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You crafty girls, these are SO STINKIN' CUTE - TFS!

Simply adorable felt ornaments! You are your mom are uber talented. Your chickens are so sweet. Have a safe Christmas in all that snow.
Anthonette in California

These are just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your creativity and farm life with us. Wishing you and your family a peaceful and safe Christmas. Kathleen (Australia)

Just Adorable and so Fun...These are the kinds of things I love to put on my tree but I'm not that "Crafty" you and your mom did a fantastic job.

Merry Christmas to you and all your family both humans, furry & feathered!


Merry Christmas Anna! It's *finally* snowing here.......YESSSS!


Those are the sweetest orniments. I love chickens. I think I may have to give it a go. Your moms are cute too. Love that Santa. Your mom must have good eyes.

Merry Christmas

Beth F

These are very cute Anna :)I love visiting you here and seeing all your wonderful work, and i especially love the pictures of all the animals.
We have some new babies, i have just uploaded a couple of pictures onto my blog!

Happy Holidays
Carol x

Those are all adorable! Is your mom's all hand stitched? They are beautiful! I love your chickies, too! Snowing here too and very windy and COLD!!

Super, super cute and I love the idea of doing CHICKENS!!!! Maybe it's just me, born on a chicken farm in Ypsilanti, Michigan, but this just really struck a cord with me and wish I could get the kids here to do them. I'd really like your patterns ..... is it alright to use your photos? Merry Christmas, Celia

Anna....these are so adorable! I'm inspired - I think you need to sell patterns! Merry Christmas!

SO cute & Fun. Great way to keep warm inside, huh? I heard over 30 inches at my mom's and imagine at least that much where you are.

Anna - You and your Mom are so amazingly talented! I love all of your creations - your chickens are the best!

Merry Christmas!

You have no idea how much I love reading your blog! Your crafts, the saga of Tiny Tim's jacket,news of the farm....it all just tickles me! I LOVE your stitched felt chickens, especially Tiny Tim in his jacket. You and your mom are AWESOME!

I love your chickens and your Moms pieces are darling I would love to be there to play too!! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Ann Lind

Oh Wow! They're all so cute! What a fun activity to do with your mom.

thanks for sharing, what fun you and your mom must have together.
the ornaments are too super cute.

Your ornaments are just wonderful. I love wool felt - so warm & fun to work with. Both of you are sure talented. Thanks for sharing & have fun. Merry Christmas.

Awesome Anna! Wish I was there crafting away with you guys....Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

Your ornaments and your mom's are amazing! I can certainly see where you got your talent!! Enjoy your holidays!!

Just love the ornaments! You need to sell them on your ebay site. Please please consider it. I would definitely love to own some. Ohhhh and the snow is just beautiful..wow! So Christmasy.

I was hoping you and your Mom would have some crafting time together! I always look forward to seeing what fantastic things you two come up with! These little felt ornaments are over the top cute, each and every one of them! I especially love the Tiny Tim one!

OK....my felt work looks like a kindergartener. You bring it to a new level! What great details!

Oh my goodness, these are so cute...such detail! Someone has LOTS of patience!

Love, love love these ornaments. Both yours and your mom's are fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing. I am in Portland OR and we are snowed in! In 30+ years of living here, I have never seen so much snow. It is a good day to do crafts.

So wonderful to have someone that you love to be able to share doing what you love together. The ornaments are wonderful! Thanks for still posting while you are on Christmas vacation, I'm addicted to your blog and don't know what I would do without it for 2 weeks. By the way, is Alan still back at the farm with the animals?

And just in case your are actually thinking about making ornaments for sale, I would totaly buy a Tiny Tim ornament for my tree!

P.S. They cancelled school here today because of "bad roads" in the country. Nuts! Today was the class Christmas parties.

Ok, these are the BEST crafts you have done together that I've seen! Of course I love your style, but your Mom, gee whiz! You can't even see the stitches! I HAVE TO HAVE a Tiny Tim ornament!!!!!! I'm serious! Are you going to make one of him in his Santa outfit, too?

What fun!!! I love them all, but that santa just calls to me!!!!

I love all of these, but my favourite are the chickens! How adorable! You should make some of these and sell them -- I think they would be a HUGE hit! I know I would buy a bunch! You are very talented!

It's obvious where you get your crafting talent. I think it is just wonderful that you share crafting with your mother. Anything shared with family is a blessing. Enjoy the time spent with your family and take care. Happy Holidays!

What adorable ornaments!! You and your mom are so talented! I love each of these cute little delights:) TFS

Anna, these are beautiful. Your Mom is a very talented lady. How fun to be able to spend time together doing something you are so passionate about. I hope your holidays are filled with love and laughter.

oh those chickens and other "critters" are just too adorable ;) I love felt!

Glad you are enjoying your time with family. Love all the felt ornaments but especially the fat, red nesting hen and your mom's cute snowman! No snow where I live in Missouri but really cold. 6 above this morning. tfs

How adorable! Tiny Tim looks just like him! I see where you get your art & craftiness. From Mom! She rocks too!


