? PLEEEAAASSEEE! Stay warm and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Those felties are just adorable!! I think Mother Nature wanted to give you huge doses of snow & ice, because she knows you've missed it since moving to Texas!! We have the same here ~~ pretty, but not fun to drive in!! Have a Merry Christmas, Anna!

Merry Christmas to you all! The pictures are gorgeous (dang, I shoulda gone home for Christmas......).

Thank you for all you share with us!

Wow! That is so amazing! It a great reason to stay inside and make more treasures! These felties are so cute! I love the snowman!

I have been loving all your felt ornaments...one of my most treasured ornaments is a felt Care Bear made by a dear friend! I think I love them so much because they are so detailed and take a lot of patience, much like your art!

OH MY WORD that snow and ice is absolutely beautiful!

Your ornaments are quite beautiful too!

Merry Christmas to you!

The ornaments are gorgeous! I would love to learn how to make a few of these. The snow looks like marshmallow cream and those icicles are unbelievable!!

Merry Christmas to you, Alan, all the fur & feathered children, and of course your folks. Stay safe, warm and say a prayer that the snowblower continues to work!

See if your dad will get out a sleigh! :)

Well, Anna, I'm sorry to see you are stuck inside and not having any fun!!! Right. Actually, today wasn't so bad, huh? It got up to 30, the warmest it's been up here in a week and a half. The felt creatures are adorable...reminds me of what I used to wear on my coat when I was a little girl...they were exactly the same thing, and had a little safety pin sewn on the back to pin on your clothes. I think I had a gingerbread man. You and your mom must be having the time of your life. I'll bet poor Alan misses you something terrible. I had a dream about Fitzgerald last night - he was MY donkey and such a sweet boy, would come in the house to visit me. He had a little friend, too, a tiny donkey, maybe your little angel who went to heaven? There was a lot of white on the little one...I was thinking of you all when I woke up. Have a very Merry Christmas. And if you plan on coming to Coeur d'Alene while you're up here in the NW, let me know - I'd love to meet for lunch, or tea, or something. xoxo Jeanne in equally snowy Idaho.

What fantastic cozy ornaments. You're lucky to have smeone to craft with...my mom and I don't have that in common. I can hardly write about ALL our snow when I see what your parents are getting...but I love snow! Merry Christmas, Anna!

I love the felties. the snowman is my favorite...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE snowmen for christmas decor. Have a wonderful christmas!!!

Your ornaments are so cute, and the snow is beautiful! I agree with Jackie; it does look like Luray Caverns. Hope your electricity stays on. Stay warm and have a Merry Christmas!


Your feltie ornaments are precious!!! Where did you get these patterns? They are so cute and I love how you and your mother made them together!!

Merry Christmas!!

Man, that's a lot of snow and incredibly long icicles. They resemble the stalagtites at Luray Caverns. I adore your felt ornaments. I want that bluebird! Your work is breath-taking. How are Alan and the farm animals doing without you?
I wish you and all yours a very Merry Christmas - thank you for the wonderful photos.

Such beautiful weather to be inside crafting! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

These felt ornaments are fantastic! I love them!!!

A very Merry Christmas to you!! Stay warm!

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