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ooooh! loooooooove it!! I ordered some of my own Diamond Dust glass and finally got a chance to use it. FUN! I will have to get some wood ornaments now. I wanna be just like you when I grow up! :)


This is sweet! Love your chicken illo's too, they crack me up. :)

Another amazing project and snowflake! I finally made one of my own. You can see it here www.darlenespages.blogspot.com You are such an inspiration. Thank you!

Anna, stop by my blog and pick up the award I left for you!!

Woo HOo! Designer snowflakes. I love them!

Gorgeous! I think you should send it to me!!

Very nice! It would be hard to give up! I love the rustic look

You're killing me here...another fabulous snowflake project! I LOVE the use of different mediums used - ribbon, wood, wire, buttons, paper and glitter. Lots of dimension, lots of character, lots of fab-u-lous all wrapped up in one ornament!

Oh, don't sell the snowflake. Well, maybe I guess if you want. It is just incredible - I couldn't part with it if I made such a fab creation:))


I know this is probably bad of me but I'd definitely keep it!

Gorgeous! I gotta get started on my snowflakes before you start another craze!

Another gorgeous snowflake!! TFS

wow gawjus...i really love your snowflakes so wintery...TFS

keep it Anna!! {or make another for yourself} It is just THE most stunning snowflake! I have been looking at all your snowflake creations and they are BEAUTIFUL! I have to find that branch punch too, it is awesome. I am passing on your blog to friends so they can see Tiny Tim and the twin chickens, I talk about this all the time, they wanna see for themselves what I am yacking about! Love, from snowy MI!

Very pretty "designer" snowflake.

oh, so it's a DESIGNER Texas snowflake! LOL I think you should keep it cuz it's beautiful.

Neither...you send it to me! ;)
Love it, Anna! I'll do a snow dance with you!

To think I passed up a chance to buy a wooden snowflake at JoAnn! It was on the bargain shelf because it was slightly broken, but if I added all your embellishments and glitter, it would have been totally covered. Great idea!

This is gorgeous!

I went on a snowflake hunt yesterday because we need to make an ornament for Owen's teacher this week. It was slim pickin's! Today I'm off to see if WalMart can help me out, since I had bad luck at Michaels!

YOu are my hero!!!

You want snow?? I'll share my snow with you! It's not quite as pretty as YOUR snowflakes, but there's plenty to go around!! I love all your flakes, mine aren't turning out anywhere NEAR as pretty as yours!

I just love all your glittery snowflakes...I nominated you for the cool blog award, you can check it out here...



I love the wooden snowflake and how finished both sides are. Just beautiful! It would be a fun keepsake but judging from the response it might make for a great bidding war too.

Oh, I just love the pieere cardin button in back, it really does finish the ornament well. Magnificent ornament, Im so jealous!


I know the answer to THAT question. Sell it! (to me!) But mine will need a tiny tag strung from the top with your signature and year. And I agree with Sally - need to see a green elf coat for Tiny Tim.

Gorgeous!!! This is just Anna-licious!!

You have me majorly hooked on these snowflakes! I have beeen assembling everything I need to get started making them myself and am ready to go! Can't wait to get started!!!!!! Oh - I say keep this one...you can always duplicate it and give it away; but the original should stay with you! LOL!!!

well it is lovely, and while you could sell it, you also could make another one to keep, or offer as blog candy to us lucky readers.I am still trying to find the tin snowflakes, but do have one of these wooden ones, hmm, or I could buy yours, hmmm.

p.s. I am waiting to see an elf coat for Tiny Tim, wouldn't that be cute!

Easy, Sell, Sell,Sell! What a beautiful ornament!

You know I love it when you highlight your vintage creations. This is outstanding and would make the best blog candy!! LOL

This is one stunning snowflake!! I would find it very hard to part with it! You could always sell one and make another for yourself :)

wow! it's been a while since I had time to drop by and I've been drooling over your posts!

LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! And all that you do, especially your Tiny Tim "coats of many designs"

Barbara in Bellflower

Oh,Oh, Oh, I just love this snowflake. It is adorable so obviously Keep it. This is a wonderful creation to pass along in the family. The start of a new tradition. By the way....maybe I could be adopted so that I could inherit this!
Happy Holidays

Wow - I love the color of this snow flake! Gorgeous!!! It would be hard to part with such a beauty! lol

I never would have thought the wooden snowflakes could be decorated to look so good.

Oh man, sell*sell*sell!!! Your stocking did WELL, don't you think??!! You may have started something BIG! :D
It's just beautiful, as is everything you make...Hope you have a great week! And I hope Tiny Tim is staying warm! :D

I hope you decide to sell it so I can have a "crack" at it. I love it! Thank you for all your time of posting to your site.

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