Your chickens are too cute! I wonder if you might consider selling one, of the pins not the chickens.

And my Holiday is more sparkly after taking your glittering snowflake lead this year. I admit, they add something to every project!

Thank you for sharing your art.

What fun ornaments! How could you do anything BUT chickens? LOL!

These are definite treasures!!! I think my favs are the snowman and the little red hen on her eggs. Tiny Tim is definitely too cute to boot! One quick question - are these stuffed? I see some of the detailing is, but are the ornaments slightly stuffed overall?

These are so great. Of course I love the chickens.

How sweet are these??? You and your Mom are super talented:) Each and every one of your ornaments put a smile on my face:) I especially love the chickens and the Tiny Tim one does look like your Tiny Tim. :)

Wonderful. What a wonderful tradition. They must look lovely on the tree.
Happy Holidays

Ohhh, soooo cute and fun. I can see where you get all your talent from, Anna. You both do such great work. I also love to craft with my mom. We don't seem to do it much but each time we do, we have soooo much fun laughing and talking. Thanks for posting even tho it is more work.

OMG-- Those are just ADORABLE Anna!! I love every one of them! So cute and creative--- I taught myself some basic quilt stitches last year to make felt blankets for a little decorative sheep last year... so now maybe I'll have to try something like this!!

It is so neat that you and your Mom can share a hobby.

The felt figures are adorable. Thank you for taking the time to share your pictures with your readers.

Oh my gosh, those are all gorgeous!!!!! I LOVE your chickens, and your Mom's things are BEAUTIFUL!!! She is definitely a PRO! I wish you all would sell them on etsy! or ebay! or let us place an order!!! WOW, I just LOVE what you have been doing...and I know you are having GREAT FUN! Hugs to both of you, for being so creative and wonderful! :D

Your talent is endless Anna! Your felt animals are adorable!

Holy smokes, the two of you crafting together in the same room? Sparks must be flying! How wonderful to spend such precious time together, doing what you both love to do being crafty at every turn. I absolutely LOVE what you've done with the felt, the designs and stitching are fantastic! The cutest non-stamped chickens I've seen, and santa is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these cuties!

aaaaaww! these are all so cute!! Loved the Turkey Snow Angels too. Glad that you are having a good time visiting with your family during the holidays. Merry Christmas!

These felt ornaments are wonderful! Talent sure runs deep in your family. I love reading your blog and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a new year filled with happy memories.

Hi Anna! Happy Holidays! What fun you are having, crafting with your mom! And all the snow... a real White Christmas. Bliss!

All of the ornaments are adorable. I especially like Tiny Tim. I'm loving those stories and videos of him. What a crack up!

I see where you get your talent from. These are the sweetest ornaments! Love the puffiness and all the different colors besides the stitching. Lovely little works of art!

I always look forward to the family crafts that you guys do! And I must say...these are incredible! WOW!!! You should sell them on your Etsy site..just a thought..just think..you could buy more CHICKENS w/the money..hee hee.
Have a very Merry Christmas...Kellie

I swear you girls are killing me!! I have a hard enough time fitting in all the stamping and watchin those videos and lovin your chicken pics...now this!! The felt ornaments are beyond super! I have been throwing the idea around in my head since a co-worker did some, but you have pushed me over the edge. I see what my friends are getting for Christmas next year! Your Mom's are just fabulous, fun and I can't say enough! sigh... You girls ROCK!

I recognized Tiny Tim instantly before the full picture even downloaded! Your chicken felt ornaments are marvelous. I'm bound and determined to own one of your creations someday. Your mother's stitching is breathtaking! I loved every single one of her creations, particularly the curls in Santa's heart shaped beard. It's clear to see you come by your talent honestly. Best wishes to the entire Wight family, and I thank God for you.

Will you be offering patterns? These are just precious.

Oh my gosh, those Wight genes......I sure wish MY mom were crafty, or at least wanted to TRY to craft with me!! These are just fabulous, you are both so talented :)

What fun to craft together!! And it's obvious the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this family!! Love all the felt creations. Each one is so unique and charming!!

Love the snow man and chickens! You did a great job on these!

So cute!!!! Are you going to sell these??? please?????? I hear you may be in for a blizzard up there!

Tee hee-- Amy, Anna read your comment out loud to me and out of my mouth came "housework"! It's a gift we both share! Mom

You are absolutely AMAZING! These are super super cute! It reminds me of the ornaments my grandmother used to make. She too hand stitched all the ornaments she made and usually added some sequins, angora hair and any other doo dads that she had sitting around her sewing area. I still have all the ornaments she made and Christmas just isn't Christmas to me unless Gammy's ornaments are on the tree. Thanks for showing us your delightful ornaments. Fabulous job!!!

Anna and Mom, these are absolutely wonderful I can tell where Anna got her talent from.
Love the roosters and hens and if they go in your etsy shop I want the grey rooster.

Wow Anna! Is there anything you can't do???? These are so cool!

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